Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Didnt Cataphrak say we could kill Caz in the LOI? He is. A dangerous man who see us as nothing more than a means to an end, and kill easily turn on us if we appear as an obstacle and with the war over we can kill hin


He said that we could find some way to use our institutional power to defeat him. I do not recall Cataphrak saying we could kill him, or that it would happen in Lords.

Based on some of the questions you’ve been asking, and the ideas you have been suggesting, this sounds like it would be a pretty apt description of your own MC.


I think if you do not like Cazarosta, the best way to deal with him is to simply ignore him, let’s say our MC is kind of insignificant to destroy him directly, and after all, he’s a Deathborn, the mere fact that he exists, is already his downfall. And with the war over, he’s almost lost his usefulness.
I also want to emphasize that we have other priorities such as our accent on the cortes, our lands and the debt that comes with them.


@Davient Just out of curiosity, how do you plan to destroy an earl’s son if we’re broke (assuming you did not do Kat’s mission)?


Probably marry welles and build up my connections and influneces and once the earl is dead make my move


The Welles lands are located in Warbutom, The Duke of Warbutom is Emile D’al Harris, probable husband of Kat. Now let’s see: If you are Cazarosta’s enemy, you are his sister’s enemy, and her future husband is your duke, do you think you have a chance?


i am squiring renard and do have some good royal favor and is pretty good friends with marcus, plus do you think anyone going to care too much about a deathborn, besides rti already see him as a possible threat, I could probably get make a case to them

Cataphrak did they would could bypass Caz resources if we rise high enough


Kat will. Calvin will. And Emile seems to believe he has potential (granted, that could just be to win Kat’s favour, but it shows he’s willing to tolerate Caius if it means acquiring Leoniscourt.)

And a possible asset.

That would include Emile and Katarina, both of whom want to keep Caius around.


I’m not sure if Emile is going to be Kat’s husband. He doesn’t have much privileges besides the White Rose Lancers, but he does have the single largest amount of fertile land in the country, and the second richest Duchy. I feel like the Cortes would see him having that, and the right to levy tariffs, and being the permanent head of the Foreign Office, and holding one of the most important naval buffers in the Northern Kingdoms would be overkill, and would step in just as much as if a Baron tried.

Mixed up my naming conventions, unfortunately. Fixed now.

Of course reading that basically compelled me to write an event.

Event: The Great War of Vengeance

We have long known the depravity and monstrosity of the Kian. We have long known the horrors they have subjected us to, burning men, women and children alive and sending pawns of theirs to the slaughter against us, a race that they are determined to stamp out against all reason. But the unthinkable has now happened.

Life will wither away thanks to their short-sighted lust for destruction. But they will not have the privilege of seeing the fruits of their twisted labor. There shall be no mercy, and we shall show no restraint.

Option: No mercy! No restraint!
Gain 500 political power
Gain 500k manpower
Butea gains the National Spirit “Rightful Vengeance”
Attack on core territory +20%
Defense on core territory +20%
Supply grace +10%
Movement speed +10%

Considering what we know of Kian and Takara, I basically consider any history from either perspective fifty percent self-aggrandizing, forty percent intentionally demonizing the opponent, and ten percent actual fact.


Possibly the richest now.

I don’t recall Cataphrak ever outright saying which duchy is richer.


I’m pretty sure it’s been said Cunaris’s income is second only to the king (yes, his expenses are nearly as great, but…), and the Harrises were noted as rich in some other post.


if we marry Welles do we move in with her on her lands and take her title or can we combine our names together


Sabers says that Wulfram is the economic powerhouse of Tierra, but you’re probably right. I suspect there’s a manufacturing collapse in the wake of the war economy ending that could be enough to turn the tides.

His prestige is second to the King’s, also from the beginning of Sabers. Wealth-wise, Cunaris’s income – IIRC – comes mostly from farming, and since Warburton had more arable land, they’re ahead in that regard.


@Davient A useful tip, I personally do not see the relationship of the siblings as totally affectionate, they must have some friction between them, try not to antagonize Kat, try to be useful to her and approach(You don’t necessarily have to do the mission), when she sees you as a potential ally, it does not matter Whatever Caius hates you and vice versa, he will not be a direct threat to you in the future, identify her strengths and weaknesses, and explore them, things like Katarina’s emotional instability and Caius’s fanaticism may well be used to your gain.
This is Stauffenberg’s method of destroying someone(Despite how he and his allies ended up).


It’s also the most decentralized region, so even if it’s still the richest region I’ll bet the Candlesses don’t see much of it.

@Gustavo47 Sibling rivalry or not, I don’t think you could ever set Caius and Katarina against each other. The MC observes how close they seem and it’s highly implied they discuss everything to each other. Katarina’s implied to have debriefed Caius about her interactions with you (presumably in case he thinks the insight into your character useful? Or maybe they’re those kind of siblings just share everything?) to the point Caius convinces her to apologize for telling you how to do your job.

They are separate people and so they have their own separate views of you, of course, but I imagine the best you can get out of that is something along the lines of:

“$(last name) has been quite the obstacle to me for some time, I’m going to have to berid of him soon.”

“Hm, could you not? I’ve found him most useful to my own plans.”

“Of course.”

Needless to say I find Rina and Caius’s relationship utterly adorable.


To be fair, there is something like two millennia of divergence between the two, and they haven’t exactly been in regular cultural contact.
cue “no, they will assimilate you” meme.

Look, when they do it, it’s “rampant corruption”. When we do it, it’s “vital checks and balances”!


Can you blame me for watching Game of Thrones too much? And many of the events that happened in GoI, I did not expect, we can only speculate what will happen, and until future titles of the series are published, almost everything is probable. Also never said that it would work


Regardless, even Terrington understands that attempting to manipulate any of the Cazarostas is like a hawk trying to outhunt an eagle.

They’re an entire lineage of devious bastards.


Consider the following: King Callum basically robbed every other king in what would be known as Tierra, and not only ultimately got away with it, but was rewarded for it by being put in a high value position in the newly founded kingdom.

You don’t get into a position like that without a combination of savvy and incredibly strange luck.