Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



He spends half of his praying time asking for that not to be the case.


Hearing this, I expect at least a 10 page (mis)adventure detailing our MC’s effort to get:

on Hunter’s statue that the MC will be dedicating in honor of his comrade … in pursuit of sainthood of course. This has nothing to do with efforts in the American South during the early 20th century … :wink:


And why would he do that? Calvin was the only baneblood “kind and good” enough to offer Caz what a Deathborn could never be given, he allowed Caz to take the name of the Cazarostas.


I’d say neither his adoptive father – who saved him from his likely fate of being tossed off a cliff, gave him everything he holds dear including his name and was responsible for allowing him to gain glory in battle – nor his adoptive sister – who works as a contact in RTI, is one of two people who has definitely given him unconditional affection and has likely been pulling more strings for him than we can possibly know – are “obstacles” in his eyes.

Caz doesn’t simply kill randomly in the name of the Saints. He “removes” “obstacles” that would “interfere” with his “destiny.”


I’d add this for elaboration’s sake:

Cazarosta is not a random lunatic at all about killing people/removing obstacles.

So the Saints willing him to kill either his father or his half-sister would take one hell of a reason - I’m not sure I can even think of what it would take on their part to get him to do it.


For instance, when you save Elson and he gets robbed of his brevet. He witholds judgement, he doesn’t immediately see you as an obstacle in need of removal. He believes that the Saints may have put you in his path as either an asset or a possible obstacle.


Yeah. You have to specifically act in a way to thwart him there for him to see it as “Definitely an obstacle.”, and even then he’s open to the possibility you’re just stupid.



Saving Elson
"Hm… his heroics have lost me the potential to wield higher rank. Noble, but he’s inconvenienced me. I need to watch him closely.

Botching the naval attack
"I ended up with negative attention, unfortunately. But there’s still the possibility that he is simply unaccustomed to banetraps.

Openly undermining him in front of his peers by throwing support behind Elson’s plan
“Okay, I’ve come to the conclusion. Stupid and sabotaging me. For the good of the Saints, the army and myself, this man cannot be allowed to live.”


But he’s definitely gonna kill you if you dare to interrupt the charge just to save Elson, sonc you had ruined something that was so far so good.


I feel like even interrupting the charge simply ticks him off a bit more.

“He’s definitely testing my patience. But so far all I can conclude is that it’s just that: a test. Perhaps the Saints will send me a clearer sign?”

Botches the naval attack

“It seems I have my sign.”


“Cazarosta, by the power vested in the holy flames of the Saints, kill this man for his incompetence and stupidity.”


But Mara is incompetent as hell and he always help me and said i am a good man. sniff … Caza :sob: Why don’t you love me :cry: How could someone so incredibly no military could gain ALL real medals?


Cazarosta only tries to kill you during the boarding action if he’s the one in charge.


I was thinking more after the boarding action, but you definitely have a point.

Entirely unrelated: dropping my masterlist of mockups so far here. Additions: slight update to Kian, additional notes on Tierra and Takara, and two whole nations: Mersdon and Butea, both of which I’ve probably misrepresented.

Principality of Khorobirit

From the time of Aleksandr of Khorobirit’s ascension to Princedom to today, the Princes of Khorobirit have been major political figures in Calligian history. And though they have fallen on hard times in the wake of the Second Tierran-Antari War, Khorobirit still stands as one of the strongest lands in the Leagie of Antar. In the wake of the War, the current Prince – Mikhail Ioannes Vasili’ik – has been hard at work, rebuilding his lands and influence. It is an uphill battle, but the blood of Khorobirit has always held strength.

National Spirits

Beginnings of Professionalism
-10% Division Organization
+10% Training Time
Though the Line Infantry program has shown results, further measures are needed to truly have a well-disciplined professional army.

Extensive Levies
Division Organization -10%
Recruitable population 2.00%
The Antari method of levying troops is effective for numbers, but ineffective for quality.

Agrarian Economy
-30% Military Factory construction speed
-30% Civilian Factory Construction Speed
15% Consumer Goods Factories
The Antari economy is antiquated, and must be industrialized to prepare for war.

Notable National Focuses

Reform the League of Antar
Eugen of Antagia’s vision shall be realized. A country both united and independent, strong and free.

Land Reform
Large swaths of land lay destitute due to improper management and the scars of war. This wrong will be righted.

Ascension of Khorobirit
The past lays in ruins, to make way for the future. All hail Empress Aleksandra.

Altrichs vam Takara

For millenia, the long-lived Falkisch people of Takara have stood strong against human nations that would bring them to their knees or exterminate them. Though there has been no small effort on the part of Kian, Takara continues to be a free, proud nation that thoroughly enjoys the status of a Great Power. Under the banner of vam Paulus, may it stay that way.

National Spirits

The True Intelligence
Decryption Research Speed +10%
Encryption Research Speed +10%
Effect of partisans on us -5%
Takara’s intelligence services are second to none, and the reach of II and the Richshyr are rightly feared.

Military Industrial Complex
Military Factory construction Speed +10%
Production efficiency cap +10%
Consumer Goods factories 15%
The military is a well-oiled machine, taking in vast resources and putting out grand results. But there is always room for improvement.

Falkisch Supremacy
Division Organization +10%
Division soft attack +5
Division breakthrough +5
Division training time +30%
Reinforce rate -10%
The notion of Falkisch supremacy is not merely a notion, but a fact. And our military must reflect this fact.

Great Power
+1 political power gain
+20% attack on core states
+20% defense on core states
+10% base stability
2.50 recruitable population
This nation is a Great Power, one of the strongest nations in the Infinite Sea.

Notable National Focuses

Review the Budget
Our nation walks a fine line, and the penalty for stepping off is bankruptcy. Regular budget reviews are essential for us to avoid this penalty.
(Additional note: this is basically the start of the “economic tree,” which will give certain buffs and sometimes drawbacks, depending on what you choose.)

Commencement of Hostilities
The warmongers of Kian have once more begun to mobilize. We shall weather this storm, as we have weathered so amny others.

The Fourth Altrichs
The future of our nation depends on adapting to adversity. And in order to adapt, one must change.

Da'Kian Zi'enne Digueau

Kian is one of the largest countries in the Infinite Sea, and by far the most populace. Its vast wealth and manpower pool has ensured it has remained one of the pre-eminent nations throughout history. And even though regimes have changed many times throughout history, the rich culture and scholarly traditions persist throughout the ages.

National Spirits

Kian Philosophy
Research speed +2%
“Kian philosophy” is a term used throughout the Infinite Sea for esoteric and intellectual pursuits. The term is fitting.

Bureaucratic Stranglehold
Political power cost -0.5
Due to the magnitude of managing the world’s most populous empire, much of the power lays not with the Son of Heaven or the Imperial family, but with the bureaucracy.

The Red Banner
Available manpower factor +20%
Monthly population gain +10%
Recruitable Population 2.00
The Red Banner Army stands vigilant, always reinforced to full, and always ready to strike against our foes at a moment’s notice.

Trade Empire
Goods to Market +20%
Trade Opinion +60
The world revolves around the balance books of Kian’s merchants.

Great Power
+1 political power gain
+20% attack on core states
+20% defense on core states
+10% base stability
2.50 recruitable population
This nation is a Great Power, one of the strongest nations in the Infinite Sea.

Notable National Focuses

Mobilization of the Seven Provinces
As the rain wears away at stone, so too will our armies wear away at the enemy.

Bureaucratic Purges
Corruption and decadence grips the heart of a viral state apparatus. It must be cut out.

Stamp out the Eru’venne
It is time to crusade once more against the twisted, inhuman progeny of the sorcerer-lords. This time we will show no mercy.

Additional notes: Kian starts with seven Puppets to represent the seven Provinces they have in-setting, along with the usual puppeted Northern Kingdoms.

Unified Kingdom of Tierra

Just over one hundred years ago, Tierra became a nation. The scattered petty kings united under a single banner, with the goal of forging a nation of equals. Generations later, King Alaric’s war has rid Tierra of Antari tyranny. And, just one short year ago, King Miguel d’al Havenport ae Rendower proved that Tierra was worth the notice of the Great Powers. Now Tierra stands at a crossroads: debt, instability, and chronic reliability on food imports threatens the status quo, and whether the nation slides to prosperity or ruin, it wil never be the same.

National Spirits

The Tierran Officer Crisis
Recruitable Population factor -10%
Division Organization -15%
Reinforce Rate -5%
Tierra’s system of officer commissions has not been updated since the Wars of Unification. The aftermath of King Miguel’s war has only exacerbated the RTA’s systemic problems.

Royal Tierran Intelligence
Decryption Research speed +5%
(Note: national focuses will further modify this)
Tierra’s development of an intelligence service in the Takaran style is revolutionary. And though it has a long way to go, RTI was instrumental in the conclusion of King Miguel’s War

Shadows of War
Base Stability -15%
War Support -30%
Construction Speed -30%
Production Efficiency cap -25%
Consumer Goods factories 25%
Famine. Debt. Instability. A percieved betrayal of the nation’s spirit. All these things haunt Tierra in its victory.

Tierran Land System
Consumer Goods factories 10%
Due to the decentralized governance of Tierra, large portions of land are inefficiently managed or poorly developed.

Notable National Focuses

The Tierran Succession Crisis
Four houses lay claim to the Crown. But only one will wear it.
(Additinal note: if you’re wondering, the “houses” in question are Candless, Havenport, Rendower and Harris. Obviously this focus can only be taken if/when Miguel dies.)

Turning Outward
Now that the interior is secure, Tierra must ensure it will never again be threatened by foreign domination.

The Fifth Leg of the Table
The Takaran metaphor for the world is a large table, with the Great Powers forming the legs, and Tierra sitting as a simple patch upon the surface. This metaphor no longer applies.

(Additional note: a “Budget Crisis” mechanic, which fluctuates depending on which National Focuses you take and in general can absolutely tank your economic ability.)

Principality of Mersdon

Ever since Octovia established Mersdon as the spiritual center of its empire, Mersdon has stood as the refuge for every follower of the Saints. Even as Octovia fell and rotted from the inside, Mersdon stood as an incorruptible bastion of faith, free from foreign interference and heathen influences. But the social order that perpetuates Mersdon’s hegemony over the other members of the Convocation is eroding as quickly as its inner stability. Action must be taken before Mersdon’s independence – or even its very existence – is threatened.

National Spirits

Leader of the Convocation
War Support +15%
Attack on core territory +5%
Defense on core territory +5%
Ideological drift defense +5.0%
Special Forces limit +2
This nation is the leader of the Convocation, favored by the Saints.
(Additional note: this National Spirit gives you access to Convocation decisions and events, which allow you to do fun things like force volunteers from other nations.)

The So-Called Prince
Base Stability -10%
Political power cost +.05
Prince Alfonso III is the latest in a long line of weak puppets to the Mersdonian throne, propped up by a weak military and the illusion of control. Whether he is content to stay that way, only time can tell.

Sectarian Violence
Recruitable Population factor -5%
Base Stability -5%
The heads of each Knightly Order vie quite openly for supremacy, in a way that damages our ability to function as a nation.
(Additional Note: another National Spirit that gives you events. These events will do “fun” things like give you Manpower hits, Stability hits, and Political Power hits. If left unchecked, the National Spirit can also worsen over time.)

Notable National Focuses

Stop the Violence
The Saints should be something that brings fellows of the faith together, not an excuse to kill your rivals. This must be stopped.

The Tierran Cleansing
Tierra is a dangerous nation that has destroyed our economy, undermines our authority, and dares to have devices against us. The Saints will have a hard time sifting through their ashes.

Santamorid Restoration
As the last living branch of the Santamorid line, we are the true inheritors of M’Hidyossi. It is time to reclaim our birthright.
(Additional Note: only available if the “Royalist Faction” has been eliminated.)

United Provinces of Butea

Butea is one of the oldest extant governments in the Infinite Sea. Its Federative Council has stood since the fall of the First Altrichs, and in all this time, it has remained as a bulwark of the Falkisch people, and the site of the Tree of Life. Not all is well, however. Though it has remained allied with Takara since its recognition as an independent state over two thousand years ago, the current trend of secularism in Takara has driven a wedge between a priesthood that wishes to see its faith present in the lives of all Falkisch people, and councilors who are in favor of maintaining the status quo.

National Spirits

The Tree of Life
Monthly population +2%
Recruitable Population factor +10%
Division Attack on core territory +10%
Division Defense on core territory +10%
Construction speed -10%
Consumer Goods factories 20%
The font from which all life springs graces our sacred island, inviolable and pure.
(Additional note: maybe it’s possible – through either certain National Focuses or Kian taking certain states – to remove this National Spirit? It would likely be met with an event chain that culminates in Fun Times, both for you and Kian.)

Legacy of the First Altrichs
Division Organization +5%
Base Stability +5%
Though our military is small and our government is divided, we stand as an independent nation, and a fitting successor to the First Altrichs.
(Additional note: certain focuses signifying the unification of the various provinces or the buildup of the military will modify this, generally adding both advantages and penalties.)

Bounty of Nature
Goods to Market +10%
Trade Opinion +40
The many natural resources from Butea’s jungles sustain its economy, and allows it to contribute more in the defense against Kian.

Notable National Focuses

An Industrial Machine
Antiquity shall no longer dominate Butea. It is time to bring this backwater into the modern age!
(Additional notes: three guesses whether or not this goes well for the Tree of Life.)

Fortress of Faith
Even if the world burns, even if the sky chokes with ash, even if the Sea itself boils away, the Tree of Life shall stand.

An Eternal Doctrine
We are a nation united by faith. Even if our brethren in Takara have forgotten, we possess far longer memories.

If there’s typos or such in them, it’ll have to wait until after work.


Raze the Demon Tree
Decision (Kian)
-The Demon Tree stands at the malignant heart of the eru’venne religion, and serves as a symbol of their supposed superiority. Its destruction will do much to break the arrogance of the point-ears once and for all.
-150 Political Power
-Kian controls province “The Sacred Firmament”
-National Spirit “The Tree of Life” removed from Butea.
-National Spirit “Demonslayer” added to Kian.
-National Spirit “The Tree Desecrated” added to Butea and Takara.
-Butea receives the event “The Great War of Vengeance.”
-Province name “The Sacred Firmament” changes to “Faith’s Ending”.


Shouldn’t it be King Miguel d’al Havenport ae Rendower? Or is it?


Great, now I have to roleplay as the antagonist to Cazarosta’s protagonist and try to acquire as much “cenemy” as possible by obsessively undermining and subtly turning people against him at every possibility.

This is a task that will require William d’al Sancroix’s talents for trollish dickery.


This is actually a fairly interesting aspect of the lore now that I think of it. IRL ancestor worship in Northeast Asia has a straight line connection to the influence of traditional Chinese beliefs. The faith surrounding the tree of life is certainly a huge departure in that regard if Kian’s recollection of events is accurate. One would assume something about trees/forests/plant life writ large makes the Takaran condition possible if they really are former sorcerer lords. The other possibility of course is that Kian historical/cultural narrative is full of crap…


vam Paulus looked like he was wearing a Union Infantry cap that the Japanese also adopted. Very interesting, I also like how the Kian author talked shit about complicated bureaucratic nonsense when they invented complicated bureaucratic nonsense.

Some of their Imperial dynasties took over because of manipulating the bureaucratic structure of the Empire. I am sensing some bias, correct me if I’m wrong though.


I mean, do you really need to do this?

Everyone is already turned against him as is.