Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



If This were a Spanish thing It will be declared a saint war and would called LA GLORIOSA the glorious one. Wulf would be considered a hero and a big statue of him and his horse with two BIG BALLS and would become a national said. Bigger than the Wulfram horse balls. And when a battle will be about to loose officials will Shout Remember blogia Or by X saint (In Spanish tradition is Santiago. Santiago has been known even at beginning of XX caused some mass illusions of soldiers who seem him in light mount a white horse … )
But Tierra is not romantic and it will be probably use more British style titles. That are far more logical and simple. But I am Spanish give me poetry and boldness and drama…


“King Miguel’s War of Aggression” is a bit too specific. Try making it more general, “The War of Tierran Aggression.” Spin the story so that it’s about the bullying Tierrans infringing on the rights of the Antari.

And somehow, build a bunch of statues of Khorobirit in Tierra and claim they’re there for “historical importance.”


Anglo-Saxon culture is so literal… :wink: It is a joke . Is a good long name. Just not catching enough. It needs more bold and romantic nobility aura.

And Espartero statue with the balls Still being a super tourist attraction. With the mythical commentary It is not so big


Obviously this will be known as the First Great Patriotic War, and the second one will be fought against the Fasc…, uh I mean the Falkisch!

Also I’d say that should the Antari history revisionists decide to call this war the War of Tierran Aggression, I wouldn’t blame them, since, IIRC, well over a million of Antari died during the war, and a vast, vast majority of the dead were civilians. At worst, your common Tierran farmer had an empty belly for a couple winters, but I think it was mentioned pretty clearly no one was actually starving.


Colonel Marras’ descendants will commission a gigantic wrought iron equestrian statue of their illustrious ancestor. His mustaches will be exaggerated to the point where they are thrice the size of his head and a pair of 24 pdr cannonballs will be welded onto his horse’s scrotum.


The funny thing is that really happened. After Espartero statue there were a trend in people of compare the horse balls of new generals statues … Some even asked to change the Espartero one to don’t being so remarkable. But people gathered in front of the statue and menace to riot if someone touched the horse balls.

My country they were almost in famine and poor as rats but were bold for an iron statue. .
I mean is one of our main defects. However is somewhat cute. If someone we decided focus on something important and key maybe we would do something interesting for the world. Sadly no way this happens.
But Imagine Cortes trying to make smaller the balls of the a horse statue of Wulf. But Seriously if someone has to have a great masculine show is Ironrod. He is like a Borbon he needs a Statue him killing a big Elephant


Considering that one of the events early in Lords of Infinity is the rededication of the Great Market Square to Victory Square, I’d imagine a great number of statue-related shenanigans are possible.


How many paintings already exist of Hunter’s Last Stand?


I want an option of make a Wulf statue with a powerful Horse… Then i could maintain my head canon. I suppose you can’t add the balls part in the game lol


If you’re backing him for sainthood? Not enough.

One of the things that sainthood fund is paying for is a brace of flattering statues: Hunter leading a charge, Hunter watching over a sick tenant, Hunter ascending into the sky atop a pile of Antari corpses, Hunter standing on a pile of dead, the colours clenched in his teeth as he fires two pistols into a sea of Church Hussars…

I almost wish I could.


Victory Square will consist of nothing but bronze statues, packed together with a density far higher than Tierra’s population density. Riots will break out about whether or not to add more statues to the already crowded mess. Blood feuds will form over families trying to get their ancestors immortalized in Victory Square. Society will break down over a bunch of sculptures of guys on horses.


You could if you were Spanish. I am from the city were Franco born. So they made and put a statue of him in a horse … Without balls. That was the way to protest against it we had. I don’t remember if they put the balls later of not. But yes balls in statues of military here was important


Hyu say that like dit bad thing.


The important is the balls or not lol. The horse or the guy is just an anecdote


For all we know he died in the first minute with a lucky pistol shot to the head. But I enjoy these series of images.

Hawthorne’s statue for Elson will need to be carved from wood, otherwise he’ll need to put up a mortgage on his estate to pay for a good one.


I’m imagining Hunter’s portraits to be done in the style of the most over-the-top WH40K artwork. Are halo’s a thing in Northern Kingdom religious artwork?


There needs to be an eternal flame designed as a sword and it must be continually lit.

@poison_mara, here’s a British war painting.



And admit that Tierra is actually a threat to Antar??? Nah, especially when most of Antar’s lords never took the field. They’re more likely to call it “Khorobirit’s War” I suspect, at least the ones that sat it out and were entirely unaffected.


Well our most famous are not victories lol we are more of dramatic honor but in victory paintings Of course Las Lanzas by Velazquez. I know is fir You The Surrender of Breda but in common Spanish the nick is las lanzas is a very impressive picture in reality because is big due lanzas (spears) are real size


Would cazarosta kill his father and sisterif it was the “will of the saints”