Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Bonaparte was a genial but to damn stubborn. In fact a Cardinal directly said to him . Spanish monarchy are totally and utterly dumb and easy to manipulate. Just control them from afar. Don’t try to take it and anger the plebe.

It is something that many leaders forget in their success don’t take everything for granted . You can’t take everything by yourself and you cannot end in a total war with absolutely all the empires around you same time. Lije Why in hell He attacked Russia?


He was during his Egyptian Expedition, he failed to capture a fort commandeered by Ottoman Turks and the Royal Navy.


Bassano was the first tactical defeat, Acre was his first strategic defeat.


We call it a defeat and he’ll yell at us saying that it’s just a mere set back of his plans if he’s alive.


I never said Trafalgar was the first only the fact it was previous Bailen. As I said who and when was the first is a stupid controversy.


Oh no, I was just adding that battle as well, namely because I can recall only the battles Napoleon lost to the British, not who beat him first and when and where.


Oh man it feels good to be back, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a quick second but as some of the regulars know I went away for some months. I had to fulfill my obligations to the army and am now proud to call myself a united states infantryman. I missed this chat, but furthmore I do have something Infinity related:

During our last FTX (field training excercise) I was a team leader for the ambush lane; once we initiated it I couldn’t help myself but yell ‘Tierra and Victory, Kill them all.’

Of course I don’t think anyone heard me over the fire except my battle buddy who ghave me the most strange look before resuming suppressing the OPFOR.

There’s my infinity related incident at training lmao. @Cataphrak So you can rest happy knowing someone used that motto once during ‘combat’.


Should have gone with the Highlander’s cry.

“Tis time for murder!”


Yeah, each nation only remember their victories and want make them better and the first. When is stupid, who cares you win be proud of it. But is certainly fascinating in a psychological level in population proud of themselves. For instance I am from Galicia a small corner that was the poorer land in Spain back then Well common people still celebrate how guerillas defeated small group of soldiers in their small villages. Even with remains of wood canons make by the village women. Or there is a monument where Sir Moore died fighting with us against Napoleon . In fact I studied at 25 meters if the monument because the battlefield is now the University.


Damn. I’ll use that next time.


The thing is, and I recall this since I was a young kid, out of all the European nations Napoleon faced in his, let’s called it, conquest of Europe, England were the only one who, as a whole, weren’t defeated. So, there is a high chance they will always say “Oh well, we defeated Napoleon!”, simply because of this fact. That’s the thing about war and battles, once you win it, out goes all that relief and such and in comes the slight arrogance and ‘We are better” attitude. So long as it’s just simple pride and such and it does actually contribute to your overall history, I would say no harm is done. It only becomes a problem if you try and pick a fight just because of your past accomplishments.

Course, I could be wrong here.


I am with you in that. All Europe share their victories and defeats and we are all pretty much the same in how we celebrate them. We have more things in common that most political parties want to recognize. I mean we people travel from one to another have friends, share a lot of things etc… We aren’t in 1913 anymore Thankfully.


How’d the banecast go?


Didn’t die so I THINK GOOD!


Did you wear a sexy uniform? Or one of those ugly modern ones… Uniforms used to be pretty… The great war destroy many good old customs.


Nowadays they will say that you dressed like the peacock.


Put a unit dress with sexy old uniforms or new ones… See how unit bangs more … And don’t forget the Scottish that’s a men in a uniform


I’m more fond of the uniforms of the light Dragoons and the Pavlograd Hussars.


Kentaury highlanders sounds sexier. But basically all men are sexy in those uniforms. It is a shock seeing with normal clothes.


I still love how Lord Karol referred to the Dozens Years War.

“King Miguel’s War.”

Are we going to see in the future it being called “King Miguel’s War of Aggression” or is that too disingenuous considering Antar declared the war?