Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



The british people will love party in the South. we got good beer, fried chicken, fried catfish, roast hog, lots of gravy and potatos. Plus plenty of things to do like mudding, wrestling, dancing to crazy music, watching cars smash in other cars and meeting the local law enforcement. :wink:


Are we certain about that? I’ve seen plenty of battalions in the real world lead by majors as well as LC’s. A regiment doesn’t really need more than 1 LC, and additional LC’s would increase the expense of running the military in a way that bean counters tend not to like, especially if every single battalion commander is required to be a LC.


In Tierra it is required because each battalion is expected to act independently without oversight of the regimental colonel. So yes, they usually have an extra Lieutenant-Colonel who takes the field.

SK, you are correct, II Battalion, 5th of Foot didn’t have a Colonel so Welles was directing the engagement.


So Takara is an overwhelmingly middle-class society, like a precursor to the kind of social organization that existed in the US from the fifties to the seventies? I’m imagining most Elvish families live reasonably comfortable lives where money is never really a serious survival issue and most can look forward to a resenable old age, right?


@Bryce_Kaldwin’s statement was correct in terms of the table of organization of the RTA. In practice you get by with what you got. Traditionally, irl battalions are commanded by LtCols.


Still are in many armies. Major is primarily a staff/XO rank in the Danish Army to this day.


Your knowledge on this subject is no doubt greater than mine, but in the old organization tables you had regiment in between battalion and brigade, and it certainly often appeared to me that there were more majors commanding battalions than lieutenant colonels during both world wars. With regiments having gone the way of the dodo (or equated to a battalion or brigade) in most modern militaries, the loss of a command level appears to have resulted in far fewer majors as battalion commanders, although perhaps that had as much to do with the necessity of rapidly scaling up the size of militaries at the beginning of major conflicts as well as premature replacement of officers due to war casualties.


I think it was probably the latter. Certainly in the US Military in WWII it was simply due to the rapid expansion of the Army and Marines that required Majors to command above their pay grade.

Regiment and the Brigade are very much alive in the Marines, and I think still exist along their historically intended lines with with Brigade being an ad hoc formation of “something bigger than a regiment, and smaller than a division or corps.”

@Studwick is correct for the US structure in general. There are very few commands intended for Majors, and the vast majority of those are overlarge companies. You put on that melted 2ndLt bar and you are destined for a staff…probably in the National Capital Region ::shudders::


Good evening Major, and welcome to your new position as Senior Civilian Relations Officer on the staff of the Nuuk branch of Arctic Command!


“Your office is in the C ring. Take a left, a right, three lefts, up the stairs, pirouette across the lava moat, abseil down the North facade, go in through the second floor window, astral-project yourself to the other side of the courtyard, swing a right, step through the door in the third stall of the women’s bathroom, and go up the ladder. Eighty-fifth door on your left, can’t miss it.”


I can guarantee that tons of Majors right before SK got handed a brevet promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel and found themselves formally leading the battalion they have been for the past 3 years in all but name.

In the case of the 5th, the two battalions went from 400 men to 1,200 and that would really throw people off. Which, of course, leads to fun situations like two full battalions in the centre being forced out by superior numbers.

The best part is when they are recently promoted Majors who are now being told to command a whole battalion after being the XO of a non-existent Battalion command or in charge of a company.

“Congratulations on the promotion to Major, now before you alter your uniform, here, take two crossed swords! Because… just hear me out, you’re now a brevet Lieutenant-Colonel!”

“Thanks…” I am going to die now.


Just a quick question… We are in the new game force to fight again. :sob: I just want politics , poisoning, go to ball room pay my bill through death assassination and dueling … Marry Caz You know everything else that real command a damn army . I don’t understand Tierra army is weird and my men die for giving me medals. Lords should be about politics


Was there any way for Tierra to avoid Antari, I heard Keane said that there was other way Tierra could have a fought Antari, but how?


Try a naval blockade (whether or not that would have worked or done more harm to Tierra than Antar has been argued by the fanbase and undoubtedly in setting), submit to their preferred terms…those are the two that come to mind.


Or an economic war, which will surely make things worst.


Depends, I mean we weren’t be fielding a invasion force or fighting off a Antari D Day situation since the RN just sink them. We just be buying grain from Kian and facing less debt.

  • Continue the naval blockade, and end up being collapsed upon by the rest of the Northern Kingdoms who depend on Antar for food
  • Become an Antari vassal, which would likely involve an overlord being installed that undoes every single societal advance Tierra has accomplished.
  • Exist in an untenable state of cold war until Antar eventually rallies and ends up invading Tierra anyway

Keane doesn’t have all the answers. No one does. But the war was both more or less unavoidable, and was – even taking the abysmal situation of Tierra into account – likely for the best.


Yeah. All we really know from Keane’s comment is that the war was definitely a horrible option, and it’s a horrible option in a way Keane is finding hard to endure.

It’s more revealing about him than Miguel’s decision or even the army in general.


Remember that is entirely speculation on Keane’s part.

In theory, Tierra could have just blockaded Antar’s ports, or waited until Antar launched an invasion which Tierra could then repel/destroy.

But that would not have brought Antar to the peace table. Blockading the ports would only hurt the coastal settlements in lords, but they were already ruined by King Alaric’s War, so that’s just beating a dead horse. And it doesn’t matter how many Antari armies you smash; they can always make more. At the end of the day, the League Congress can afford to just wait Tierra out - all they had to do to win is just stop selling grain and Tierra would eventually collapse.

The only way for Tierra to end the war on terms which were even remotely favourable was to put themselves in a position where they are such an inconvenience/threat that the Antari would rather just make peace than attempt to raise another army or continue waiting them out.

By the end of the war, Havenport had broken into the Central Plains. He wouldn’t have been able to take Octobirit, but he could have tried his hardest to pillage everything surrounding it. After all the Antari armies that were annihilated by Havenport and Wulfram, none of the Antari lords wanted to push their luck by raising another one, so the only way to prevent even more of their lands from being pillaged was to make peace.


Keane at that state was completely lost, he had seen so many death during Blogia, and at Kharangia he had seen things similar as well. All that he wants was the war to come to an end ASAP.

Havenport’s scourge earth and pillage tactic.