Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



So, do the Takarans have any form of social security or proper pensions? Or are they too free for that?


Takara generally expects the disadvantaged to be cared for by their families, and given how strong that bond usually is, it’d be considered a pretty thorough disgrace for a child not to care for an ailing parent or for parents to be unable to pay for a wayward child. There is a robust pension system for those who fall through the cracks in theory, but in practice, the social stigma of it is so heavy that most who would be eligible would rather starve, or atone for their “failures” through suicide.


So that’s the Japanese side their it exists just in case but people rather just kill themselves. Then fall back on the evil socialism?:joy:

Culturally what are the elves known for the things are proud of outside of their government and Military, like Cuisine wise to be produced fine beer and alcohol or rice wine? Are they known for having fantastically wonderful fashion?


That’s also American, many Americans have a negative stigma to social programmes like that.


That true my good sir we both grew up in the east and shadow of the original 13. We still see it.


Wealth. Takara is the wealthiest society in the Infinite Sea and they are infinitely proud of the fact that the “average” Takaran citizen has access to amenities and goods which most minor aristocrats in other countries can’t even get. In their eyes, Takaran ethics and Takaran freedom leads to an economic and social system where the individual “working citizen” is richer and possessed of more rights than any other in the world.

“We can afford to pay our guest-labourers more in a year than they’d make their entire lives in their homelands” is a boast most Takarans would be happy to make. “A Varsovia bootmaker has more political rights than a Kian Marquis” is another.


They’re talking like a American during the Cold War!

Speaking of how powerful is Kian Marquis?

That implies the average elf lives 10 times better than our MC


In the Kian peerage? It more or less means that they’re a senior subordinate to a Provincial Magistrate (A Duke, more or less). In a lot of ways they have a lot of leeway in how their carry out their duties, but what they don’t have is the right to vote.


Basically the American stereotype of people on welfare being parasites, but waponized to the point that the poor literally kill themselves?

Those are definitely some points I’d deduct from the whole “ideal society scoreboard.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Peerage basically goes:

Emperor > Imperial family > Provincial Magistrates and other direct subordinates of the Emperor > Marquesses and upper-mid-level Imperial bureaucrats > Local warlords and mid-level bureaucrats > Military staff of warlords and rest of bureaucracy > Everyone else



Huh. Interesting that the Kian have a Marquis title, and Warburton had a bunch of vassals who flipped sides to join Tierra.

Did Tierra create the Marquis title invented after the Third Unification War, for the Warburtonian vassals who just came over?


@Cataphrak, how wealthy is an average Takaran compare to that of the wealth of a Duke in Tierra? Also do Takarans avoid Kian people as much as they can even in countries which neither really processed significant influence over it?

And guys, Britannia has broken…


Emperor -> Dukes and Imperial Princes acting as Dukes (Provincial Magistrates) -> Marquis (sub-magistrates of rural areas) and Counts (sub-magistrates of urban areas) -> Barons (prefecture sub-magistrates) -> the untitled bureaucracy -> Everyone else.

Tierran Marquesses are from a different pedigree. The title’s the same, and the origin is similar (both are supposed to be “Marcher Lords”, which is to say, lords of a frontier), but they’re not really related.

Less and more. A Takaran citizen could go into a shop and buy things which require a Tierran duke to commission specially. In terms of exchange rates and hard currency, a Tierran Duke has more purchasing power, but in certain areas (especially consumer goods), he has less of a selection of things to purchase.


Beckham cursed it and all that beer wasted now. But hey if they beat the Belgium its third place medals at least.


So are Marquesses distrusted because of how they broke their word, namely their oath of fealty to whomever they were sworn to? Is that where the stigma comes from?


I’m now imagining Tierran and Kian nobles sitting down and talking about the expectations of nobility and being mutually confused. One of the topics being “Wait, just where is the Marquis in your peerage?” and “do you seriously spend most of your time doing paperwork/how do you get any work done without a dedicated civil service?”


They are.
Kian Marquis are just different levels of senior bureaucrat.

Don’t forget, outside of the Imperial Family, a considerable number of Kian nobles are also baneless.


"And this is the esteemed Count Ouen Chi’ma.
“I am certain he comes from a long and prestigious line of powerful banebloods.”
“… He is baneless.”
“… And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, is there?”


I wish my MC was a Marquis. I don’t care about the stigma; the name just sounds so much fancier.


Better than being Baron nobody i guess. At least the MC have better marriage options and might get invited to dinner parties or clubs more often.


Kian ambassador walks in and is Baneless.

“Uh… do we bow to the baneless Marquess?”

“How about we do a deep head dip?”

“Let’s not insult the ambassador of Kian.”

Swallows pride and bows