Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Why don’t you think in conquer us Spain and create Terra. Our both nations together could conquer the world… If we spaniards keep your country youngsters from our alcohol, balconies and public lamps… :wink:


There are actually a lot of Spanish traditions if you think about it in Tierra. For instance, as everyone knows the Crown of Spain was a union between the Crown of Castile and Leon and Aragon and, originally, Sicily.

Tierra as it functions is basically similiar in how Spain functioned, anything worth doing requires the other Dukes to consent and they have the same decentralisation issues as Spain in the sense that the various Duchies all have different administrative systems just like the various regions of Spains had their own unique systems as well!


The English scored first and already their getting the party ready.


There was a grand celebration of beer cups and bottles shattering that I heard it all the way in Texas.


They do party harder than Americans and even got a song now. They really want it… Like a bear wanting to scratch a itch or a monkey with his favorite fruit.


Yes and no. It sounds more a early British parliament that our cortes. It is not same philosophy and gravitas. In Spanish tradition the commoners have their own place and hell if they were vocal. Isabel loved to say that She fears more any old woman in Castilla that all the moros kings in the world. Also a lot of more relevant use of religion and control over women dresses. As the famous said “A Spanish queen doesn’t have legs” Tierra is a romantic English calming paradise compared with our scandals full of duels and sex cults inquisition rummors… Pray for the court don’t be more Spanish because if not will be come or Duel the videogame. Or even more important bang in secret the video game.


Can you tell us if giving money to the father in GOI will have a significant effect on the state of debt the family is in?


That depends on how you see “significant” and how much money you send back.


I see it as potentially being a big part as the family debt will just grow exponentially. You can capture the princess but what good does it do of you have to spend all that money just to get out of debt. The lonher you wait to deal with debt the worse it gets. It may hurt to send all your income home in the short run but i see it having a big effect in slowing down the growth of the family’s debt.



Assume that interest rates are around 4-5% per year. So pretty much figure it would be like not paying your credit card bill for four or five years.


I don’t think it states the specific debt but that would still lead to lots of extra debt added. Don’t forget Tierra is in the middle of a war. People are desperate. They will want to make as much money as they can in the failing economy to survive. Interest rates will be much higher than in a stable economy. Imagine a 10% increase every year.


I think that there is a big factor here about the debt. We are noble. In a society of being noble actually matters. The debt is not just money. It is also a embarrassing situation that could easily mean blackmail and even the lost of everything.

In Spanish literature the figure of the poor but proud nobleman filled with debts is a classic and predominant figure. Debts were not just a economic problem. It is a dis honor. To point that die of famine is considered more honorable. A men whom doesn’t pay his debts has no honor … It could be a reason to lost a nobility order title. Forget marry if you have the debt.

Of course this is tierra not Spain so I suppose it is more likely be more forgiven with it. But my main goal is going the cortes and pay for the debt … That or kill them … as we said here “Muerto el perro se acabo la rabia”


You’ll be forgiven for having debt, but not paying it is more or less declaring that your word is worth nothing.

Publicly bathing in the blood of small children will probably tank your reputation less.


See our Cata has a Spanish heart deep into his badass heart… That’s a real old spaniard response. :sunny: :dark_sunglasses:


I’m thinking of making defaulting on your debts (as opposed to borrowing more money to pay them) a non-standard game over, since I’m not really finding any way where defaulting isn’t going to get you cashiered from the regiment.


I think that one classic bad ending should be the two classic ending of a nobleman in debts. Going down in The glorious way of being bold in war and dying in glory that way debt will be paid in full blood or the lost of absolutely all fortune and emigrate in a full alcoholism depression.

However, Most normally end up with enter in a monastery or in a full braguetazo well you marry a new rich in exchange for the family money it is not best thing but far better than don’t pay.

Hell it was so passionate about debts our society that phrases “Maybe he was an assassin but he always paid his debts” was not rare. A killer was better valued .


So what will you write for the Tierran bad end when they tell Kian and Takara they can’t pay debts anymore?

Is Weathern still hoping for that moment when someone goes and speculates deep into Wulfram and finds a bunch of gold? Or is he accepting his fate at being the Minister of Exchequer who has to explain to the nation that the nation is now dead broke?

@HomicidialFrog, this is when England takes to the seas and robs a Spanish Treasure Galleon right to make yourselves feel better whilst singing RULE BRITANNIA!


Is it possible to be friends with Miguel and Isobel in LOI? Like actually friends


@cascat07’s elven counterparts bring democracy to your kingdom.

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It would be interesting, if the MC is a war hero and a loyal servant of his majesty, I think it would be a relationship similar to Napoleon and Jean Lannes.