Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



The Naval Brigade fought barefoot by choice at Second Kharangia. They consider that a point of pride.


@Cataphrak, does the Royal Marines ever get to be used for storming beachhead? Or that job was reserved to the line infantry? As marines were considered to be the troops to storm beaches from what we know.


Opposed landings are the sorts of things which are more or less considered impossible to pull off, given the logistics and moving parts involved. “Descents” (where forces would land unopposed or under light fire at an unexpected location and then push inland) are more common, but again, murderously hard to pull off, especially since nobody really trains for it (except the Richshyr) simply because it’s not something the marines expect to do a lot of.

Using marines as amphibious shock troops is a dangerous and risky proposition which requires a lot of specialised equipment and training. Only the Takarans are willing to commit the resources to do so, especially since they’re the only ones to expect to land on foreign beaches on a regular basis.


So Tierran military doctrines still haven’t consider training and using troops for storming beaches but taking coastal cities and land troops to storm them with infantry instead.


There has only been one true amphibious operation in Tierran history, and that was the storming of Noringia, which involved an unopposed landing against a poorly defended town with its defenders outnumbered 15 to 1.

Even that was considered an excessive gamble.


And it also resulted to the disbandment of the 4th of the line and the MC met or even take Lanzerel under his wing. But I forgot which battalion of the 4th.


How did they take Northern Pillars?


They didn’t.

The Antari abandoned it.


So the Northern Pillars belongs to Antar before when? After the Octavian Empire had fallen and become the League of Antar? And then the back then Kingdom of Wulfram claimed it as a base?


Tierran military victories against Antar:

  • Destroying ports they didn’t see as important in the first place.
  • Annexing a pile of rocks the owner abandoned.
  • Being so destabilized during a war Takara took pity on them and told Antar to let them win.


Tierra is good selling themselves as a New potency… Of course, it is just pure propaganda. Takara is moving Miguel like a puppet. It reminds me of Napoleon moving Spanish monarchy previous what we call Independence war and rest of world call Spanish campaign.
Sadly, for Tierra Takara is stronger than Napoleon. And Tierrans aren’t like our ancestors either. Tierra would surrender scared in five seconds crying… lol


Well we can change that if His Tierran Majesty could change the old bravado society into the kind which he think that will suits the future of his reign. His dream as was said to push Tierra into a superpower within the infinite sea. The Dozen Years War was just the start of his grand plan.


It is called Miguel and has something in him that screams sin or something. He hides a big weakness within and some sort of scandals Takaran know. Miguel is like a modern Cesar Borgia … Better be Cesar than nothing. And like sarcastic Spanish poet said he achieve both bwing Cesar and nothing.


Has anyone ever heard of the legend of the Gonfalon of Santiago?


Yes, it’s highlighted in Sharpe’s Rifles, both the book and show.


Was Kharangia also Tierra’s first siege in history? Considering they never knocked down Tannersburg and Aemeilliana.

Also a question that bothered me, how exactly did Caius’ condition become known? Is it required by law that you bring an Order of the Blue healer to deliver a baby? Or was that a decision made by Lord Calvin to help his wife? Since I’m fairly certain Lord Calvin wouldn’t want Caius’ mother dead, especially if he believed Caius was his son.


in lords will we have an oppurtunity to invest in the navy and army in lords because if we have a even stronger navy we could have a better chance since we are an island we can become a treat to takara or kian. look at the united provinces


you made a lot of good points but look at history amphibious landings with proper training and equipment/ships/small boats that could be used to row soldiers to shore with say some cover could make a beach landing possible for tierra



I think at best Tierra can become a speed bump that Takara or Kian will use against the other side if a war erupted


If the English win this semi-Final, I think they wouldn’t mind if Brexit becomes a no deal. They’ll be so happy that they’d be okay if the world ends.

Did I get this right @HomicidialFrog?