Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Tierra needs more Spanish language based titles and more Spanish based customs and traditions on the court. So far is like British Isles. I love that is part of is charm, However sometimes I feel like some kind of spanish blind eye honor and glory seeking is not present. And more chocolate game needs more chocolate.


I highly doubt we are the only men who have a gryphon and a bar. Cataphrak heavily hinted there are more people with a gryphon and a bar, that our MC didn’t meet.


I mostly went with Spanish conventions for my MCs, but obviously there were exceptions (Arturo’s family name is Tennison, a shout-out to Alfred, Lord Tennyson, James has Montrose as in the Dukedom of Montrose).

There’s also, for canon characters, Hector d’alCandless (Greek given name, Irish/Scottish-esque surname, Wulfram), Roland d’al Keane (French given name, English surname, Cunaris), Enrique d’al Hunter (Spanish name, English surname. Wulfram) and His Majesty, Miguel of House Rendower (Spanish given name, family name of dubious origin, Aetoria).

@Bryce_Kaldwin Don’t forget Talbot.

Which… really doesn’t help things when it comes to nailing down what sort of names would seem appropriate.


Talbot D’al Talbot… Talbot approves


I saw something interesting when I was choosing tactical genius for the premade characters. Welles comment that the tactical genius Mc is too naive and due to his close relationship with Caz shouldn’t be promoted above our rank. If she doesn’t trust us because were Caz than how could she be friends with Caz sister, or does she not know Katharina real identity?


Kat has a reason to be close to Caius: she was raised with him as an older brother. Meanwhile, we’re introduced to him at or near adulthood, and all we know when we meet him is that he’s a Deathborn with a rude attitude.

Work with him? Yes. Be friends with him? Not really.



Any consolation … my main MC is Xavier d’al Guzman— whose estate resembles a rocky estate in Castile. I’ll work on adding some Spanish hobbies. #2 MC — Ambrose d’al Zamora falls hook, line and sinker for Welles. Has the boys serranade her in town. If self sabotaging your career for the prettiest girl in Antar I’m not sure what is more Spanish than that.

PS Can you recommend any $15 cavas to get my lovely wife tipsy this weekend. :wink:


This might strictly be a Marine thing but every Marine who’s been though basic training since Vietnam or so know the name and feats of the two Marines who earned two Medals of Honor. They are definitely in the pantheon…


I don’t understand why you think her friendship with Kat would in any way affect Ellie’s class-based prejudices against the baneless. She didn’t grow up with her father treating a baneless bastard as a full member of the family the way Kat did.


Well, I was just looking at the fact that “less than five dozen” means that there’s other examples - maybe even other living examples.

I wouldn’t say Butler or Daly are unique as long as the other deserves to be honored too, even if that’s being a bit pedantic about the wording.

There’s no shame in having a handful of other individuals share this level of decoration,that’s for sure.

Being friends with Caz and having a naive code of conduct is probably the thing. One or the other might be troubling but not unambiguously negative,- but given how deathborn are seen,a soft hearted naive fool would be the ideal patsy/victim of one.


Dan Daly and Smedley Butler drilled into our heads during Boot Camp along with goodnight Chesty wherever you are. These men are the Marine Corps role models let that sink in.


Well they really are in heaven then, don’t have to risk their lives while can relax themselves to issue orders to enlist men.

You need to know is that the MC though maybe a full Lt.-colonel, there’s also like over 20 other Lt.-colonels in the army as well with varies of stuff to be mentioned about as well but not very specific. Also the thing is, yes: we maybe wearing the Gryphon, and yes: we maybe wearing the golden bar as well. But there are also a few others who had thoses as well, we’re not the only ones wearing the Gryphon-bars. Also the medal is a citation of valour, but that doesn’t necessarily make us very special, it only signifies that we’re some of the good officers in the army.


There’s also many more Lieutenant-Colonels than twenty.

Every Battalion of line infantry is led by a Lieutenant Colonel.


Then that’s about more than 40 Lt.-colonels in the entire army.


Also worth remembering that, from a broader historical perspective, Tierra hasn’t actually engaged in that much warfare, so I’m willing to bet that most of those “less than five dozen” came from either King Alaric’s War or the Dozen Years’ War, which means many are probably still alive.

Do the Marines have a Colonel? If they do, is he eligible for Councillor-Militant?


Does anyone know exactly the details of the provincial naval regiment that was part of Havoc Matheson’s naval brigade at 2K? Are they sailors part of the Northern fleet?


@Cataphrak, do the Kentauri still speak Kentaur? Or is it basically dead at this point with a few thousand speakers and only brought out for ceremonial occasions like Latin?

I want to hear at least one Kentauri Highlander story where they took one of Khorobirits standards and went, “Be jaber boys! I have the cuckoo.”

@Murdockchan, they are a mix of the Marines and sailors who have held a gun at least once in their life.


So anyone who is part of the navy and has a rifle or musket is part of that brigade. Well, Weathern must be having quite the headache to equip these men boots and muskets and ammunition.


Not really, the Navy probably were forced to open up their stores and they are sailors so they’d have boots or at the very least be used to running around without them.


Not quite sure about that, especially when we know that the Marines don’t wear boots on ships, so I’m not sure the sailors will have boots as well.
Speaking of which, were Marines ever being deployed to storm beachheads before? Never I guess.

@Bryce_Kaldwin, Lanzerel belongs to which battalion in the 4th of the line before transferred into the Royal Dragoons?