Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Salt Coast do resemble Wales, though. And i usually just pronounce as If It was english.

Take Gwynedd, Deheubarth and Powys for example.


It’s more Irish to me actually, the weather, the geographic area does reassembles to that of the coastal area of Ireland.


Nope, as per the author, Cunaris is Norman or Angevin France, Warburton Southern France(but Palliser has an accent resembling that of someone from Southern Ireland) Aetoria Spain and Portugal and you’re right about Wulfram. The Salt Coast I’m not sure about.


Cunaris is Norman, Aetoria is Spanish, Wulfram is German, Warburton is Angevin French IIRC.


Cunaris reminds me of Spain more than Normandy. Aetoria reminds me a lot of Revolutionary France (what with the coffeehouses and intelectual center) and because they are the capital region of an entity that reminds me of England, my personal canon is norman french.
Cunaris for me is english, with a mix of spanish here and there. I have no idea about Warburton, though.

I mean, regardless of what Cataphrak said here, this has been my canon since the first game.


How does the royal dragoon see our PC? If we have a high rep and lead the second battle of khargia. And how does the rest of the army and its officers see us


Not much, the greatest benefit of being at 2K is that you’ll be great friends with Cunaris, Marcus and Hartigan. And might even have their support in the Cortes or the peerage. Otherwise the MC is just another regular officer in the army. As the MC is just a Major/captain carrying a brevet rank of Lt.-colonel, while the rest are full colonels , Lt.-colonels and general-of-infantry brigade which are of varies degree of prestige and wealth, while we are just a Baron with a prestige that is no more than dust in a boot.


But Cataphrak said himself that we have the most medals? Surely that got to have turn some heads


No worries man, you’re free to have your head canon, I didn’t mean to sound like shutting you down so I apologise if it seemed that way.


What are you talking about?

After 2K our brevet is taken away and the MC reverts to his permanent rank, afterwards, if he is a Major, he can buy a permanent Lieutenant-colonel commission. The MC will by that point be the defacto field commander of the regiment and would be the second most senior officer of the Royal Dragoons beside Cunaris himself. However, being a senior officer pretty much requires you to participate in politics, so if you’re not into that…

Where was this stated? I remember that he said that yes, the MC could brag about his medals, but that he is not the only officer with a Gryphon and a bar attached to it and bragging could begin an “arms race”, so to say, as per Cataphrak’s words.

Edit: Hate to double post, so I apologise.



It probably an assumption that if one gryphon for Blogia and a second for the forlorn hope. There is not anyone else that has duplicated these accomplishments.


There isn’t anyone who has duplicated that specifically, there are

“Only a few hundred men have ever won the Gryphon once. Less than five dozen have won it twice.”

While that’s certainly noteworthy, it’s not unique.

The PC is neither some total loser nobody in the context of military heroes nor the unquestionable paragon of all military heroes.


IIRC Cata mentioned that the MC would be in the running for most decorated soldier, but it’s not definitive one way or the other.


Caius and PC, OTP. I’m holding out for a gay option with that handsome and scarred young baneless.


I usually give my MC’s names appropriate for their region but I’ve never actually had any idea what to do with Salt Coast MCs? I’m not sure what real life cultural influences it has?


told one time some of staff in his old battalion or Brigade were take their time when his unit needed something and at least twice pay was late. He also mentioned its not unusual for long term Staff officer to have a mistress or run amok.


The only ones we have are Calvin, Caius, Callum, and Katarina.


And even then, those names come from all over Europe.


That seems to be a Tierran thing, Emile and Louis-August Palliser are Warburtonians.

Louis d’al Englessey is Earl Castermaine so… you can go with a French name.


Iirc, Hunter and Marras got the gryphon for their actions at Blogia (I think they both got it once before but I’m not sure) and Lefebvre got it for the second time for his actions at Jazunsokovil.
So that makes the MC and Lefebvre the only living men who get the bar