Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



I just believe the feudal Dukes will go and crush it out of fear of centralisation. Part of their significant monopoly is the Oath of Montoy and I’m going to call them Treaties of Entry, granting them significant legal precedent and autonomy to keep a decentralised ruling scheme.

Personally, I feel like it’ll be allowing Britain to have an opt out feature whenever you try to centralise. If one of the Dukes just decides not to support it because it’s bad for them, it gets much harder to pass.


It sounds convenient, but they can happen. The only reason they haven’t been happening to our own men (aside from that one incident in Sabres, which was more due to profiteering) is because Cataphrak had decided to be merciful in that regard. In reality, with 200 men at least one person (probably more) is going to fall off their horse or have a defective/poorly-maintained carbine explode on them every now and then.

If her death does turn out to be anything more than a training accident, then depending on who was responsible that might have a significant impact on Cassius as a character, and potentially his thoughts toward his own homeland as well.

But I wouldn’t hold out hope for that; there’s nothing to indicate his mother’s death served any purpose beyond partially explaining how he became the way he is.

Also, considering that the death probably happened decades ago, it would be weird if any new evidence suddenly turned up to suggest otherwise. In real life, there are examples of “cold cases” being solved decades after the crime actually occurred, but those are extremely rare, and usually only possible because of modern technology.


I had the same problem, so I chose the name of a French city that I spent my vacation, Nazaire.
Fit me well, Lord Nazaire or Baron Nazaire.


Rainesfield, Stormhill, Windford, Saltbrook, Galehold.

As you can see, I too am bad with names.

But at least they’re thematic.

Rainesfield is generally my go-to choice.


The two of the Salt Coast baronies that I came up with are Gloomy Harbour and End of the Road.


Unfortunately this name doesn’t quite fit, because the Salt Coast barony doesn’t actually start out on the coast :frowning:

And this doesn’t exactly sound like an appealing name for travelers.

Plus, you also need to consider that the name of your Barony is how you will be addressed in the Cortes. “Baron Gloomy Harbour” or “Baron End of the Road.”


It might be emphasized here that the Richshyr training with live ammunition is going to be a thing in regards to training acccidents also.


More than one member of cortes going to snicker at that.

SaltHill, StormFort, Saltpan or Sealand were sound better.


Incoming cross-dimensional law suit from House Cox of the Riverlands


Sorry but that place doesn’t exist anymore and the head of House Cox too scare to come out of his keep.

Plus maybe the MC can get in the salt business. Just dig some big holes in the ground, fill them up with salt water and let it dry.


The Iron Islands are my to go for names relating to Salt Coast MCs. Hearing Barons Pyke, Wyk, Saltcliffe, Blacktyde and Orkmont are good imo. Though the best is probably Lord Lonely Light.

For Wulfram, the Lannisters and the Westerland are ftw. My main Wulfram MC is either Lord Castamere or Sarsfield.


I usually name my Cunarian barony either Toulouse, Beaumonte or Carcassonne.
Also, while Baron Saltfort doesn’t sound too good, Baron Salforte sounds, at least in my opinion, way better.

For Cunarians the barony names of France are good, as well as some towns in the Reach.


Some even cooler names: Hammerhorn, Shatterstone, Volmark, Stonetree.


So a officer who loves it and thrives as a staff officer should be fear or dislike?


Ideally both. At a minimum they should treated with a great deal of suspicion. The MC who is “quite fond of paperwork” would be suspect were he not such a successful commander…


Huh you military men are weird, many of the men in family served but almost all Enlist. Aren’t their any benefits to serving as one and my bf @Lancer mentioned once staff officers can have a little too much fun in their positions.


Could be the case, as the modern days staff officers are unlike the 18th century staff officers, nowadays staff officers can still have a quite the good view of what’s going on at the furthest front. But before that? It ain’t, they can’t see a bloody thing through the powder smogs and chaos is everywhere. Some who signed up to lead and fight who find themselves stuck behind might not be feeling comfortable as a staff officer, aside from riding into the hailstorm to deliver messages from one and another, even risk getting shot. Otherwise they’ll be staying at the back for most of their time.
But for the reason why many now love to be a staff officer I think, is because of the changing nature of war itself. And speaking of fun, what kind of fun? Sipping a mojito?
@lovinglydull, ever heard of the Karachay horse of the Western Caucasus before?


the thing is to today’s military it’s an NCO world. Lieutenants occasionally, Patrol that they’re part of the planning operation even when they’re in command and it’s honestly more of a liability when they go out with us. Squad leaders are the ones that are actually meeting them in on patrols out and the day today they’re the ones with the boys all the time. Also regardless you enlisted or commissioned at the very nature is the higher you go up the more paperwork you’re going to get stuck with. It just happens in the commissioned ranks a lot faster. Even if you’re in less than once you are sergeant you have to go and do B billets. For example the ones that look really good in the Marines for promotion our drill instructor recruiter and Embassy guard.


I think english is perfect for the Cunarians. Norman/French for Aetorian, welsh for Salt Coast and any scandinavian language/german for Wulfram.


Welsh actually is quite weird when you try to read it or even pronounce it.