Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



The thing considering as a staff officer is that they rarely get their chances to be at the furthest front of the battle, and some would consider it as boring. For example, a Grenadier Officer who joins up is to be a real soldier and to fight, but make him a staff? He won’t feel good at all with everyone having their share of glory, if you ask me.


The Takarans do have a General Staff College, but Lord Maximilian never attended it, especially since he was never on the high command track. His career topped out at Colonel. Granted, it was Colonel of the Imperial Life Guards, which meant he had precedence and standing equivalent to someone far senior, but he never actually went to the General Staff College.


So in Takara, being a high ranking officer of the imperial guards is a special position as equal as a general or even his commanders?


Was him not being in the track intentional because he wanted to go into politics? I’m sure as a vam Holt he could have landed a high command position.


No, he definitely was intending to make the Richshyr his career, but there’s little point in trying to angle for General Officer rank if you’re going into the Imperial Guards Brigade, since you’re never going to rise above Colonel anyway (The ceremonial CO of the entire brigade is the Aldkizern, and the wartime CO is usually the Colonel of the Life Guards, brevetted to Major-General).


How do you pronounce this? Reichsheer?

Is it a spoiler to know who is the current Colonel of the Life Guards?


Then what particular reasons that he retired from the Imperial Life Guards? As he could be the Major General in command of the entire brigade of elite warriors of all the infinite sea? Isn’t because being the minister in charge of national affairs?



I want to say Heinrich vsm Irrivian, but I get the feeling that might be wrong.

His wife died.


So he quit was because he’s grieving for the loss of the love of his life…


Also worth remembering that his wife was in the military too (as a Dragoon.)


We all know that part as well as how she died.


Did she really die in a training accident? I know that’s what Cassius tells us. Is there any possibilty that truth behind her death might be something else?

It just feels like training accident is a bit convenient.
@cataphrak how often training accidents happen in Takkaran military as a whole & how often those accidents end up with someone dying?


The only thing we can tell is that she was killed in a training mishap. And we can’t really assume anything more specific at this point.


Try as I might I can’t find the post but I though cataphrak said she died of an illness.

This is the same Takaran lady with the bad end quote about a wasted life right?


Yes, I think it was when she was lying mortally wounded. Probably had Lord Maximilian write it down if it was bad enough.

Cassius can barely remember her so it was probably when he was younger might have had his sister a year or two before.


Cassius was said to be a wee lad at that time when his mother died.


The storm near Oki right now just gave me an idea for a Takaran invasion. Humanitarian disaster relief. They could even create the storm…


Then I guess they’re the ones responsible for creating the curtain of storm…



Disaster relief… an interesting idea. But I imagine the Tarkaran civilian officials would say “Oh Tierra, it is a nice place to visit with spicy food, dirt cheap brandy, nice beaches, and plenty of rock climbing and bouldering opportunities. But I would never want to live there!! Oh yeah, don’t drink the water.”

Anyway the Tarkaran military adventure in Tierra will begin with junk bonds and the Van Holt faction needing to stabilize the country to protect their investment.


A central academy is a solution to such problems though.
It was one of the reasons a Central War School was established by Haugwitz, to get officers from across the Austrian Empire to study the same tactics instead of doing it under the various nobles in the various kingdoms.

The Army needs to be a central authority for the Crown and Government, if any centralisation is going to succeed. If that fails, then there needs to be an Army Inspectorate (similar to the German Empire) to make sure any educational differences from Bavarian and Saxon military academies gets towed in line with Imperial doctrine.

In many cases, the centralisation of the Army went before the centralisation of the bureaucracy. Since it was the Army (and Army Schools) who carried out censuses necessary for modern administration, and educated the land-measures also needed for the development of modern infrastructure.

A bit of both. There were many poor noble sons who were missing out on proper education due to financial constraints following the Seven Years War (sounds familiar?) so a central state military school was set up to make sure that a certain level of quality of Junior Officers could still be counted on. Then again, Germany (and Prussia) had the benefit of an educational tradition that made many noble scions attend various “academies” in the form of Knight Academies.