Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



That seems true for Blogia with all the artillery concentrated in two grand batteries. I think it was more spread out at Second Kharangia. Our characters were able to direct the fire of the captured Antari guns (which were not part of a grand battery) as a brevetted Lt. Colonel in that battle after all.

As for your military academy proposal, the purpose of the staff is to relieve the commander of menial tasks that he would otherwise do to find out information to inform his decision-making process. This allows the commander to devote more time making the decision which could result in better and faster decision. Staffs are a meritocratic work around to the promotion of field commanders since they aren’t commanders themselves.

Can’t remember which regiment specifically but it was a line infantry regiment. He is also happens to be a general-of-brigade. Welles was right in saying that the senior leadership was overburdened.


Jeez. Kian artillery is scary. There is no way an infantry assault on a Kian position (or holding on to one) is going to succeed unless you’ve got good counter-battery and against Kian, that’s a tall order. There is the option of using operational maneuver to dislodge the Kian, but the Takarans are already doing that.

I would assume that Tierra’s artillery park is virtually identical to a Napoleonic army’s one aside from the GT&T’s new heavy guns?


The Infinity series has a Discord?



…there’s a Discord?

Or enough cannon fodder.



So there’s a discord.

Cuts to Stalin attacking Kian.


All you need to know on the colonel of the 9th as relates to the regiment.


So Castermaine is indeed from the 9th of the line. And he’s quite the fuss some would say, micromanaging the recruits, I’d can only say is that too bad we had the 5th of the line who is without a commander like Castermaine during the final six years of the war.


I see they’re big adherents to “peace through superior firepower.”

It could work. Obviously the quality of training needs to be gone over, but as it stsnds, the fact thwt the most training an officer gets is basic infantry drills for a few months if they’re in the Dragoons, something is better than nothing.

Plus, it gives all the fighting officers a clique of nerds to pick on, so that’s a bonus.


Even the siege guns are basically Columbiads.

Superior numbers, at least. Sort of a given when you’re fighting the Richshyr.


So Kian’s tactics are massive bombardment with long range fire before sending in extra, extra big battalions to storm the enemy position. Casualties are going to be very high that’s for sure.




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Alright, the jig is up. The public Discord is now open for business.

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What does the Discord does?


Discord is basically a chat room, that also allows voice chat.


What about it said something about in app purchases? I have to purchase something?


No, that’s for Discord Nitro which is their premium service. Everyone can use it for free.


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I’m always skeptical of any system that creates staff officers as a separate and especially superior class of officer. Men and women who don’t hate every minute of a staff assignment have no business on one.


I think, by way of introduction, it will have to be elite. Mainly because we don’t have a high need for Staff Officers until unit sizes increases, and secondarily because the army needs some sort of guarantee that the top people in charge of the wider Army are properly qualified to act as Staff Officers to the Councillor-Militant.

More importantly than Staff Officers, Tierra needs educated Junior Officers. A general War Academy (with separate Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry schools) would be a better choice i think. With then further specializations (Languages primarily, but also special courses in Staff work or Logistics) available under the framework of that academy.


I’m kind of on the same page with you but I think focusing on junior officers puts the cart before the horse. What are you teaching them if you have no formal expectations of the senior officers? Ultimately any formal education has to prepare people for some systematic role that they are held accountable for.