Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Even “long range” is about 3000-3500 metres at best.


See, part of me is very curious how the Kian simulate the stress that they’ll face when trying to blow up the Takarans. Do they just stand around the officer and smash pots and pans and scream abuse at them as they try to grab the right range table and make the appropiate decisions?

They have to do some training to get the little voice screaming: “Oh by the Great Secretary in the Sky, these knife-ears are going to vaporise me”- out of their heads.


Generally speaking, the fire elements themselves are out of danger unless something goes really wrong.

The Richshyr, on the other hand, will subject its troops to actual rocket fire (dummy rockets, of course) during training exercises.


I can see Cassius now: “Congratulations Holt, you just died.”

Cassius sighs as he has to lie down for two more hours.

“I can be in bed with Hitomi right now…”


It would have… not been outside of Cassius vam Holt’s character to pass the time by hitting on any other “dead” officers near him to pass the time.


I was thinking of it, I just couldn’t think of any funny remarks so I gave up. I can see his dad just glancing over with his field glasses and seeing him making out with one of them and going, “Why is he my firstborn?”

“Maybe I should have watched at least one of his soccer matches when he was younger…”


Oh, I get it. They’re using wall guns (the heavier of these might as well be 1pdr pieces due to how heavy and cumbersome they are). It is a bit of a surprise that the 12pdr is the lightest field piece they usually use, since it’s usually seen as the upper limit of the ‘medium’ guns that are still relatively mobile.

As an aside from my readings from web, I have found the usage of pieces bigger than 12pdrs to be virtually non-existent in battlefield.

Is it like French-style (only limited to a few ranges) or American-style (pre-registered fire on all available ranges, in all available angles, and in all available atmospheric pressure). To be fair American artillery doctrine was basically French doctrine upped to 11…

I imagine that hitting at ranges of 2km or even 1.5km to be quite the challenge already. One kilometre is entirely doable even with smoothbore pieces though.


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For what it is worth, considering I know next to nothing about soccer except for the fact that FIFA’s corruption and human rights violations make the IOC look like a bunch of girl scouts, go Croatia!! Those underdogs deserve it most out of everybody left now.



If I read Cataphrak correctly, it sounds like Kian uses 12 pounders more or less the same way anyone else would (“fixed batteries” sounds like the equivalent of repurposing Khorobirit’s howitzers)- it just happens to substitute rockets and mortars for most “foot artillery” stuff as well as for mounted artillery.


I think you are right. Thanks for clearing it up. Not sure if ‘fixed batteries’ refers to a centralized grand battery or independently-fire batteries that don’t ever move in a battle though. I know that 12 pdr guns were occasionally moved during battle historically, just nowhere near as fast or often as the 6 pdr guns.


Yeah, I’m not 100% sure. Most of what I know about artillery in this period is naval, with an outline of the difference between regular marching artillery and the horse artillery.


It seems that Tierra keeps their artillery organised in batteries and alloted to brigade command. Considering it was Castermaine’s job to evacuate the guns.

Which he forgot about when he was trying to keep his battalion alive while coordinating the retreat of all his other battalions.


Sources stated that the rocket troops were not highly regarded at that time, as rockets had poor accuracy, extremely dangerous when firing, misfired many times and nearly killing some rocket men. Wellington had actually once said that he had no use for the rocket troop only if they bring their horses along will be fine for him.


That’s the meme, I was a skirmisher regiment and we also trained as arty. We would play around with the rockets and accidentally tk during training sessions. Some of them would land 15 feet off target or shoot into the air and not come down.


Well I really had no idea, all that I know is that the only reason why Wellington brought the rocket troop along is because of their horses rather than what they can do during the Peninsula War.

Also, Castermaine was a colonel to the 9th of the line was he?


It helps that Kian fire doctrine is considerably different from the norm set by early 19th century European armies. If anything, a better analogy would be something more modern: with the big guns centralised in batteries as operational assets, and tactical fires being laid down entirely by rockets, mortars and thunderlances (aforementioned wall guns).

It depends on the level of command. Individual battery officers usually carry the basic tables and are expected to memorise much of the rest (there’s a reason rote memorisation is so important in Kian education). At the equivalent of battalion level, the staff group would keep a full set of books on hand, which would allow batteries to be pre-registered when set in a prepared position.

“Fixed Batteries” in this case meaning guns emplaced in a fixed location for the duration of the action. Nobody expects them to be moved until the shooting stops. The scale of Kian warfare and the distances involved usually mean the batteries either fire independently, or to a pre-arranged plan.


It also helps that the Kian economy is a well oiled machine and they probably have a vast amount of wealh and the means of production to ensure that all their men know how to do their jobs.

I had an idea that we can spitball off one another for a Tierran War college.

The compromise method that Tierra might consider in the future is a military academy that awards commissions to attendees. Like a fee-paying university that Blaylock got kicked out of but for the military. Maybe you can find people to sponsor you which fits the Tierran patronage system or you could win spots through some form of examinations. Namely to train staff officers, field command can be purchased like normal until we have our Crimean War and people go, “Why is this still a thing.”



So what’s the ratio? I mean between artillery and other units of the Kian Armed Forces?
@Cataphrak, what’s the biggest difference between using the percussion cap fuze and the cut fuses?
@Bryce_Kaldwin, if that military school is just for training staff officers instead having all field officers to be trained, then this army will destroy itself more surely than Khorobirit will.



I posted the long form of this in Discord, so I’m throwing out the most obvious thing:

We have to encourage Tieran officers to think acquiring training is actually a good idea.

At least treating staff work as some kind of specialized education/networking opportunity, like any other university thing at the moment, ought to put it in an agreeable context.