Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



I’m awake at 4 am watching and suppporting both Russia and Croatia. Both Kramacic and Cheryshev goals were awesome. I’m leaning a bit towards Russia but the Croats are attacking and giving their all this second half :3

Though either BEL or FRA will be the World Cup Champions.


This is, of course, the Kian national narrative, and therefore definitely skewed, and possibly as inaccurate as the Takaran belief that Kian was colonised by Takarans.

Note that there actually is a physical “Tree of Life” in Butea. It’s an abnormally large old growth tree of some sort which towers over its surrounding canopy and receives regular pilgrimages. Whether it actually has magical powers or serves merely as a metaphorical symbol is one of the major debates within elven theology.


Let’s be honest, everyone knows that the Mhydiossi Continent is where civilisation sprouted from. Besides, it seems like both sides are about to begin to have a decade long discussion on which narrative is correct.

Also @Cataphrak, those howitzer shells we used, the Kian know how to make them already right? Because if not, they probably are eager to test them out on the Takarans.

“Hmm, let’s see if we can put phosphorus in these shells.”


Theological and historiographical debates between Kian and Takara tend to end with millions dead, but to be fair, a restaurant order between the two would probably have the same result.

I thought you were having a skinsuit shortage due to everyone popping off of work to watch the World Cup.


I can’t wait for royal balls when you have to invite both ambassadors and they are put on opposite sides of the hall and every single lord is trying to make sure they don’t get within 200 feet of one another.

Both of them glaring at the fork and knives they were given and having a silent competition on who can eat better with them.


They actually don’t.
To the Kian, that sort of thing is kind of redundant, especially since they have a doctrinal focus on light artillery, and prefer to deploy phosphorus using airburst munitions (with fuzes cut by specialists who pretty much do nothing else) rather than contact fuzes.


So what you’re saying is that Tierra not only has invented a military technology the Great Powers haven’t invented, but they managed to invent one that they wouldn’t have thought of inventing.

One more notch on the “legitimately impressive feats” chart for Tierra.

We’re worried, but watch it turn out that we end up getting the one Kian official who isn’t genocidally racist against elves, or is at least capable of holding back their bile until business is settled.


Light artillery? Do the Kian use battalion guns? Like those 3 or 4 pdr guns en vogue in the 18th century?


Or they’ve thought about it already but in a choice between blowing Takarans to bits with shells or roasting them to death in an extremely painful and slow way with phosphorus, they chose the latter.


I guess that “shining beacon of humanity” is mainly lit by burning, screaming elves.


The Kian national anthem is just a long chorus of Eru’venne screams.


When the Emperor needs to get off he just imagines the smell of a thousand roasting elves.

@P_Tigras, it seems that the Russian hackers can’t change the score to make them win.


I will never be able to hear “by the rocket’s red glare” the same way again.

Since I don’t especially like the Star Spangled Banner in the first place, that’s no loss - but I figure someone else needs to “Now I’m imagining that an entirely different key, and with entirely different context.” too.


Rockets and mortars mostly. They’re lighter and easier to break down and move, which is really important if you don’t want the Richshyr marching circles around you.


I’m sorry but when you said rockets, the rocket soldiers from Napoleonic Wars came right into my head.


I did remember the bit about the rockets and mortars, but you’d think a country that focused so much on artillery (albeit mobility over firepower, the latter made up somewhat due to sheer mass) would have at least some direct-fire capability. That’s why I was thinking that they’d at least have some of the lighter guns to pour canister shot just beyond musketry range, even if its something like a 1 pdr Amusette. They don’t seem to like guns though.


Kian fire doctrine relies on the light, portable stuff for direct infantry support, and really only use larger guns for cracking open hard targets like particularly stubborn fortified positions. The lightest proper cannon you’ll probably find are the equivalent of 12-18 pdrs at the equivalent of brigade level, which are more or less designed to be set up and operated as fixed batteries.

Kian fire elements do possess extremely heavy muskets for punching through bane-hardened armour at range, and they can fire something like buckshot in a pinch, but they’re less like field guns and more like 18th century anti-tank rifles.


The Takarans seem like they’d be more interested in the philosophy of blowing up their enemies into tiny pieces.

Seems very American to me.

But I can see a Kian artillery officer just frantically doing math as he tries to place a rocket shell on top of Takaran infantry at a distance.

Good thing about arabic numbers is that they seem easier to write out and do math with compared to characters.


Oh no, the Kian have had a lot of practice at this sort of thing. They have preregistered tables, the gunner just has to get angle to target and distance right.


And they don’t need to worry about minor things like the Earth’s rotation since it’s a flat world right and can they shoot far enough for that to matter?