Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



I mean, I imagine the lads that hauled you off would be very accomodating and welcoming. At least until they realize the ransom’s never coming and feed you to the pigs.


Now I’m imagining a Far Cry game set in Kentaur with muskets and rifles…


As long as they fix the incredibly annoying raiding party spawn rates I’m all for it. As bland as it was rinse-and-repeating my way through enemy bases to progress the plot, having a truck spawn every minute and cram itself up my ass was somewhat more chuffing. Maybe its version of leveling up would include finding and decoding baneseal patterns?

“The Kentaur Expedition Company, thanks to the waivers you all signed prior to this trip, is not responsible for any personal damages up to and including kidnapping, maiming, theft, dismemberment, and death. At this time you may leave the expedition, but I will remind you that the deposit is non-refundable.”


Eh that’s the price you pay for a good time and if nothing else the danger visiting presents provides some incentive to keep up our combat skills


The more I think about it, the more games I want set in the infiniverse. A Tally Ho style game by Gower where you play as a Tierran valet/lady’s maid, an infiniverse version of pretty much all of the stories Heather Albano’s involved in (maybe not CoZ though), particularly A Study in Steampunk where you play as a member of the intendency. An RTI caper of the style of Diamant Rose.

It’s a real compliment to Cata’s world building that one can imagine so many different genres of games fitting into the Infiniverse.


I’ve never had that problem. Maybe because I go everywhere on foot and avoid setting foot on the roads like they’re the plague.

You’re a one-man guerilla unit. Act like it.


That sounds like a typical day after a night of heavy drinking for a native.


Sabres complete walkthrough

I thought about sharing this with you,the guy who made this took the time for all of us, to get the full sabres experience


Is it possible to poison someone in LOI?


We will find out when Lords is released.


Hey thanks for that MrWich! Very kind of you to share! :north_korea:


But that the fun part, wiping out those patrols, torching the cars and stacking the bodies in a pile on the side of the road. And shooting someone in the butt with a bow too lol


When you purchase a new commission do you retain your old commission until you specifically sell it to a specific individual? Or, does it instantly return to the military’s control to sell to whom they will? Just musing over our chances to sell our old Major’s rank to Cazarosta in the opening pages of Lords.


This was discussed in the old thread and if I remember correctly, while you may be able to sell it technically to Cazarosta, due to his heritage etc, the reality is that you would not be able to achieve the sale and transfer of rank to Caz.


Nuts, I’ll have a search around - thanks! I’d happily take the reputation hit to see my old pal succeed.


Renard gets your Major commission if you buy the Lieutenant-Colonel commission.


*searches frantically for ‘dislike’ button*


You know he’s getting the regiment regardless right?


If that’s how you react to him becoming a Major, how are you going to feel when he becomes Colonel of the entire regiment?


Hey now fellas, don’t misunderstand! Renard’s a stand-up guy, big respect for the R-man! I just meant, well… my boy mentored Renard, sure, but was mentored himself by Caius, and was forged into a talented soldier only through Caz’s instruction. Gotta look out for your parents, not just your children! :busts_in_silhouette:

Plus, he’s not comparable to Caz in any way right? Caius is like an actual death angel, whereas Renard is a proper noble gentleman.