Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Thanks a lot for reposting that! Plenty to look forward to in Lords - I’m not sure if more disappointed to be at peace, with no war to fight, or excited for the prospects for entertainment it will bring us! Maybe a midnight secret boxing ring of some kind…


It depends on the culture. The Old Calligians effectively locked up their noblewomen in a tower and forbade them to do anything, but the further you get from “Old Calligian culture bases” like Octobirit, the more “liberated” Antari noblewomen tend to be. Even then, they’re expected to be pretty cloistered. Anna of Noribirit/Khorobirit was a bit of an exception in that sense.

Freeholder and serf women have a lot more “privilege” in this regard, less due to the fact that they have more rights, and more due to the fact that their feudal obligations to provide service outweigh any gendered obligations to look pretty and do nothing.


The first rule of Fight Club, eh?

I’m fairly sure that your PC will be longing for the days where his enemies were decent enough to just shoot at him and they all spoke Antari within months of returning to Tierra.


Hey @Cataphrak I was just wondering about a couple of things

So would an older MC be able to still participate in sports such as Archery particularly if they are of an older persuasion and would opening a bow shop on your house’s land be a possibility for generating house revenue especially since we now have an in with the Takaran’s that could help potentially attract a bow maker

I’m assuming that Thunderer would not be a great candidate for this type of sport and if so would it be necessary to buy a new horse if we wanted to race

While I’m sure it would be discouraged for a high born noble such as ourselves I was wondering if visiting these events would be a chance to encounter our old men or possibly find recruits for various roles

Heh no your not your better than him. He’s gotten way to wordy and introduces characters to rapidly and overloads his readers way to fast with info. You understand that introducing characters slowly so we can get attached to old favorites and grow to appreciate the new faces. Your world building is also on point as you give the information but leave enough undiscovered to introduce new details and leave the reader wanting more. So in closing keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Also can’t wait to buy a falcon if I get the chance and is the Fox Hunt a thing in Tierra?


Theoretically, being in your fifties shouldn’t stop you from practising archery if you’re in shape. That being said, bowyers tend to set up shop in major cities, since that’s where all the business is, especially for sport-archery (since nobody hunts with bows any more).

In most cases, matches are improvised and planned maybe six hours in advance, if you’re lucky. Major cities do have more heavily attended and advertised prize fights, and it’s not entirely discouraged for gentlemen of the blood to watch them.

You probably already have a falcon or three. The Fox hunt is still technically a thing, but they’ve been hunted mostly to extinction in the settled areas. That sort of hunting is usually only still regular out in the more remote areas (like Wolfswood), or done in Kentaur, on foot, with wolverines.


What don’t they hunt in Kentuar? I just curious but is their anything the Kentuari are scare of hunting.


“If you aren’t afraid of it, then it isn’t worth hunting.”
-Old Kentauri Proverb


Can’t wait to meet nellie’s prized wolverine, Logan, with the long claws…


Now I sort of imagining a band of Kentauri hunting Honey Badgers with spears and clubs.


Sir Snarlsalot sounds like a better name.


Can we hunt in LOI, also is LOI going to be linear chapter base like guns and sabres, or our we going to have more branching choice and free roam to pick different activities


Wait, wait, wait so not only can I not only honor my favorite commanding officer (Sorry Duke Cunaris :wink:) by helping become a saint and create a knightly order to honor him but if I go to visit I could possibly get a wolverine to name after him ( I think Hunter would get a kick out of that for some reason). Also how would you even tame them and I’m assuming somehow they are not housebroken.


On the subject of old people doing physical stuff:

It’s official! Old people can shake it real good. :rotating_light:


Havenport manages once more to prove they’re the coolest Duchy in Tierra.


Hearing The Great and Powerful Trixie in a Kentauri burr is kind of creepy, though.


I am hoping that we get to visit Kentaur at some point!


Please come to Kentaur!- Havenport travel agent.


“Come for the lovely windswept moors, the pristine cliffs and the winding hills. Stay because you’ve been kidnapped by raiders.”


Don’t forget folks we not responsible for lost items, being attack by locals or wildlife and you may be kidnapped by Lord setter hating chiefs - Guide book


Sounds like Home and a good time time to me :wink: