Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



There are a couple things I think bear noting before saying that Cazarosta is a completely selfish sociopath incapable of even the smallest degree of positive behavior towards the PC:

  1. The full quote: “Cazarosta sees you as a potential ally, and one which is ‘mandated’ by the divine master plan to aid, or betray you. Thus, he carefully exposes more of his own emotional and mental vulnerabilities, maybe because you’re actually breaking him down, or perhaps because he’s manipulating your relationship with him to build the bond of trust he needs from you.”

“It is good to see you, Sir Caius.”
*if cazarosta >= (high enough)
Cazarosta’s expression does not change. “I wish I could say the same, $!{lastname},” he answers, as detached as ever.

“How do you mean, sir?” you reply, perhaps more forcefully than you had meant. “Have I given some offence?”

You can think of no reason why Cazarosta might be so cold towards you all of a sudden. After all, your relationship has been nothing but cordial at the very least for years now.

Yet Cazarosta shakes his head. “You have not, sir. It is merely that you appear before me currently as something of an obstacle.”

I think that Caius would prefer a state of affairs where he can think of the PC as a potential ally has to influence how one reads “The clue for 9 across is ‘A pawn’, and it’s six letters’.” “Friend?” at least a little, if one is otherwise positive enough about him that him being an empathy-less, self-centered bastard is the breaking point and not his attitude about honor or Elson or cowards or stragglers.


One thing I’ve definitely noticed about Caz from my playthroughs is that he is the most cold towards an MC he likes, and I feel like there’s more to it than him simply dropping his death mask for a bit. People with the kind of psychological damage Caius has tend to distance themselves from others for various reasons, with one of the reasons I’ve personally encountered being “I don’t want someone to come along and ruin my preconceived notions of (insert internalized axiom here).” On some level, I feel like Caius wants to sincerely believe you don’t care about him, and you are just sucking up to him for the sake of his daddy’s money and connections. Him changing his view on his own role in destiny is merely a shift in his worldview. Him changing his view on whether or not he is capable of being loved by people not named Cazarosta would be more equivalent to stripping away one of the pillars holding his mental state together.

Back to Kat, because I didn’t feel like editing the previous post 5 more times. One more dimension to the secret mission is that Katarina chose you. She believed you possessed both the professionalism and the moral fortitude to go on a dangerous mission, do the hard thing even if it goes against your beliefs, and succeed against the odds. She’s not the biggest player in the RTI by a long shot, and she’s sticking her own neck out gambling on some jumped up Baron. Failing the mission isn’t just your failing, it’s hers. And it’s even worse of you deliberately refused to harm Aleksandra: she trusted you to do something, and you violated that trust deliberately.


Just to add to your point, by coincidence I was reading this passage not two hours ago; it can take place just after your final chance to win a medal in Sabres:

As you watch the fires burn themselves out against the evening sky, you see Cazarosta, his men behind him, riding back across the bridge. Your eyes narrow as you catch an odd shimmering gleam about the other Dragoon. It is not until he closes to within twenty paces that you realize that he is covered head to toe in blood!

if cazarosta = not good friend
“Good evening, $!{lastname}!” he shouts genially, as if he were not covered almost entirely in gore. “Saints be praised that this foul business is over and done with.” His face is a mask of relief.

if cazarosta = super best friend
“We’re done here,” he says, as cold as can be. “Best we report to the Captain.”

I paused and re-read it, as, exactly as you’ve said, it’s fascinating to see how mental trauma can produce such complex behaviour. Here we’re able to see how Caz maintains a difficult and painful facade in front of those he does not trust, but to those he feels a bond towards, he is able to show his true self - less joyous in the act of bloodshed, but more heartless and ruthless in the purest senses of those words.

Just thought it was interesting in the context of our developing relationship over the series - personally I’m just really hoping we can end up being super best friends with him (regardless of relationship to his sister) and go on adventures together, Adventure Time-style.


Could also just be ‘respected equals.’

If you’re the Earl, you’re one of the few things preventing Cunaris from throwing him out of the regiment, and you’re also the guy providing his allowance. Plus, you presumably have to be good friends with him already. So if you’re at a point where he’s okay with you becoming Earl of Leoniscourt, you’re probably as far from obstacle as you can possibly be.


Just because she had a few (or several) flings before she married doesn’t mean she is going to cheat while married. It might not be a good sign, but you need to remember that this is a world where it’s not unusual for Baneblooded young adults to have a few flings before they settle down.

I wouldn’t say ‘constantly’, and if you fall for it that’s on you.

Just because Katarina is somewhat dishonest does not automatically mean her counterpart is a paragon of honesty and virtue.

Why wouldn’t she be pissed off?

As if you were a soldier who had just been given clear orders, and refused to comply to those orders, when an entire war was at stake.

I wouldn’t say it was just to get our compliance. This also only happens on playthroughs where you have been drooling over her the entire game.

It’s also possible that she did it because there was some genuine attraction there, and this was her last chance. You’re going into battle. Even if the revelation of what you’re there to do doesn’t set you against her, there’s still the possibility that one or both of you may die.

I get the impression that the Cazarostas do not necessarily view the phrase “useful tool” as mutually exclusive with terms like “close friend” or “romantic interest.”


I actually wonder if the sex scene before the secret mission will have some degree of lasting impact, and whether or not accepting or rejecting Kat will have an impact on your relationship going forward.

Accepting obviously signals that you have physical attraction to Kat, but also signals that you’re perfectly willing to fall to her feminine wiles even though you still don’t even know her name at this point. Rejecting obviously has the tone that you may have conflicting romantic interests or are ubattracted to her, but it could also be a direct challenge to Katarina’s own feelings on whether people are trustworthy or not, or signal that the MC has enough self-control to not jump in bed with a random stranger he barely knows just because he found her “mysterious stranger” schtick to be charming instead of annoying.

I personally headcanon Arturo, in his trademark bravado, saying something along the lines of “Don’t worry, we can get to that later.” And then he winks and does Fonzie-style finger guns because ten years in the army hasn’t changed the fact that he’s a massive dork.


Huh? I’m sorry can you explain that again in simpler terms plz


Basically, while Caius’s default state of mind is “what can you do for me?” there is at least some ambiguity as to whether he sees you as more than a divinely-mandated step ladder. Either way he trusts you enough to show you a more vulnerable side to him that you don’t get to see with MCs who leave him by the wayside.


I wish the infinity world had some international sport all the countries could play. Then Kian and the Elves can destroy each other on the sport field instead of using a country as a battlefield.


That is not only an incredible idea, it’s a really good question too! Do we know of any Tierran sports to speak of?


Seeing how they are base off of spain and england i d say football and futbol


Than why did he ask us to go partisan hunting with him and gave us the chance to kill the partisan leader?


For the same reason why he was proud to inform you he has the best Squadron of Cavalry in Tierra.

Sir Caius does take pride in his abilities and if you express interest in them, he’s happy to oblige. Also it is a form of a test, to see if you are still one of his allies in the Saint’s mission for him.


I don’t know if I’m more excited to see Caz’s faith crumble or zoom-enhance-enhance on itself. Particularly if we can, somehow, help him rise up the military leadership despite his baneless blood, it will be wonderful to see what actions he ends up taking once power and prestige are his, in addition to his many natural talents.


@Bryce_Kaldwin There’s also the fact that, as prideful and talented as Cazarosta is, he realizes one man can only do so much. He probably figures his little murderous bonding event is also one of his best shots at actually cornering and killing Strellyck. He’s nothing if not practical.

There might be undertones of seeing it as a legitimate bonding event, but knowing Caz, he’d never admit it to anyone. Especially himself.


Do you mean hand egg-ball and futbol???
Edit: since there is some spain in the mix perhaps some “corridas de toros”???


You mean rugby…


I think Cata said once that Tierran football is pre-“association football.” Meaning it’s rugby but with even less safety standards.

If I recall his list correctly, “high” sports for the nobility are tennis, golf and various types of hunting. “Low” sports for commoners are football, boxing, and basically any of the wide array of sports that involve beating the crap out of each other. Hopefully we get the opportunity to be champion shin-kickers.

I can see it now. All the nations setting aside their differences to play in the Shin-Kicking World Championship. Truly a boon for every orthopedic surgeon in the Infinite Sea.


I really don’t think this Infinite Sea Olympics thing is a good idea.

Takara will win every game, and the resulting riots will do just as much damage as any major war.


And if they are held in Takara or Kian, then that nation will be left in a lot of debt, which could be explosively destabilizing.


who said their even invited, it be all human and no Elves to ruin it with their cheating. Plus I not sure their be winning everything. i see Havenport winning against our favorite elf in bare wrestling.