Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Sir Barksalot, mightiest dog this side of the Curtain of Storms, can be felled neither by banefire nor by age. He is a force to be reckoned with.

His squire Larry’s probably dead though.


who is lilith? I lost the thread when the last was closed, I may be out of touch a bit, and when did the mc get a dog?


Lilith is a Biblical figure and the first wife of Adam. She got kicked out and became the first Demoness after she didn’t want to listen to Adam.


wait, wait…so eve wasnt the first woman ?. Im not a christian and I dont have a lot of biblical knowledge but I thought I knew about the creation stuff. When did lilith come about and demons have genders?


The thing is, there’s the sanitized Biblical stories and the actual Jewish stories that were passed down verbally and were written down eventually.

Lilith is one of the older ones that the Jews took from Mesopotamia and added to their oral traditions. Demons/Demonesses are a thing, Satan was Lucifer, Angel of Light before his pride caused him to fall. But the big female was Lilith who didn’t do what she was told to by Adam (it’s a warning to women to obey the men in their life) and got cast out and became a Demoness.


cool. So about eve, is she a thing in jewish oral traditions?


Sir Barksalot originated from a joke that said that the MC’s houseguard consisted of “An elderly gentleman and his dog, Sir Barksalot.” As with all things that become memetic, it has transformed over time into something only vaguely distinguishable from its original form.

The MC may or may not have a dog in-game, but at the very least, Sir Barksalot is alive and well in this thread.


Raises an interesting question - do the Saints venerated by Tierrans have much to say on gender equality? Obviously Tierran society has distinct and separate gender roles, but are these mandated by their religious scriptures / histories?


He going to live twenty five years damn it!



A portrait of Sir Barkalot, 1 year before the dozen year war
Earned the medal of “Good Boye” for his hecking good boyness


Alright, since the last one was so well received, here is some more terrible low-effort Cazarosta fanart that I decided to make in about twenty minutes.


As the Cazarostas pose for one final family portrait before Caius leaves to join the Dragoons, the Earl can’t help but wonder where his wife has gone.


Nice drawing, I was thinking more of a Leoniscourt version of Clue. Well except if the Lord Intendant guess wrong he ends up in the bottom of a well.


Just thought I’d fix that for you.


Not sure which would be worse around this family, to be honest.


That’s why you don’t go around them…


But… but the tariffs!

And those nice safe walls to protect us from Khorobirit’s assassins!

And becoming roomies with Caius!


Becoming a puppet, constantly worrying whether Caius will see you as an “obstacle”, and the fact that Kat will be cheating on you, and constantly being manipulated by them.Better to just marry Welles, atleast she is honest and frank about her feelings for you.


Do you think that Katarina and Caius have constantly manipulated the PC in the second game?


Cataphrak did say that Caius could be showing his true self to our PC to be able to manipulate us. And take Katarina response if we let Khorbit daughter run away, she was piss because we didn’t have the stomach, as if we were her servants. And she seem to prefer killing khorbit daughter over capturing her. And before the mission she went and had sex with our Mc just to get our compliance. They clearly see us as a tool to use at their disposal


Caius is unfortunately incapable of seeing human relationships in a “What’s in it for me?” light, so you have the first one, but I want to break down the rest.

Khorobirit is the biggest threat to Tierra, in Katarina’s eyes as well as everyone else’s. The goal of the mission was to capture or kill both his daughter and his wife. The MC letting Katarina go has deliberately cocked up the mission, possibly resulting in more bloodshed in the future just because he decided to grow a conscience halfway in, or because he inadequately prepared for her escape. She prefers you to kill Khorobirit’s daughter because capturing her sets him back financially, but killing her absolutely destroys his will to fight – thus neutralizing him as a threat, thus taking away one more danger to Tierra.

As for the sex thing, both the secret mission and the sex scene are only open if you have a high enough relationship with her. And while we’re probably still in the relationship stage where she prioritizes “useful pawn” over “intellectual equal and romantic partner” Cata’s also said it’s not impossible that there is something approaching affection towards us, if not outright love.

Especially if you’ve done the foolish thing in her eyes, and stated on multiple occasions that you care about and respect her as a person and not as a trophy or means of getting ahead in life.