Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)




sidelong glance at Cazarosta, Khorobirit and (to use a cross-universal reference) Lucan and even Dame Mildred

I mean, you’re not wrong.


Why would that make it impossible? If anything, that should help because it boosts your relationship with her and potentially brings in a ton of cash.

Don’t forget Master “Let the family die” Isan.


Treaty of Octobirit was never specified by Cataphrak, he either plans it for a Patreon page or plans to specify it in Lords of Infinity.

What we do know however, is that the League signed a peace treaty that will not last, and promised reparations they won’t pay. Tierra gained next to nothing materially except empty promises, but what they did gain, is a favourable end to the war that was very close to bankrupting the country, but the Antari will no doubt be quick to say this:

“A victory without honour is no victory; a surrender with honour, no defeat,” - Prince Eugen of Antagia, founder of the League of Antar

And Tierra very much won a victory without honour, after a fashion(kidnapping princesses and poisoning wells).

Am I right in assuming the “some_kill” variable (mentioned in the epilogue) refers to the unnamed person that dies at 2K if the MC takes part in the Secret Mission?
It seems suspiciously similar to death flags, like “marcus_kill” or “welles_kill”


But wait didn’t Takaran get involved, wouldn’t the Antari keep their promise because of their honor, or atleast the fear of what the Takaran will do


Now that I think about it, pretty much every conflict in a Cataphrak game has been due to the antagonist in question having very strong moral convictions of one sort or another. Those moral convictions don’t always line up to what we might consider morally right by today’s standards, but they do have them.

Antar was motivated by its belief in their moral right to subjugate the rogue nation of Tierra, Miguel waged an offensive campaign because he believed it was the only way for Tierra to truly assert its independence, Lucan just wants Hallowford to survive another day, etc. The only real exception would be Milius Black-Clad, who is quite transparently motivated by self-interest, with the vague possibility of Flower Court shenanigans ruining his brain in the process.

@Davient Unfortunately, even with a guarantee from Takara, Antar is a large and strong enough country that it can’t be easily bullied. Combined with the fact that they are all too aware of the currently-fragile state of Cold War between Takara and Kian, and the League Congress us basically just waiting for an excuse to tear uo their treaty.

It helps that Takara only mildly cares about Tierra being defeated, and doesn’t care at all that any of the reparations are paid.


Let the Takarans try to bully the League Congress, and then watch Khorobirit plot “The Final Solution to the Eru’venne Problem” with his good pal H’onnelouwe.

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Nah man, Milius was unfairly treated by the close-minded city dwellers. His research could have saved lives or made the city a fortune, but instead he was cast out due to the misguided principles and prejudice of the Duke and the Knights.



It’s interesting you mentioned the Cold War there - has there been any consideration of Tierra becoming embroiled in proxy conflicts between Takara and Kian?

For example: the Antari screw around with the treaty, so Takara apply diplomatic pressure. In response the Kian declare support for Antar and land troops there - both to protect them and also to surreptitiously begin turning the land into a protectorate.

Wishing to avoid open war at this time, Takara instead backs Tierra secretly with finances, military attachés and intelligence. Tierra legitimately re-invades Antar in order to re-establish the terms of the treaty, but despite having greater strength, experience and technology than before, it is now facing Kian-led Antari forces.

This is just an example of how such proxy conflict might come to pass, and given the geography if nothing else, I think it’s reasonably certain that Tierra will end up being forced to declare for one side, or the other - I’d be fascinated to see if we can end the series strong and independent as a nation.


Takara and Kian are famous for destroying the islands they fight on.

Let’s not let them fight on Tierra.


“I have good news and bad news, mother. The bad news is that skirmishes between Takara and Kian have leveled our estate, and turned the surrounding country to ash.”
“What could possibly be the good news when everything we have is destroyed?”
“The good news is that Carrillo’s in the same boat.”


Why does everyone seem to hate Carillon? Also what power do the Lt colonel have in peace time

  1. Carillo is out of debt and therefore more fabulous and successful than the PC because debt is the worst thing that could possibly happen, including Caius gouging out your eyes and Katarina turning out to be Lilith.

  2. We know about as much as you do here.


Envisioning a petty sitcom feud with Carrillo is one of the many running jokes of the thread.

A decent amount of half-pay, a greater chance of becoming Councilor-Militant, and a truly disgusting amount of crowns they need to pay to actually do any army stuff at peacetime. Other than that it’s a mystery.


Is sir Barkalot ok at least

He has nice things


As we’ve seen choices in Guns to establish our hero’s views on progressive situations like feminism or modernising the military, it’s likely this will continue in Lords. Combining the political intrigues and economic machinations we know will feature heavily in the Lords with our character’s military influence (with that influence being clearly enhanced by a Colonel’s commission), it’s especially likely that we’ll have some control over the future of the Tierran military.

Whether that is limited to “just” influencing the weaponry it uses, the genders of its clerks (or even soldiers?), or expands to choosing upon whom we might wish to declare a war, remains to be seen. It’s reasonably certain though that a Lieutenant Colonel will, in all areas of life, wield more power and respect than a Major would. Not least because there will be many more Majors returning home from the war than Lieutenant Colonels; that is to say, we will simply be higher up the totem pole and will reap the improved benefits commensurately.

That said, I’d assume that ending Guns with such a high rank might lead to some dark speculations in the Cortes by those jealous of our heroic legacy about what dastardly deeds our hero must have committed to rise so fast from a lowly Cornet to a knightly Lieutenant Colonel.

Talking of which… dueling was illegal in the military, sure, but will we get to duel people back home? If Moustachey McRudeFace starts talking shit about my poor family openly in the Cortes…


We’ll remind him who saved his are from the runegun wielding Antari bastards, and maybe sick Lanzarel


Okay, it’s time to face the truth.

It’s been 12 years. That dog is dead.


I’ve been looking at the map of Tierra, and I’ve been wondering where the MCs barony is located in each area.


depiction of Jjcb and U_U’s interaction after this statement:


Dogs are a dimes a dozen. We get a new and better one.A big dog to sick on the bankers and Carrillo