Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Considering that there’s only three Orders-Militant in Tierra (four with the addition of Enrique), I would say it is. It might not be as impressive as the two top orders (Joshua and Jerome), but it’s still a highly prestigious position.

We also get a vote in the Convocation, so we can finally name Azulae Pariah-Among-Nations, and we can get more people to join the order which can potentially gain us some new allies.


Wait don’t the other dukes have their order or is wulfram going to saint him as well


You know if we a Grand Master, we could fill up our order with our ex dragoons as seekers and our old LTs as junior members.


Nope. Cazarosta, Rendower, and Findlay are the only Tierran noble houses with their own Orders-Militant.

Not sure what you mean by: “Is Wulfram going to Saint him?” Could you elaborate?


I think he’s asking if Wulfram is going to be sainted, but the answer is not likely because of the controversy that Blogia caused.

@Davient Wulfram’s best chance at a Knightly Order is Enrique d’al Hunter.


Also worth noting that New Duke Wulfram opposed the war, so supporting the Sainthood of one of that war’s biggest supporters might not be the smartest political move, even if that person is his own father.

Plus, Sainting someone is a costly and time consuming process, and I would assume that between making moves in the Cortes and looking after his subjects, New Wulfram never had the time or funding to do so anyways.

But who knows, maybe New Wulfram will attempt to get Old Wulfram sainted at some point during Lords? And maybe that will be our competition for Sainting Enrique?


He threw his weight around to defend his father’s reputation. Namely, it’s why Welles went through such pains to defend Old Wulfram as much as she could.

His Grace, Ewen d’al Candless is purely against the war because of the deprivation it cost his people and Tierra. Not to mention, right up until SK it sort of looked hopeless and a waste of time and money. So he thought peace would be better than continuing to fight for a hopeless cause. Also don’t forget, Wulfram is very powerful so if he wants to have his dad Sainted he just needs to go to the shrine and just mobilise his Guard and he can probably talk to his father-in-law His Grace the Duke of Cunaris and get some of the Knights of St. Jerome sitting outside.


Yeah, Young Wulfram sounds like the scariest thing you can find in Cataphrak game.

A guy with strong moral convictions.

I don’t see why, as far as sainting goes, he would object to Hunter as a saint (if he’s trying to push for his father being sainted). Speaking well of the late viscount would look good to the soldiers in favor of the military not being gutted without actually costing him anything except some paper and ink, and the “being a target is safer than being a dangerous upstart” faction won’t be more upset.


I felt like Castermaine today when I was playing Ultimate General.

I was coordinating a withdrawal of 5 of my divisions when all of a sudden I look over and see 10,000 Confederates forming up into line. I ordered 2 Divisions numbering 3,000 men to hold their ground as I got my artillery out.

They didn’t all die to the last man, but they routed from the field with their officers getting KIA.

I was like, “NO NOT LIKE THIS.”

Those cannons had a kill count of 1850 to 38.


Which ones? I just use the napoleons when I play typically.


I alternate depending on the needs.

I have Napoleons for Medium to short range while my Parrot guns are designed for sniping and counter-battery fire.


Nah, the scariest guys are the ones who have the power to cut you off from your food.

Kendrickstone, Hallowford, Sabres, Guns. In most of @Cataphrak’s games, the main villain always carries the threat of starvation and/or economic collapse.

Hunger is the ultimate enemy.

Then one day he will pull a twist, and it will turn out we should have been worried about climate change all along.


Yeah, but the guys who can cut off the food supply are usually interested in something other than watching you starve.

Once the guys with convictions want you dead, they tend not to relent.


When 8,000 Confederates Charge your front lines

“Intensify forward firepower!”



Khorobirit’s convictions: Make Antar Great Again.

Milius’s convictions: Getting revenge against those intolerant magephobes who refused to accept his child-sacrificing ways.

Ever-Living convictions: ???

Anyways, if the guy with convictions isn’t in a position to hurt you, then all he can really do is shake his fist at you in righteous anger.


If Wulfram wants to hurt you, he could do so.

Especially since he’s one of the most powerful men in the Kingdom.



What is wrong with Wulfram? He is ethical, earnest, and fairly decent guy. Furthermore, he is Renard’s brother in law. His pre-teen son, Johannesburg, is probably very interested in the Dragoons. So we have lots to talk to him about.

Oh wait, Team Miguel has us on retainer for 15 crown a month. Hmm I thought being on the expansionist side would be more lucrative.


As I understand it, the main problem with Young Wulfram is that he’s a “ethical, earnest, and fairly decent guy”.

Those are not necessarily qualities that are going to lead him to regard ambitious soldiers from minor families in a favorable light, even assuming his opinion of Crown lapdogs loyalists is “I would never deny a man the right to have his own opinions.”

I don’t think he’s an automatic enemy of the PC - I just expect quite a few PCs will wind up on opposite sides of issues to him, and some of those issues are ones he’s more willing to compromise on than others.


Oh great lord @Cataphrak I have some questions for ya.

1 The easy one. Will our Mcs exchange crowns to bank notes and we will have to understand how to use bank notes?

2 The difficult one. You wouldn’t make it impossible for mcs that dId the secret mission to marry Katerina, would you? My lord why are you cackling maniacally?


What were the official peace term that Tierra gain from Antari? I read Miguel had to give up a lot of his original terms he wanted because of the Takaran, so what did they agree upon?