Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



I’m wondering what the bank thought after the secret mission when the debt was paid off.


I read on the forum that our mc could rise up to a duke, how could he do that


@Davient Easy… duking it out !!! (ok … I … will just be… in the corner)


That’s false, I think. The MC can rise up to a Viscount through his own merit(by winning a victory title or through special circumstances, this is independent of any sort of marriage), and can rise up to an Earl through marriage to either Katarina or Welles.

In any case, perhaps you should put a little more effort into finding the answers to your questions?
I understand you may be too busy to go through the GoI megathread, but there’s always the search function (although it isn’t perfect).


That the main reason I ask, the search function sucks. And I was reading the GOI forum when I read that the mc could rise up to duke in the later games like wars or master of infinity.


@Davient perhaps (and take this opinion with a grain of salt), should we marry Kat or Welles we might have a shot being a duke should any of the ducal families have any sort of problems due to some unkown event in war of infinity, possibly the death of a ducal family with no heirs, a long shot would be in good temrs with Miguel and an incredibly of luck of being in the right place and the right time, like I dont know “There is no more duke of wufram, perhaps I (MC) may have it??” if we have enough influence, money and power, that is how I imagine we could be a duke, but that is a ver veeeerrrryyyy long shot


Like it is a long shot for a deathborn to become knighted?


@Davient If Cataphrak said it, then I retract my incorrect statement, if it’s someone else, then my point stands.

Dukes have hundreds of thousands of crowns worth of estate, their domains are the sizes of petty kingdoms, they have dozens of vassals, their House Guards number in the hundreds, their expenses perhaps even larger than their income.

How can one go from a dirt poor Baron to a Duke of the Unified Kingdom in a span of twenty-odd years that the series will continue on for.

On the topic of inheriting a ducal seat with the death of ducal family:
Duke of Wulfram has a lot of children.
Duke of Cunaris’ eldest son and heir is under our command, should something befall him, Cunaris would no doubt be angry with us, while his second son Laurent is a Cornet as of 2K, though he’s probably made Lieutenant by the end of the war.
Havenport has two younger brothers, and will soon marry.
Warburton is immensely wealthy and influential, he will attempt to marry Katarina and Welles’ lands pass onto him if she dies at 2K.


Remember that plans change. Cataphrak might once have planned for earning a duchy to be possible, but all his statements since have indicated that Viscount is the highest we’ll rise.

Us becoming a duke would have roughtly the same odds as Caz becoming earl of Leoniscourt.


I mean, it’s fairly straightforward what the path to Dukedom would be if we could take it. Marry Katarina, thus inheriting Leoniscourt, and buy the title upgrade the same way you would upgrade to Viscount. I haven’t seen too many indicators that this particular path is suddenly out of the cards.

Welles would be a bigger obstacle because it’s an Earldom that’s technically subordinate to the Duchy of Warburton, and Warburton might have something to say about it.

Caz becoming a Knight of the Red would have been seen as wholly impossible, but Tierra seems to live in increasingly impossible times lately…


We upgrade to a Viscount through winning a victory title(adding Viscount of victorytitle to Baron of _) or under some very specific circumstances(where we become Viscount of landname), as per Cataphrak.

You can’t buy a title upgrade, if you could, Barons Marras, Eldridge and Carrillo would’ve been Viscounts by now.


Unless we we’re offering an absolutely astronomical sum, I don’t see why Miguel would suddenly be okay with giving up most of his direct vassals by creating a new duchy of the Salt Coast. Even if you just wanted to become Duke of Leoniscourt, rather than of the whole Salt Coast, I don’t see him agreeing to devalue the prestige of a duchy by selling them off as honors unless you had a ludicrous amount to offer.


@random-dude-78 Fair enough. I’m not dying on this particular hill, and I think ending up as an Earl (even if we have to forfeit family name and previous titles in the process) is still a good deal overall.

@Verand Not even the whole Salt Coast, just a “Duke of Leoniscourt” type deal. A lot of kingly or ducal titles in the real world conferred no real additional lands to the ones who held them, and the kind of Duchy I’m proposing is more of a vanity title than anything. But if it did come with additional lands, it would probably be more of a “Kingdom of the Isles” situation, with Leoniscourt being lumped in with the other barely habitable resource poor rocks circling the mainland.

Obviously though, Weathern and Warburton would have something to say about that, along with whoever owns the Northern Pillars.


Sure, but in this world, or at least in Tierra, honorific upgrades seem rather rare, especially for something as senior and prestigious as a duchy. I can’t imagine the other dukes (or the rest of the nobility for that matter) would be happy if suddenly some upjumped baron became one of the most senior peers in realm just because Miguel needed some extra coin.


If he starts selling titles, they’ll sell his throne to Emile.

Being serious though, let’s say you lead a coalition-victory against let’s say Khorobirit’s unified Antar, then you might be given a victory title as compensation.


As nice as a victory title sounds, unless their lands or a lump sum too it but nothing more than a title with some prestige. But being Earl of the Kharan or Noringia sounds nice anyway


Than how powerful could we theoretically how powerful could we become by war of infinity


As far as I’m aware you can be an Earl-by-marriage, have your ancestral title be created as a barony, and end up being a Councilor-Militant.


Don’t forget possibly becoming the Knight-Grandmaster of either Saint Enrique or Saint Talbott.


I mean, being the master of a Knightly order with like 4 members each isn’t something to really boast about.