Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



If Weathern goes on vacation, this is what he will return to:


Isn’t that what he has to deal with already?


Minus the part with Miguel going "The party is awesome!"


Weathern: “So much for those Antari indemnities.”

Miguel facepalms

Weathern: “Oh don’t worry Weathern all we need to do is keep the ship afloat until we get some Antari gold.”

Miguel: “You are never going to let me forget this right?”

Weathern: “I’m going to send you the bill from my banehealer.”

Miguel sighs.

Weathern starts to pound his head against the desk


Meh Weathern has a plan
Step one: go home and relax
Step two: ignore the King and his requests to return
Step three: chill until King comes with flowers and chocolate asking to come back
Step four: tell him its over and slam door in front of him.
Step five: come back after he agreed to a raised, a bonus and new bigger office once he desperate.


Step six: Burn ledgers and flee to M’hidyos when Kian invades to collect their debt.


Miguel: “Alright, but as Head of the Exchequer, you’re going to have to find the money to pay for it.”


He’s one step from pulling a Milton and burning down the Exchequer Office and cackling.


Realizing he hasn’t received his paycheck might actually come as a relief. One less salary to pay.

Also now I’m imaging Havenport, Castermaine, and Tourbridge as the three main characters from that movie.

“Hello Arthur. Whaaat’s happening?”


So, for fun I decided to edit all my stats down to 5%, to see if I could survive. Here is the end result:

Sir Inept d’al Buffoon
Age: 25
Rank: Lieutenant-colonel
Wealth: 1576
Income: 40

Soldiering: 5%
Charisma: 5%
Intellect: 5%
Reputation: 37%
Health: 55%

Idealism: 27%
Ruthlessness: 47%

You are a Knight of the Red, having the right to wear bane-hardened armour and wield a bane-runed sword.

You can speak, read, and write the Antari language.

Sixth Squadron, Royal Dragoons
Senior NCO: Staff-sergeant Campos

Discipline: 57%
Morale: 46%
Loyalty: 60%
Strength: 51%

I only have one decoration: The Gryphon of Rendower.


The fact that you survive and became a Knight of the Red with those stats astound me…even Carrecourt has higher stats.


Also, fun fact: On that playthrough, I chose Cazarosta’s plan, and I didn’t volunteer to join the flanking force. There was some additional dialogue with Elson, which revealed he had connections in RTI.


Your character makes me wonder, will Cataphrak make the future games playable for a true and utter incompetent?
I mean, a true and utter incompetent who doesn’t have a rich and influential Marquess for an uncle…


Don’t forget, it’s an open secret that Hawthorne is running the war effort at home.


The trick is to always avoid stat checks whenever possible.

I only survived Blogia because Caius saved my life. Which I assume is due to the friendship boost from choosing the Salt Coast.


It will be the bloody lucky-idiot run
Edit: Luck: 100%


“You can speak, read and write the Antari language.”

I was honestly surprised that my character could even read and write the Tierran language…


The Antari language is probably Slavic, they have less characters than the Tierran language.

It’s not as good as the Roman alphabet, but we make do. Tierrans can’t probably fully read the Broadsheets until they are like 16 because of how many characters there are.



I will now never use that word.