Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Call of Duty never lets anything get in the way of set-pieces. Whether it’s history, common sense, or even their own incredibly inconsistent but generally negative views on the glorification of violence.


How do we save Marcus?


When the officer comes up saying the Highlanders are in trouble, just say “Yeah sure, here’s some guys.”

Marcus and Hartigan are the two easiest to save. Which makes sense, because both are well-trained soldiers equipped with guns and bayonets fighting against a bunch of peasants. It’s when you have a detachment of Line Infantry swarmed by an almost equally well-trained but larger force of Line Infantry (Welles) and a light infantry battalion overwhelmed by Church Hussars (Lewes) that actually poses challenges.


“I didn’t need that squadron anyway. I mean, sacrificing someone else is okay.” mumble mumble.

Antari line infantry, three battalions.


" want the money in gold crowns or banknotes?"


I mean… we don’t actually know what Cazarosta or Garret had to do in order to bail them out of trouble. We know what Welles and Lewes went through was challenging, because we were there, but we didn’t personally witness what Marcus and Hartigan were up against. All we had was a report that they were in trouble.


True. But considering Marcus and Hartigan are alive when you send your squadrons it’s presumably easier to handle compared to Welles or Lewes, considering sending only one squadron to either leads to a massacre.


I wouldn’t call it a massacre. If you make good decisions you shouldn’t lose more than 15-20% of your strength. If you have 70 Discipline, charging to save the 5th will only cost you 12%. Considering how the army as a whole lost one tenth of its strength, these numbers are not overly high by comparison.

Just don’t choose to fight the infantry on foot or to counter-charge the hussars.


At least when we went down river in Black Ops I I didn’t have to hear Fortunate Son. It gets tiring after the 900th time of hearing it.


Oh and if you have intelligence > 50 I believe. You can have the Royal Artillery concentrate the howitzer fire on the Church Hussar.

All of which makes me wonder about the reaction from Reyes, Lewes, and Sgt Sideburns part deux. Years from 2K later in some pub in Warburton… “Thought I was a goner don’t you know, but then it rained down shells on the Hussars. ‘‘Tis a most glorious sight.”


Alright, I’m going to be completely honest here.

In the past, I have stated that I ordered the artillery barrage against the Hussars because I reasoned that my Dragoons would do more damage to the infantry than the hussars, while the artillery could probably make short work of either group, so I might as well aim it at the one that would give me the hardest time.

But at the time, I did not understand how different these guns were from field cannons. So my decision was also based on the assumption that some friendlies would probably get caught in the crossfire. And at the time I decided the Experimentals were more expendable.

I’m a bad person.


Not at all, if it hit Lewes you’re doing the army a service :slight_smile:.



Why do you think Cunaris and the Royal Engineers agreed so readily.

“Maybe we can hit those upjumped baneless.”

“Good point. FIRE!”


Prince Khorobirit strats.


You have to admit that if the army was going to refer to anyone as “expendable”, the Experimental Corps is pretty high on the list.


I see experimental and I go and think to myself, “Well it doesn’t even have a proper name yet, so maybe people won’t be too mad if I let them die.”


Don’t forget their upstart officers don’t even get pay officer wages and the other foot regiments don’t like them too.


Weathern perks up.


That poor man, he needs a vacation and has to tell the King he on his own.