Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



How different was that in the British army?

The British didn’t exactly maintain a huge standing army in peacetime either, but they seem to have done less to scrap institutional experience with units above the regiment level between WWI and WWII.

Same question in regards to Canada.


I was thinking about it because I was complaining to @Verand about this in my Ultimate General: Civil War Game. I love being a Brigadier General commanding a Corps, makes me really think.

@Elfwine, the British Army was still very professional and had Field Marshals, Generals, Lieutenant-Generals, Major Generals, Brigadier Generals, and the normal ranks beneath. The problem with the US is that we had a tiny army, and if you noticed, Grant was the first proper General since Washington.


You’re given the choice on whether to save him or not at 2K.


Yeah. I recall reading for WWI that the (US) 1st Division is…pretty much “Wait, we need division level formations for this war? Fuck.” as far as having any actual plans and forget practice.


We had Major Generals commanding Corps and Divisions in the Civil War and only one Lieutenant-General commanding the whole show. That basically sums up how prepared we were to have an army of 2 million men and not have a proper army structure.


The British Army did keep a larger standing army than the US did, and a lot of its officers saw service throughout the empire (including in the Indian Army) during the wars. If anything that helped keep the British Army “sharp”.

If anything, Canada was worse off. The US Regular Army was headed by a lot of elderly generals with very old views on warfare. Most of them were forced to retire after the Louisiana Manoeuvres and a couple of turf wars over who the (mostly nominal) tank units were supposed to be controlled by. The Canadian Army didn’t have that kind of shakeup, which meant that a lot of the older generation (I wouldn’t be so discourteous to call guys like McNaughton “deadwood”) were still in place.

A Brigadier General (US Volunteers) no less. Chances are, your Commanding General’s probably a Captain in the Regulars or something.


At least I’m not a Senator pretending to know what he’s doing and promptly getting every single one of my men killed.

The best though is when my officers all go down and I have a “Captain” commanding a regiment.


Does anyone know if any new information been released regarding Burden of Command?


Have you try their website?


Didn’t know they had a website.


We’re working on a new trailer showing off some more gameplay elements right now.
The Twitter account is pretty active.


I can’t remember the name of him, but this reminds me of the guy who testified before Congress that tanks were a passing fad, and that proper horses would remain the mainstay of cavalry, though he was willing to accept having the horses transported to the battlefield in trucks. So I suppose there is that.
Have I talked about this guy before, I feel like I might have, if so, I apologize.


I’m suddenly reminded of that nonsensical scene in Black Ops II where you launch a frontal cavalry charge against tanks and helicopter gunships…


Ah the good old days of COD


That one actually kinda happened


“Many of these fighters were recruited by a Pakistani Mullah, Sufi Mohammed, who used a loudspeaker riveted onto a pickup truck which blared, “Those who die fighting for God don’t die! Those who go on jihad live forever, in paradise!”[4][26][27]”

Someone has been reading ASoIF…


Except this scene was from the Soviet-Afghanistan War.


@lokidemon007 we don’t know the definitive list of casualties in the Secret Mission playthrough, but whether or not Marcus definitely survives is through saving him at 2K.


I’m pretty sure Marcus, Hartigan, Lewes, and Welles all survive 2K if you go on the Secret Mission, and other people die instead, because the cavalry placement had to be rearranged in order to compensate for your missing Squadron. That’s what other people have said in the past, at least.

It has also been speculated that MCs who went on the secret mission won’t get to meet certain characters because of this.


True, but when has Call of Duty ever let history get in the way of a good set-piece?