Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Incredibly variably. Marcus might not even be alive in a 2K playthrough. As for Lefebvre: did you sympathize with him during the incident with the Grenadiers, and not expose his plot to Hunter? He thinks you’re alright. If you followed him to 10B and killed Aleksandra, he trusts you enough, considering you’ve both done something unspeakable for the greater good.

Neither really have a reason to overly admire the MC since they’re both war heroes and accomplished commanders in their own right, but Marcus might see you as a nice choice for a hand of Tassenwerd.


Hey y’all, does anybody know of a specific bug that would prevent importing saves from Sabres? I recently got back into the series and did a few playthroughs of both games, and then decided to do a gimmick super-stats run. I edited Sabres to give my MC enough stats to beat every check, but when I tried to save it at the end I got a pop-up saying “saveList.push is not a function”, and now I can’t save ANY new Sabres runs regardless of if they’re legit or not, and when I try to import anything into Guns, selecting the import option just leads to an empty screen. Is there something wrong with the COG servers and it was just poorly timed, or did I break something by editing my Sabres stats? Anybody else run into this or know how to fix it?


Speaking of, I came across this little tune a few days ago, to apply the point here to the American Framers:


I can only advice you to reinstall/download the untouched game file due to the fact that I don’t have much knowedge in regards to game editing.


Wait did you edit the game files or did you just change your character stats?


@Cataphrak, what would Crittenden do if the Captain of his flagship decided to try to tie him to the rigging a la Farragut?


I’m playing the Chrome browser version, I used a command in the developer tools to edit the persist_data table. Specifically, to replace the the existing entry with an identical entry except with all stats set to 80.

My process - go into the WebSQL tab of the devtools, find the database for Sabres, enter the command “update persist_data set v=’[long string of various stats and flags and values copy-pasted, with the one change being the entries for stats jacked up to around 80 each]”

Then reload the game in a new window, and everything works fine. Stat page shows the new high stats, breeze through all checks, everything seems normal except for when I get to the end and attempt to save when I get the aforementioned error. Which, like I said, is being thrown even on legit games and I also can’t import any saves into Guns.

I think a potential problem is that the very first time I tried a cheat run I accidentally let a stat creep over 100 and tried to save and maybe that broke it? Does anybody know a way to do a deep reset or whatever on the browser version to restore it to factory settings? I don’t care if I lose all my previous saves.


Ohhhh no unfortunately no clue on how to do a deep reset considering we can’t delete any save files from choice. (Its on CoG side). Basic response would be go back in and undo everything you did on your first entry, but I dont think having the stats creep over a hundred would affect it considering the second game would still reset it to 99% using fairmath


Right, but being the best in the context they existed in does not necessarily make them praiseworthy.
Using your own example of Edward VII, he might have detested the N-word, but then he was against women suffrage and Irish home rule.

This leads to situations where we have to take a moral stand on what we consider important.
Does a German WW2 commander protecting civilians above and beyond what is expected from the Geneva conventions excuse him for serving a genocidal dictator?
Or does Bomber Harris acts against that same dictator excuse his fanaticism for firebombing urban areas?

But we can still recognize both of those people’s expertise in areas. Harris’ understanding of air warfare for example.

I’m not saying that some people from history, with our modern perceptions of good and evil, can’t be seen as better than others. But rather that we always highlight what is praiseworthy, without scaling it up against what they did that was terrible, when pointing out “favourites” in certain situations. “Who is the best German commander of ww2” for example.

EDIT: Don’t know if any of that was comprehensible. It’s been a busy day, so my english suffers


I’m not sure what good it does to highlight only the praiseworthy about historical figures, especially when the praiseworthy is stuff like “winning battles” and the negative is stuff like “virulently racist even for his day”.

There are several Confederate generals whose places in talk about their day reflect the attitudes and values of the people who didn’t see the latter as a failing. I don’t think that’s a good way to understand them, their times, or where we are now.


He’d be insulted, probably. Crittenden doesn’t have vertigo.

I don’t necessarily agree. I think a person’s moral and professional triumphs should be measured up against their failures, and I especially find it grating when certain figures are lionised despite the fact that even in the context of their time, their nobler causes were championed by better people.

To return to the example of Edward VII, it’s important to point out that he was against Home Rule, and that Emily Davison literally threw herself in front of his horse at Ascot because he refused to support a woman’s right to vote, because those are valuable pieces of context which allow other people to judge Edward VII’s relative moral achievements and deficiencies, and choose to agree or disagree with me.

Historical figures should be judged in the context of history, and a given observer’s own moral worldview, but that shouldn’t be seen as the be-all end-all of moral judgments. It is better to have conflicting legacies by contested and a focus of debate than to put them entirely on a pedestal and brook no criticism.


I can agree with that, you know my views on Nelson for example.


How do we know it Marcus is still alive?


…what do you mean?


Yeah, on a purely professional level, Lord Nelson was Lord Nelson, but that doesn’t blot out his actions at Copenhagen, or his support (or at least, his failure to oppose) the slave trade.


Based on talking about the American Patriots, I’m not sure even the mostly laudable people belong as much more than “Considering that humans are mostly terrible, Lafayette can be described as merely ‘mildly disappointing’ without being unfairly negative.”

Of course, there are also places it is appropriate to say Lafayette actually did have genuinely good qualities instead of being as negative as possible about it, but “X was perfect, no one has come close to them since.” belongs in fiction.

The Whig theory of things inevitably getting better over time might be false, but we can always work on improvement.


I discovered something wonderful about Omar Bradley and understood why we couldn’t figure out how to war in the beginning.



Pretty much, and that goes all the way down too. By 1944 or so, you’ve got ROTC grads from 1940 commanding battalions, and the West Point class of '39 commanding regiments.

The Army of the United States was tremendously young, at least when it came to its field grade and many of its senior officers.


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Is it mentioned in the wrap up if he’s alive?