Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



You can never really “perfect” the relationship, you can only befriend him with charisma just enough to let him know that you can be a potential ally in some cases.

He’s a Wulframite.


Paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. Maybe occasionally supervising a drill or leading a mock charge, is what I’m also imagining. We will honestly have to wait in see.

“Perfect” implies the highest possible amount, which means taking advantage of every possible increase - including the one for being from the Salt Coast.

If you mean high enough that he gives you his “Thank you for being a better friend than I deserve” speech before Second Kharangia, I’m not sure. I’ve never managed it on a non-Salt Coast playthrough.

Quick question: dueling is obviously illegal in the Tierran army, but what if two rival officers arrange a sparring session, using wooden or blunted weapons, where they can say they are training but in reality they’re just trying to settle a personal grudge like in any other duel?


But then it wouldn’t be a real test of courage.


No, but it gives the two grown men an excuse to beat the crap of each other while proving who would be most likely to win in a real fight.


The thing with a duel is that it’s supposed to be fought with real weapons for a reason: while it’s not supposed to be a lethal fight, you’re nonetheless supposed to go in there facing a risk of death - that’s the point of the duel, so that both sides can show their courage and claim their honour vindicated.


The first step is to treat him like a human being from when you first meet him and practice with him.

The next is to not stop the exercise but save Elson or don’t and just participate.

Don’t speak in favor of Elson’s plan.

Talk to him in the dinner break and stick to small talk for a soldiering boost.

Optional: Speak to him in feast 2 questions give you a rep decrease.

Do not death charge, hold the castle and convince Wittlebrook to stay.

Observe his style of command

Forlorn Hope: either cede command to him or do joint command.

Join in on the partisan hunt and slaughter partisans with him.

Tada you now have a nearly perfect relationship with him.


I am aware of that. What I’m trying to say is that this might be the closest way to replicate that without actually breaking any rules.

Don’t forget about talking to Caz before 2K, or an idealist PC expressing his intention to make moves in the Cortes. I think wanting to stay in the army also increases it, but I’m not sure.


Thanks i did all of that except the observe/partisan hunt in GoI. I totally forgot about that. Not even the killing of all the antari prisoners in SoI ist apparently enough to convince this guy.

Anyway thanks a Lot.


Begs the question… If he fails, will he have to frag himself?


Only Cazarosta can defeat Cazarosta himself.


Debatable if cazarosta can defeat himself.


Just the same thing as they say about Napoleon Bonaparte: Only Napoleon can destroy Napoleon. A person’s own fatal flaw can be his or her doom.


it would probably end in a draw where Cazarosta dies.


Only if he feels like he has to frag himself.

If he attempts to do something, but fails, then all that means is that the Saints wanted wanted him to attempt to do something, but fail.

Thus creating the Infinite Sea equivalent of the “Hitler killed Hitler” meme.

“Cazarosta did some good things. He killed Cazarosta.”

“Yeah, but he also killed the guy who killed Cazarosta.”

“Yeah, but that guy was a murderous fanatic.”


Laughs in Russian

Too bad there wasn’t an “I win” button in Moscow.


Bonaparte’s fatal flaw was pride and being too impulsive.


A potential result of being too good at your job.


His thoughts and minds are always settled on having an Austerlitz in every of his campaign, and clever for the Russians for not giving him the opportunity to have one.


He did though, the Battle of Borindino was the perfect place to destroy the Russian army before his advance into Moscow as an effective body. Once he failed to do so, the Russians were able to destroy his supplies and force him to march back the way he marched into Russia.

In Borindino he proceeded to use his troops as battering rams to attack fixed Russian positions that caused massive casualties and it was only through the courage of his soldiery and the mortal wounding of Prince Bagration that he managed to secure the field.


But instead Borodino gave him a wound so severe that he can never fully recover.

I’d rather say is that the Russian winter combining Bonaparte’s unwillingness to withdraw is what had defeated him.

He loss nearly 50,000 men in the entire fight, Murat’s cavalry was the one taken the hardest punishment of all: The entire cavalry corps suffered over 60% casualties, on top of that Murat was nearly captured by Russians as well.