Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



@Elfwine, do you think there will be a possibility that the MC can have the chance to purchase an Oberlinder like Scimitar in the future of Lords?


I don’t think so, no. I wouldn’t say it’s utterly impossible, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Jeez, I didn’t even realise you can get another horse in Sabres. I thought only in Guns you get replacement horses. Just out of dumb curiosity, what are the known breeds in the games and how do they vary ?


Too bad then, might else we could use a few Oberlinders to help a Cunarian MC to improve the horses with Thunderer’s blood.

We know that Antar has the famous and rare Oberlinder breed, small, fast, brave and agile. Jackrum is one of the other breed, as she is a medium to heavy breed similar to a Russian Don. And they can be taken concepts from Russian horse breeds.
Thunderer is one of the many carefully breed Takaran war horses as @Cataphrak had stated that Takarans bred their horses with preciseness for all kinds of roles, from cuirassiers to dragoons to scouts. And they are most likely to be mimic the many German horse breeds


I think the only kind we get identified by breed is that Scimitar is an Oberlinder, and that Thunderer is a Takaran breed.

As for how they vary - well, some horse picks are higher (invisible variable) horseskill than others.

The rest is in the code.


Was Jackrum in Guns, I’ve forgotten since now Thunderer is my go to horse ?


You can only have Jackrum in Guns if you had Thunderer killed.

Everyone keep saying about the code, what is the code?


The game code. There’s a thread on this site about how to read it if you’re interested.


Enlighten me if you kindly pls.


This thread:


Ah, now I can finally read game codes…probably…hopefully…maybe.


My earlier post kinda got lost in the thread.
Guys, thoughts?


I don’t have thought. Or rather I have that thought, but since I don’t have money to spare so I can’t vote in it.


A few points I feel the need to raise:

  1. Cataphrak seems to be deliberately keeping that one a secret. He could have revealed it in the RTI dossier, but he didn’t. Either we will have to wait for him to reveal it to us in-game, or he never will.

  2. I vaguely recall a post stating that Cazarosta might tell us about it in the future, but I’m not sure where I might find it.

  3. I feel like it’s a pretty tall order to try and advise people which topics they should suggest. It’s $10 a month to suggest your own topic, and the opportunity to suggest a topic isn’t always presented on a monthly basis. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting your own ideas forward, just don’t be surprised or disappointed if nobody wants to ask your question.


I’d be inclined to think that either we’ll learn it in game or not at all, though that’s more based on how Cataphrak has approached what he hasn’t elaborated on with Caz and the plot in general.

Not sure what kind of context would bring it up in game though, so if it would be in Lords is heavily dependent on how much we can interact with Cazarosta there.

I’m not a ten dollar patron, but I’ve nothing against hearing other people’s suggestions for if I ever do donate at that level. I’m not always going to have an extra ten dollars in my gaming purchases budget and a question I can’t wait to ask on that level at the same time.

“More on Cazarosta please.” is always an interesting thing, though I suspect some of it we do need to wait on because - well, he’s plot significant.


It’s absolutely fine if nobody wants to ask it.
I understand I’m in no position to make such a request. As such, i apologise for the impropriety of it.

I just thought others might find my suggestion to peak their own interest in the topic. Apparently i was wrong. So I apolise again


No, you weren’t wrong to do so. It’s just that you brought it up twice, so it seemed you were pretty persistent on it. I just wanted to explain why people might not be jumping at the idea.

As @Elfwine and I stated, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with putting ideas forward.

If I was a $10 patreon, the questions I would probably ask would be something to do with Lefebvre, or the various attempts to breach/bypass the Curtain of Storms.


How about intelligence on the information of the Heavenly court of Kian’ze? You know the current emperor and his imperial family that sort.


Well i should’ve realised the reason for my post becoming invisible in plain sight.

You learn something every day😃


There are times people do overlook things, though it’s polite to not be too pushy about it.

Don’t worry about it.