Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



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Sabres Of Infinity help for the MC's unit with Fenton

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You did not call me my heart kinda of broken😭




It’s OK brother my ego is fragile. Now let getting talking about the social history of the great powers.


It won’t be permanent, It will only be until the admin resets the settings.


@Unknown_Player consider it a community patch then


Do you think that at any point we will play as our daughter/son???


In the current game or a spinoff game? either way, both possibilities i find unlikely.


Its just that since there will be around 2 more games after Lords, well are going to have an MC of 80 years???


Paul has actually said he intends for the player to be able to play as your firstborn daughter at some point, unsure if it’s supposed to be in this series or in a future spin-off though. I really hope its the latter though, personally I want to play through this story with my character and not be forced to switch to another one. Especially if it were to be through like a forced death of your PC.


each game is meant to last around 5~ years, which means we have around 20 years in-verse left.

According to WoG, the oldest we’ll go into Lords is early sixties and youngest will be late forties.


whats WoG?


@Unknown_Player War of Infinity!!! the foreshadowing is real


I do hope to continue as the son/daughter of the Mc to see the work of the first MC and how it affects the next gen


It’s short for Word Of God (Author).


Wouldn’t that mean that women are pretty much guaranteed to gain commissions? Or it will be guaranteed that society will at least be a bit more tolerant of woman being soldiers? considering that the soldiering stat would be pretty useless if the same customs were being used within her time.


Soldiering is not a stat exclusively used in combat, though - it’s as close as the game has to a “physical prowess” stat, such as being a good equestrian.


Still, Tierran society does not currently approve of woman horse riding and making military decisions.


Making miltiary decisions, no.

Horse riding? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with riding sidesaddle (hunting, say?), and riding astride isn’t so objectionable the earl of Welles’s daughter learning it seems to mark her or him as particularly outside the bounds of acceptable.

This all also apart from her emulating the cross-dressing dragoon.

…wait a minute. Did Cataphrak actually ever say “There is a female disguised as a male” dragoon there?

Or just a crossdresser?