Guns of Infinity Forlon Hope


Hello, I started playing Guns of Infinity and I’m at the section of Forlon Hope and I keep dying. My stats are 74 % int, 42 % soldiering and 23% Charisma. If you could help me I would appreciate the help.

PS: I’ve got the armor.


Try this:
Do it with Cazarosta.
Use your armor.
Find the safest way to approach the breach.
Choose “There should be a better way” when some of your men are shot.
Deal with the baneseals yourself.
If you have the runegun, deal with the cannon yourself, if you don’t send Cazarosta.
Retreat to a more defensive position.

If you still can’t do it, then it’s impossible for your character.


The thing is: I don’t have enough relationship with Cazorzta to get a joined command.


See above, my guy. Already been explained.


Then I doubt your character is able to survive the Forlorn Hope.
Your Charisma is to low to give you more man and I think you don’t have enough Moral and Loyalty to have a large number of man.
You can try this, but I think you will die regardless:
Use your armor.
Find the safest way to approach the breach.
Choose to leave the wounded men behind.
Deal with the baneseals yourself.
Personally deal with the gun crew.
Retreat to a more defensive position.


Try your best to get morale and loyalty high before the Forlorn Hope. The higher those are the more men will volunteer to join you.

If that fails you can’t do the Forlorn Hope on that character, so you will have to take part in the battle for the city proper.


The way I’ve done it:

No armor
Find a safe approach
Some other way (fallen men)
Deal with baneseals yourself
Deal with gun crew yourself (I was able to take Caz with me, sending him is the easiest)

I’m not sure this will work for you, your soldiering is pretty low. You may have to sit out Forlorn Hope and let Caz take it.


With his Soldiering, he will die without armor.


Well, thanks to everyone, even tough I could not do it. :cry::sob: