Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



That’s more a matter of if our book is worth buying than whether or not say, Viscount Hugh published something though. If your PC writes something awesome and eye catching, it could just as easily be Hugh’s memoirs that are “I’ve already read as much as I want/bought as much as I can afford.”, and (a Viscount who was in) the infantry might be rather different than the Dragoons. Different battles, different people…

Of course, given how profitable writing is in general, I wouldn’t expect any scenario to lead to this making the PC a fortune.


Given that the printing press is a thing, and with how common things like newspapers are in Tierra, I doubt the sort of well off, upper middle-class men that will make up the bulk of prospective readers are going to have much difficulty buying books if they feel inclined to.


So, how do you imagine your MCs beginning their memoirs? I already have an idea:

“This book is dedicated to former Lieutenant Carrecourt of the White Rose Lancers.”


“To Prince Mikhail of Khorobirit-this would have been a much duller book were it not for you.”


“To Davis, Harlando, and Enrique. Three better men than I.”

Arturo’s sentimental like that.


“To Lieutenant Wittelbrook, and the forty men he unwillingly provided.”

“To Lieutenant-colonel Keane, whose cowardice gave me the opportunity to once again prove my skills.”

“To the random Antari beggar lady I met in Noringia, for being there.”


To Captain Alfred d’al Montez: Without his patience with cocky Aetorian gits, this book would never have been written.

More seriously, what lovinglydull said for Arturo.


Wow, way to be a disgusting social climber for spitting on your betters.

For shame.


“This book is dedicated to Sir Caius d’al…”

Reader immediately slams the book shut and throws it into the fire, then vigorously scrubs their hands.


This book is dedicated to those brave men who served with me and only The enemies that I fought who fought me with honor. May they live and die well.


This book is dedicated to the League Congress, who, in their wisdom, gave me the opportunity to prove the valor of the Tierran soldier and the might of the Unified Kingdom!


Anyone here thinking of translating the memoirs to Antari?
Perhaps then my MC’s Antari III will be put to some use…


“To the Earl of Weathern, who valiantly staved off economic collapse in a time of utmost peril.”


“To the late Duke of Wulfram, were it not for his tactical acumen, I would’ve never been made Knight of the Red.”


To Lieutenant Colonel Alejandro d’al Neille: Without you saving my “poof-hatted, spur-wearin’ arse”, this book would be considerably shorter.


That’s a good dedication!


My expertise in the American Civil War is not granular enough to give you an informed answer to that.


Weathern would love him.

“Please don’t fire so fast, you know that roundshot costs $2.37 per discharge right?”


I can’t speak for anyone else’s view of Hunt, but major props to Hunt’s grasp of effective organization as important to artillery. Reading about him and those issues has been part of gaining a greater appreciation for having all the pieces together being part of what wins wars, not just the battlefield tactics for me.


Just imagine what would have happened in Gettysburg if Hancock didn’t interfere with him and he fired his batteries as the Rebs were forming up for Pickett’s charge.