Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



If anything he is probably the enlistedman who thinks of you least like a god. He has been your senior enlisted adviser for 12 years. He’s known the MC since he was potentially a kid.


“You haven’t disappointed me yet, k- sir.”, eh?


How does one keep Lanzerel alive during Second Kharangia?


Sacrifice one or both of the other Colonels and don’t fail any stat checks.


Who are the other Colonels again?


Hartigan and Havenport. You either need to refuse to send aid to one of them so you’ll have a second squadron with you or let the Experimentals sacrifice themselves and have high enough stats to order a second volley when facing the Hussars.


Of the two I’d try to save Havenport.


When it comes to regiments replete with quirky or downright insane officers, the list is probably something like

  • Highlanders
  • Engineers
  • Basically any cavalry

“Mister Lanzerel, I hear you served with the Baron during the war. How was it?”
“The boy started as a crazed git that got most of his men killed, and didn’t move too far from that.”


“It’s left me with some good stories though. I’ve been in so many deathmatches that my curriculum’s bigger than our debt.”


Anyone thinking we should kidnapped Lanzerel and make him our head of guard or estate manager?


The army owns his soul, him leaving without permission will make him be considered AWOL and you sheltering him will make you an accessory.


He can’t have that long left in his term. He already had a few years in service when we met him.


Twenty five year term, though. If he enlisted at eighteen (in 592), he’d still have four years as of the end of the war - and I don’t think he enlisted that early.


…how do you kidnap someone to fill a traditionally voluntary position?


“Serve me in all things or I will tell Sir Caius what we did in Noringia!”
“…you’re not good at this blackmailing business, are you sir?”
“Shut up!”

is not considered a good start in most circles.


He’s a Colour Sergeant so he probably extended his enlistment.


Their always framing him for a crime and depending on our rank get him a dishonorable discharge. And afterwards offer him a job as he leaves the regimental HQ after he been strip of rank and any awards he got.


Wow, that’s a horrible idea for just a few different reasons.


Yeah their also the whole he hurt the MC for ruining his career and life too if he found out the truth… I got the idea after watching a old show call Branded


More than just a few reasons. It’s a revolting idea!