Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



They did in 1953. If you are referring to the first convention in 1864 it is because they weren’t a party to it.


Was referring to the first, I assumed they weren’t invited ? In any event, Germany and Japan, followed by USSR (and maybe USA ? Don’t kill me people) in that order did alot of heinous crimes against humanity during WW2.


Yeah, I think so; not ideal to advocate for slaughter of civilians: it lacks empathy.


I honestly think the nuclear bombing was and still is bad. I was just referring in the context of how Japan treated the people they ruled over horrendously. That said, once again, I do not advocate use of said bombs ever.


I mean, by that point the Allies were killing Civilians in Japan on an assembly line basis. The nukes didn’t really change the moral grounds. The decision to kill civilians in firestorms had been made years earlier.


As someone fully aware of the cruelty and depravity of Ancient Rome and the horribly xenophobic nature of Roman imperialism, I’m still tempted to say the Romans had a less dim view of everyone who wasn’t Roman compared to Imperial Japan’s view of everyone who isn’t Japanese.

I mean, they had things like the foederati system, which means they clearly believed foreigners deserved to live somewhere.

While the first Geneva Convention was going on, the Tokugawa Shogunate was embroiled in civil unrest that would very quickly lead to the Boshin War. They felt they had better things to do than travel a quarter of the way across the globe to sign a slip of paper.

If they had, I doubt it would have changed anything, considering the Shogunate was abolished by the Meiji Restoration and with it pretty much all their agreements.


I started to quote each bit of your post but my reply to every section was basically “Good point!” Thanks for giving solid logic refuting me - I’m really very curious to see how this all plays out in the future books now! That’s partly the joy of it though, as other people mentioned - the ambiguity of such matters is rather wonderful, and surely much more interesting than obvious, undeniable hints.

Honestly I’d forgotten that Garret even exists in the nondisgrace version, I’d been writing thinking that he was a feature only in a disgraced Dragoon’s world. :sweat_drops:

I’m happy to help! I’m sure there is a rule with fiction like “once there is porn of it, you’d succeeded as an author.” The world of the Infinite Sea will surely be no exception in the years to come…?

Just a note on Elson’s chances of being a lady: if we distinguish the “actual likelihood” from the “how super it would be,” then the metrics are really quite different. I was recently re-reading the cavalry charge at Blogia, and it was great to be reminded of Elson’s incredible speeches at the event.

“GLORY!” he screams, as he turns his horse to face the enemy and spurs his mount forward. “GLORY FOR THE FIRST MAN TO DIE!”

If, after the fact, it was revealed that the whole time this was a lady of the aristocracy… well, that would make a very convincing case for improved gender rights in the Tierran military, to say the least. If the lords of the Tierran military and the Cortes had, let’s say, discovered Elson’s hidden gender before Blogia, s/he would have been in a whole bunch of trouble, to be sure. However, for Elson’s secret to be exposed after acting in such a fashion, with many respectable witnesses still alive to attest to the actions… surely, nobody could then deny the existence of female valour?

Point being, maybe it’s not likely, but the implications are fantastic. Here’s hoping! :tada:


Well, IIRC when asked how would Elson react to Welles proposal for female officers, Cataphrak said he’d choose one of the negative options, as he had the stats to pull them all off. I also recall that Elson has small sideburns as well.

Now unless Cataphrak was being tricky when using he, I’d prefer if Elson isn’t the female Dragoon.
There’s also this:

I certainly agree that Elson’s role in the story is not over, but I think he will not be the cross dressing Dragoon, though I’m not convinced it’s Garret either. In any case, I’m sure Cataphrak has something in plan for both Elson(pure speculation, of course) and Garret(he has hinted that Garret will play a role in Lords) regardless if one of them is the cross-dresser or not.


Instead they could just as easily use this as an example of why women are unfit for war by pointing out how easily she lost her senses in the heat of a major battle.

In regards to the “Khorobirit’s Theon” comment…

He could mean it in the sense that, after Book 2, Theon is basically gone from the series, and only ever mentioned in passing conversation. We’re then suddenly reintroduced to Theon in Book 5, and at first we don’t even recognize him because of how different his circumstances are and how much he has changed.

Or it could also be a reference to Theon’s role as a hostage. If Elson is still being held prisoner, then he might be in a similar situation.


Eesh, the ol’ straight white cis male trick eh. Those bastards never know when to stop!


It’s easier to justify it since they weren’t white- being perfectly honest. The Japanese were a “civilised oriental.” The problem is the term Oriental, not to mention large-spread antipathy and racism towards the Japanese for launching Pearl Harbor.

Perfect storm to test if our people care if we firebomb them.


By the time the 20th Air Force got to the Japanese mainland, a lot of Germany had been set on fire (Dresden, Hamburg etc.) So i don’t know if you could blame it on racism. (that played a much larger role in American relations with Japan leading up to the actual war).

The U.S. at Dugway didn’t build “Japanese Village” and “German Village” to test the effect of bombs on industrial sites or resource depots. Nope, that explosives testing ground was to see how payloads were to differ depending on whether you wanted burn German or Japanese civilians to death.


Dear god I just had a possibly terrible idea that sounds awesome to me. I now want a Tally Ho game set in the infiniverse.

I so want to play as John St. Claire, the finest batman in the RTA assigned to the most cloudkookoolander officer in the RTA.

Edit: someone call Gower


You know, you might be on to something…did @Cataphrak mention we can hire Marion to be our butler after the war ?


Hm, I’d much rather Lanzerel on my house staff - a kind of jack-of-all-trades combat butler - he’ll serve you tea and he’ll wield a shotgun with style!


Yeah but people got angry at Dresden for instance. Most people didn’t talk about or cover the firebombing of Tokyo.


I don’t think Lanzeral has much experience as a butler. Marion (and presumably Fenton) do.

On a side note, if you want an example of a female showing off martial valour, look no further than the First Battle of Kharangia, where an Antari peasant woman bashed a Kentuari Ensign’s head in with a table leg. She’s the true hero of this story.


How does Lanzarel see out PC? Like after we tell the men we wish them well, take renard as our spuire, and when Lanzarel is promoted to color sergeant while we rank up to Lt colonel, how does he see us? Like a god?


Depends on your loyalty stat.

Though even your loyalty is low, I would imagine there’s still some respect in there after all you’ve been through.


A PC with exceptional loyalty from his men, high reputation, etc. is probably a guy your men (Lanzerel or any of the other sergeants too) will talk about being proud to serve, but Samwise Gamgee to Frodo Baggins is probably nearer than anything like worship.