Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



Letting people purchase commissions made some degree of sense in the era that it was done in, especially when there are no military academies training professional officers as if they were clerks.

Someone else can cover the Intendancy, but I do want to say that the idea that obviously officers should obviously be selected purely on the basis of academic merit based on institutions that don’t exist…

I suppose in the Infinite Sea there’s Takara’s and Kian’s examples, but in the Northern kingdoms? Purchase is a step up from the alternatives of that cultural context.

When 90% of what is expected of an officer is to be brave, authoritative, and able to bear the expenses of his rank (which may very well including covering part of the cost of the unit in question), the idea that the best officers are (description of Sandoral goes here) is going to take a bit of work to getting going.

I’m not saying I wholly support it - but if I had to choose between “commissions are available for purchase” and “military rank will be based on social rank. Say hello to Lord Lieutenant Colonel Renard d’al Findlay.” (instead of merely Lord Lieutenant Renard d’al Findlay), I’d go for the former so fast it’s scary.


The Intendancy only operates in Aetoria so that’s why it works like it does still.


And Cunaris.

I also think it was stated that they are supposed to operate in some of the Earldoms, but they can’t even do that.


According to history, local control of said metals would be even worse after a few decades. Spain says hi… Admittedly, Spain was in the peculiar position of using said metals to fund an empire while being managed worse than Donald Trump’s businesses.

On the other hand, the problem with shifting Tierra to greenbacks is that the nobility and merchants of Tierra and the foreign states that Tierra trades with are not going to trust in the stability of the House of Rendower and its ability to honor its debts. And, of course, Kian and Takaran advisors to their friends and allies will be suggesting that this experiment is doomed to fail and nobody should take this new currency - I don’t think II even has to intervene straight-up.


That’s why you have a reserve currency established. The reserve currency of the world is the US dollar so what you do is you go and purchase currency from Takara and Kian and use it to help convince people to trade with you because you have their currency on hand.

The next step is to ensure that Weathern is the one deciding economic policy and pin it on him and his successor. That way, it’s on the treasury to ensure that stable monetary policy is followed.


I wouldn’t say that. It took the Habsburgs 80 years to reach their fifth bankruptcy, and even Spain paid its contractors sometimes.

Pretty much. For a fiat currency to work, you need a strong and stable central state, something which Tierra definitively lacks.


I love these conversations about fiat currency so much and I’m not kidding. It seems like though to Miguel really wants to go and use the situation of the war to centralize power. I think he’s also looking up the shore up support of the lower nobility to do so and under in minding their sworn lords/dukea. Hell maybe we can pull a Bismarck.


I have a feeling that Spain had a distinct problem considering that the Crown of Castile composed 2 other kingdoms each with a cortes and their own distinct dialects. Must make administration difficult even at home eh?

Spain’s biggest issue has always been the fact that they were never fully able to create a “Spanish” Spanish state. They always were divided along the many old Spanish kingdoms who had their own culture and histories that the Spanish monarchs were never able to successfully forge into an all encompassing culture.

But honestly, they should just pull an America and establish the Federal Reserve system that basically controls the distribution of gold and silver that gets loaned out to smaller banks.

Over my cold dead body!"- Wulfram.


If you don’t mind me asking, why was Spain different than say - England- in that regard?

I’d say France, but I know “what was Gaul was under the Franks” was more stable than the idea of one king for (most of) the Iberian peninsula, which seems to have basically not had that for the centuries other places formed (or didn’t) untied kingdoms. I do know England is several kingdoms being brought together (Wessex, Mercia, etc.) though.

“That can be arranged.”
-6 Stability etc.


The biggest thing that happened to the English was when these people called the Normans came in with their French inspired system of government and William the Conqueror came in and tore down castles and the like and began to centralise power under the monarchy. He also brought with him a bunch of Normans who began to infiltrate the English nobility and people and the Normans also arrived in Ireland and Scotland and began to assimilate that way too. England’s centralisation was a purely Norman invention and the trend continued as Parliament began to assume more powers gradually over time.


Whereas Spain is just a personal union of Castie-Leon and Aragon (itself something of “a personal union of Aragon and Barcelona” if I remember my reading correctly) for quite a while, isn’t it?

That only addresses the political parts, but the cultural bits are easier to get.


Okay! So the Crown of Castile consists of the Kingdom of Leon, Castile and Galicia and the Principality of Asturias.

The Crown of Aragon consisted of the Kingdom of Aragon, Barcelona, and Naples.

Isn’t that super fun? All of them had their own Cortes and administrations that the monarch had to try to find their way through and it really was a pain in the arse.

The best part is they then had to try to administer the colonial Empire after all of this and now you can understand why the Spanish had a hard time figuring out how to do anything.


You don’t have to be that centralisied. I mean look at the EU or modern Spain even.


From what I’ve heard, neither of those are in the best shape right now…


But they are both without a doubt a centralized economies with a common currency, fiscal policy, and central bank…

Economies aren’t always going to do well after all…


Still, as it currently stands, Tierra is unreasonably decentralized, to the point where many duchies have completely different systems of taxations. Making a decree like: “All tax systems at the ducal level must imitate Wulfram” or “All tax systems at the ducal level will merge with the Intendancy” would spark fury throughout several areas. Even if they are completely reasonable actions to take, they are in clear violation of the oath, and many regions appear to take pride in having a system that is inconsistent with the rest of the country.


Completely reasonable is subjective, and I say this as someone who thinks decentralization is a necessary evil at best.

I’m not aware of any country in European history that has made a drastic change to its tax systems by fiat without discontent, no matter how justifiable that change might be from “What would be good for our country as an independent power?”


And 10% of the population didn’t pay taxes, including the entire population of the Basque Country.


Sounds a lot like the EU and modern Spain…


And then there’s the point where you try to impose any kind of governance or regular taxation on Kentaur. As Cataphrak pointed out in his patreon, taxation in Kentaur is done by raiding.