Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



Evil! Killing a friend & blaming it on other friend? I can imagine RTI shrugging it of as just another day at office. :joy:

How about the prospects of our MC surviving in the event of an attempt on his life? Low or non existent?


Depends far too much on the PC in question. “-50 health” would be fatal to some PCs, merely awful for others.


If Talbott was a cat, Caz just kill him claiming heretic or toss him some fish


Has this entire series not so far been about people making an attempt on our lives?

Granted, the setting in the next game will be very different, but some MCs have a lower soldiering stat than paper mache, while others are almost unbeatable. Also, it’s not just the stats that matter, but also the circumstances to which those stats might be applied.


I suspect the most significant thing - as ever - in whether or not the PC survives is going to be:

Plain and simple, there are ways to play that will make it very easy for your enemies to destroy you (some of which include being merciful enough* to settling for killing you) and there are ways that will make it very unlikely even those most hostile to the PC will directly act to cause his demise, though they might seek to keep him in check.

  • Never knew there were worse things than dying does not apply to social agonies, though it might surprise some players even if the character knows how you can ruin someone’s life without spilling a drop of blood.


This how my MC ends Guns. I think low soldiering & even lower health is a cause for comcern then :thinking:


55 Soldiering is pretty solid numbers, actually.

Don’t forget that “won’t have trouble with most things” is 45 or less. Most interesting things (fighting a half dozen singlehandedly using just your sabre and pistol, say), not so much, but 35-45 is a decent “I’m okay.” score for just making it through to envy better people.

Healthwise…well, we’ll see. But it’s not terrible just yet.

Unless you plan on defending people from cannonfire by taking it on the chest or something, obviously.


I think if our MC decides to stay in army then he’ll get some more opportunities to hone his soldiering skills. Also, Caz being there as well would definitely help if you both are on friendly terms.

Health wise i don’t think it’s gonna improve. Not even by a single digit, after our MC returns home. You know, on account of him getting home & resting his already healing wounds to full recovery & thus increasing health a bit.

I’m assuming the banehealers we had access to in Antar were the best & scope of our MC going to a renowned banehealer in Tierra to increase health is nill. So considering all things, the health stat i think is a permanent stat as it was in Guns coming from Sabres & as it will be in Lords coming from Guns.


I agree on Health, but I’m not sure on Soldiering. Chances to sharpen personal stats were mostly in Sabres, after all.


Not even if our MC choose to stay in army at end of war in Guns?
What else is gonna do other than play Tassenwerd or Kian chess?

You don’t think that family debt plot would hog all the free time of our MC in Lords, significant time maybe but all the time?
Family debt, Cortes plots would still allow some free time to hone his skills.

Also, with war over do you think that our MC not doing all things that kept his soldiering stable, would lead to a drop in his soldering in Lords?


I don’t think you’re going to be given much to justify raising personal stats in Lords, but that’s dependent on how Cataphrak sees this - as I recall he thinks the PC has already pretty much as good as he’s going to be - we’re not spoiled for opportunities to raise Soldiering in Guns, even when the PC has free time, either.

As for stat decline, I think that’s just from aging.


Is the may update out yet?

What I just wrote makes me sound like an entitled teenager.

Never mind I got over it.


Hi is there any way to get the “perfect” relationship stats for Cazarosta without being from the saltcoast?
The tactical genius can get it and he ist from Warburton.
I asked the same question in the old thread and i though cataphrak wanted to change it. Or am i wrong?


You can never really “perfect” the relationship, you can only befriend him with charisma just enough to let him know that you can be a potential ally in some cases.

He’s a Wulframite.


Paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. Maybe occasionally supervising a drill or leading a mock charge, is what I’m also imagining. We will honestly have to wait in see.

“Perfect” implies the highest possible amount, which means taking advantage of every possible increase - including the one for being from the Salt Coast.

If you mean high enough that he gives you his “Thank you for being a better friend than I deserve” speech before Second Kharangia, I’m not sure. I’ve never managed it on a non-Salt Coast playthrough.

Quick question: dueling is obviously illegal in the Tierran army, but what if two rival officers arrange a sparring session, using wooden or blunted weapons, where they can say they are training but in reality they’re just trying to settle a personal grudge like in any other duel?


But then it wouldn’t be a real test of courage.


No, but it gives the two grown men an excuse to beat the crap of each other while proving who would be most likely to win in a real fight.


The thing with a duel is that it’s supposed to be fought with real weapons for a reason: while it’s not supposed to be a lethal fight, you’re nonetheless supposed to go in there facing a risk of death - that’s the point of the duel, so that both sides can show their courage and claim their honour vindicated.


The first step is to treat him like a human being from when you first meet him and practice with him.

The next is to not stop the exercise but save Elson or don’t and just participate.

Don’t speak in favor of Elson’s plan.

Talk to him in the dinner break and stick to small talk for a soldiering boost.

Optional: Speak to him in feast 2 questions give you a rep decrease.

Do not death charge, hold the castle and convince Wittlebrook to stay.

Observe his style of command

Forlorn Hope: either cede command to him or do joint command.

Join in on the partisan hunt and slaughter partisans with him.

Tada you now have a nearly perfect relationship with him.


I am aware of that. What I’m trying to say is that this might be the closest way to replicate that without actually breaking any rules.

Don’t forget about talking to Caz before 2K, or an idealist PC expressing his intention to make moves in the Cortes. I think wanting to stay in the army also increases it, but I’m not sure.