Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



So Caz has Gryphon of Rendower bar as well.
Cross of Saint Jerome is what differentiates our (Hero) MC medal wise from Caz then. Hmm :thinking:


One thing worth to remind: The Cross of Saint Jerome can only be awarded for naval actions, and during boarding actions.


A thought just occurred to me.

Cazarosta’s belief that free will is an illusion does not actually restrict his freedom.

Instead, it grants him unlimited freedom, because it means everything he does, for either good or ill, can just be hand-waved as “The Will of the Saints.” He believes there is nothing he can do to change his fate, which makes him able to do whatever he wants because, in his mind, if the Saints didn’t want him to do something then he wouldn’t be able to do it.


It is an empathy-lacking affection starved adolescent’s way of rationalizing an irrational and absurd world.

Especially given how he describes the Saints speaking to him.


With that incident in church with statue defacing & this, I am beginning to think that Caz is somewhat of a religious fanatic. Or is he just a deeply religious person?


Talk to him at Wulfram’s reception.

And again before Second Kharangia, if you have a really high relationship with him (take the Salt Coast background, and do everything he approves of.)

Those two scenes basically outline his entire philosophy. He is a fanatic through and through.


OMG now you made him more dangerous, he won’t even hesitate to kill the MC and think its right to do so. Why can’t a saint just come back and have a chat with him.


I don’t think he’d kill the PC unless he had what in his head was a good and valid reason to do so. Caz seems to regard killing as a not especially pleasant means to an end.

If he can achieve that end through insulting you to your face treating you like hoo-mans treat hoo-man friends, he’ll do that.

It’s just that if he can’t through that means, he will have no moral problem escalating to violence.


Saint Talbott speaking to Cazarosta in the form of a cat:



The Saints will not answer to anyone very easily, as God will not directly get close to us unless we show that we are willing to be close to him.

Saint Talbot’s still angry with Saint Jerome’s prank on his House.


I’m more intrigued by threat to Caz’s life seeing as he may soon find himself in crosshairs of RTI.
(Based on RTI dossier on him ofcourse)


He could just as easily become the crosshairs…


RTI is interestingly of two minds about him, aren’t they?


Now wouldn’t that be a scene to read!
Imagine our Mc & caz (if they are friends) are out on road walking & get jumped by a bunch of trained agents.
The resulting fight would be epic!


Barithorne: Watch him!
Warburton: Use him!
[REDACTED]: Just decide already!

Why would they risk open confrontation? Would make more sense to slip poison into our drink, or push us down a flight of stairs.


Yup, and it could swing either way. Another interesting thing to look forward to!


Poisoning? Can Caz even prevent it? He may survive it though. Seeing as he is hard to kill


If I was in RTI and wanting to get rid of the PC for being friendly to Caz, finding a way to frame it as Cazarosta causing their death appeals to my sense of twistedness.


I’m sure Salt Coasters mix a bit of poison into every drink just to toughen up the immune system.


Or they are slightly more immune to poison than the rest of the Tierrans as they are the toughest folks within the nation itself. How about we say is that the reason why Salt Coasters are so tough is because dosing themselves with poison in many occasions?