Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



It’ll last a couple days. The main problem is that blood left out in the open rots. If you preserve it in a sealed jar or something, it lasts a bit longer.


Can’t disagree with you on that one, really. And I think I started to have a clearer picture on the horses: Thunderer is based on the German Hanoverian, Scimitar and the Oberlinder breeds are very much based on the Russian Tersk and Karachay horse. And Jackrum? quite a bit on the Russian Don as she’s a medium to heavy horse.


no, thunderer is the best out of all horses you can gain.


The biggest problem with getting scimitar is opportunity cost. There aren’t many places to lose your orininal horse, and when you do it generally means you failed a task prior to. The only occasion I know of is the outpost relief. I believe scimitar is therefore mutually exclusive with the runegun.


Do you guys think that Scimitar had eventually end up being Caz’s horse? Both horses are stallions, both are being described as tout looking and both are grey in colour.


Unless picking Scimitar changes the appearance of Cazarosta’s horse, there is nothing concrete to support this.


I was just assuming, afterall Caz knows which is the best, so he in my point of view will know that he should go for Antari Oberlinder breeds. Heaven’s sake!! Caz basically had everything which is from Antar if so: An Antari baneforged guardless sabre and then an Antari horse.

@Cataphrak, will we see the possibilities that the MC to have the chance to purchase foreign horses in Lords, besides of just having their faithful steeds with them?


And the Antari have a lot of horses. What are the odds that he would end up with Scimitar?

The Tierrans wouldn’t give him what he needed or wanted, so he had to murder the Antari for it.


That is exactly my point. He took that sabre from an Antari banelord as a trophy.


Hello, people.

It’s been a while since I was here in the thread (or should I say, in the other thread), and I came back to tell an interesting story.

I was watching a documentary on the Civil War and a historian commented that, after a skirmish with the Union Army, General Jackson had a courier with him, and he asked “Oh, where is Lt. Soandso?” and then an officer mentioned that he was killed a few hours ago, to which Jackson answered “Very commendable, very commendable” and then just took him out of his mind, I suppose. It’s a ruthless anecdote, and I couldn’t help but think a bit of Cazarosta.


Interesting anecdote.

There does seem to be a certain similarity in their eccentricities, though I think Cazarosta has learned how to act like he can do charming better than Jackson ever did (on the other hand, “act like” is a far more appropriate word than anything about Jackson and his social interactions).


How do we lose the initial horse?


Jukka covered it here.


@Elfwine, do you think there will be a possibility that the MC can have the chance to purchase an Oberlinder like Scimitar in the future of Lords?


I don’t think so, no. I wouldn’t say it’s utterly impossible, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Jeez, I didn’t even realise you can get another horse in Sabres. I thought only in Guns you get replacement horses. Just out of dumb curiosity, what are the known breeds in the games and how do they vary ?


Too bad then, might else we could use a few Oberlinders to help a Cunarian MC to improve the horses with Thunderer’s blood.

We know that Antar has the famous and rare Oberlinder breed, small, fast, brave and agile. Jackrum is one of the other breed, as she is a medium to heavy breed similar to a Russian Don. And they can be taken concepts from Russian horse breeds.
Thunderer is one of the many carefully breed Takaran war horses as @Cataphrak had stated that Takarans bred their horses with preciseness for all kinds of roles, from cuirassiers to dragoons to scouts. And they are most likely to be mimic the many German horse breeds


I think the only kind we get identified by breed is that Scimitar is an Oberlinder, and that Thunderer is a Takaran breed.

As for how they vary - well, some horse picks are higher (invisible variable) horseskill than others.

The rest is in the code.


Was Jackrum in Guns, I’ve forgotten since now Thunderer is my go to horse ?


You can only have Jackrum in Guns if you had Thunderer killed.

Everyone keep saying about the code, what is the code?