Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



You guys are talking about the latest page of the soldier’s guide about banecasting aren’t you?


That makes sense, as it has to be fresh so that it still has a connection to the Bane. But that would mean that the parchment and wax also have to be fresh, right? Or maybe they can treat it in a way that helps to preserve its connection?

Definitely, but of all the ways that serfs are treated terribly in Antar, there has never even been a hint of them being used as human resources. If so, then we are starting to merge with CoX.

But yeah, this is something that I think we need @cataphrak to answer. Maybe this will be something that will be covered in a future Patreon article (A Guide to Everyday Banecasting)?


Not exactly, the latest page is about how banehardened plate and baneruned weaponry are made. @unoriginal_username was commenting about the materials that are used for making baneseals.


Well, one recipe is still unsure: Blood. Which we still don’t know the source of the blood.


Sort of see them doing that now, filling a lake of serf blood and bane casters on the edge chanting their magic at the wall.


@unoriginal_username, isn’t that there’s a horse by the name of “Scimitar”? Any descriptions of the horse? 'cause I’ve never encounter that horse.


Completely off topic, but how did old Lieutenant-colonel Marras get his Gryphon of Rendower? I recall that he did something extremely foolhardy, but other than that I haven’t seen anything detailing what he did, only vague hints.


Guys! I think I need to call a mayday for this: How can I make the unit stats reasonable while I had the stats that allows me to obtain Scimitar?


@Murdockchan I havent heard of scimitar, please do explain more


I don’t know how he got it the first time, but he got the bar for rescuing Cunaris at Blogia, not that he was around to receive it anyway


Scimitar is a horse you can get if you lose your initial one in Sabres:

a taut-looking stallion, fifteen hands high, in a coat of iron grey. Your man tells you that the horse, by the name of “Scimitar,” is one of the rare Oberlinder breed, a line famous for its light cavalry mounts.


And truth is that Jackrum although is Antari breed is not the legendary Oberlinders, and I’m still trying to have Scimitar while having the reasonable stats for my unit.


If you are cavalry reserve duty at Fort Kharan, stage a diversion, and your horse is not the top two that you can buy in Noringia, then you will lose the horse. After that, you will have to get a new horse, and will again be able to choose from a variety of breeds.


I think that “clouding your judgment” has a subjective definition, which could be massaged to refer to any action which involves risk in the name of fulfilling those ambitions. From your own perspective, ambition can’t obscure your judgment, it can only play a part in comprising it.

You don’t need that much blood (a pricked finger will do the trick in a pinch), thankfully. Antari banecasters will generally use their own, since they consider it more potent and more “pure” than that of a serf or a freeholder.

Hunter (like most Tierrans) is a bit less discerning. Blood is blood, and he got his from a surgeon.


Just buy Scimitar if you get the chance.

“reasonable stats for your unit” is mostly independent of your horse or even this chapter.


Can the blood (As well as parchment and wax) only keep for a certain amount of time, and then it can no longer be used for a casting?


Problem is what is the best stats of obtaining Scimitar? And do you have yours to give as an advice? I’ll have to admit that it’s tempting not to have Scimitar as he’s faster than Thunderer and tougher. After all, it’s a difference between having Porsche and a Range Rover


That was my advice. “If the opportunity comes up, buy Scimitar and don’t worry about it.”

If you say so. I’ve never seen anything objectionable about Thunderer.


But I also have to strike a balance of having that Oberlinder and the conditions of the troop of my command. What are your stats by the end if you had Scimitar? Or otherwise I’ll stick to Thunderer for the sequel


Probably pretty much the same as if you don’t?

Given that the “maximize personal stats walkthrough” assumes you take the runegun, so the impact of Campos having it isn’t there, I think you can judge that on your own.

It’s kind of coming off as “Tell me exactly how to play to get exactly the kind of character I want” and that kind of defeats the purpose of this being your choices and your priorities, IMO. Especially when the advice you got is already “Don’t worry about it, it won’t radically change your unit stats.”