Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



As @cataphrak points out you don’t need to look too far back to find a time in Western history where talking about wartime experience frankly was considered vulgar in our own society.

Many people from the WWII generation are a little stupified by all the attention paid to wartime experience now. “Everyone just did what they were told until we beat the Nazis. Now let’s talk about something more pleasant, like my grandchildren.”


Ooh that what wife’s mother’s sisters family and friend seeing their shattered scared broken family men of their household in the ten fold. The price of Empire cost blooded. All those men that die in our command lived a life.


What really confuses me is which one is the original one: Whether is “When Johnny comes marching home” the original one or “Johnny I hardly knew ye”.


“Grandpa, tell me about the time you coralled dozens of people in a camp and then set it on fire” would definitely make for an awkward inquiry.

On a more serious note, I come from a military family, and war stories are rarely shared even between family members, let alone with strangers. And that includes my very boisterous Marine Corps uncle. If Americans (who are both a very boisterous lot and also use many things traditionally considered part of “etiquette” and “propriety” as toilet paper) can have reservations, what does it say about a society that is so hard-up on propriety that women sitting at a desk writing reports is too bloody and horiffic a business?


So even when it comes to family members, they will intend to keep it as a secret, never to be spoken out casually?


I don’t know which song came first, but does it particularly matter?

@lovinglydull Does that include stuff like “That time we captured a hundred Germans using nothing but knives and a few tin cans they thought were grenades?” stories, or are even those pretty rare?

Just wondering, as none of my living relatives were war veterans (well, I think dad’s brother was still alive when I was really young, but out of state and out of contact - and we’re talking like “four or younger” really young).


To everyone in this thread? No. But to me? Just hoping to identify which is which.


My maternal grandfather (before his death) was a Vietnam veteran who manned a PT boat, and both my maternal uncles (one Navy, one Marines) are veterans of the Gulf Wars. It’s telling that Marine Uncle, who will often tell tongue-in-cheek and quite obviously exagerrated stories of his time as a security officer in Kuwait, is very frank when it comes to the actual war he fought in.

@Murdockchan “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” was published four years before “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya” so the latter seems to be a fairly straightforward parody/deconstruction of the former.


My dad’ father was in Vietnam too, Marine and fought three or four tours I think before he came home. His toughest moment was the Tet offensive he say and he very much like his dad respects Asians.

Maybe its the genes or something but the men in my family who service in the military don’t seem to have a problem talking about their experiences.


He was in the Tet offensive holy hell! If am not rude by asking did have any house to house experience or was he out in the country when it happen?


He and his unit were on leave when the attack happened. They were along the first guys to be sent in the cities. So yeah house to house fighting, he was in the 5th marines and I think in the battle of Hue too


That’s crazy he seen some of the most intense action during the war.:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:


Can someone send me the code for Chapter 10B, 5 (Forlorn Hope), and chapter 8?


Okay, so do you guys think that we’ll come into info. in Lords as to what excatly Cazarosta did in Sabres that earned him a promotion to lieutenant & a Gryphon of Rendower against the wishes of Grenadier square.
I know he earned a bar for his gryphon while leading the forlorn hope with my MC & @cataphrak already said that he did something exceptional that forced Grenadier squares hands

Alternatively if that info. is something that’s unlikely to make it to Lords, would you guys who are Patreon subscribers might consider voting this in there?


I think that “clouding your judgment” is different from having ambition.

Having a desire to climb the ranks is praiseworthy. But what happens when you take a militarily-unsound action because it will gain you greater personal glory? When you fail to support - or even sabotage - your superior or co-worker because you know he’ll take the heat for his failure and make room for you?

Menzoberranzan is not a functional society, is what I’m saying.


I have some questions, based on a disturbing thought that occurred to me the other day.

In Antar, is it a common practice for banecasters to quite literally bleed their serfs dry when they are in need of baneseals?

And is there are a market for that sort of thing? Are there non-banecasting Antari lords who effectively use their serfs as cattle to produce more baneseals, which they then sell to the banecasters? If there is, do they also export these baneseals to other kingdoms?

Additionally, which is more lucrative? Selling a live serf, or using all of that serf’s blood to produce baneseals? I would imagine it’s more efficient to only take some of that serf’s blood and wait for his body to produce more, but let’s assume an Antari lord needs money now.

Where did Hunter get the blood for his baneseals? I’m assuming from the local animal population, but I’m wondering if the truth might actually be a bit darker.

Do farmers throughout the human kingdoms set aside their animals’ blood so they can sell it?

Is all blood equally effective in a baneseal? Or are some animal/human bloods stronger than others?

Lastly, what laws and regulations does Tierra have regarding the use of human blood in baneseals?


It’s all fun and games until the Antari Princes invade the Golden City…


Yeah, I was actually thinking of Dragon Age when I asked that question.

I wonder if the Antari have ever tried to tear down the Curtain of Storms with a massive banecast fueled by the blood of thousands of serfs…


That is a disturbing implication, but I always assumed it was from animals. Hunter used parchment, wax, and blood for his Baneseals, Banerunes use oil, and I assumed that all of that came from animal and/or plant products, as they never reference any of the materials coming from people throughout the series.

You probably could substitute all of those ingredients with ones from a person (And they might do that if the situation is desperate), but you are already butchering animals for their meat, skin, and blood, harvesting beehives for their wax, and plants for their oil.


The problem is that I believe the glossary stated the blood had to be fresh. To me this suggests it had to come from the local area. Though it is odd that we are able to hold onto the excess baneseals for several weeks and still sell them on the black market.

While it is possible that the Tierrans could get enough blood by hunting animals or taking/purchasing livestock from the local Antari farms, I’m wondering if they were ever desperate enough to start taking blood from the corpses of fallen enemies.

Though to be honest, I’m more concerned in the baneseal market of Antar. I’m sure Tierra is satisfied with simply taking baneseal blood from cattle (which is why those questions came last), but in Antar, serfs basically are cattle.