Guns of Infinity(Continuation)



Well her father was taken by the war rather than old age, and her father was in his 40s, still had the life behind him. So somehow we can’t blame her.


My biggest thing is the fact that I find it odd that a good deal of modern (again, mostly Western) narratives push ideals of determination and reaching for your dreams. But if your dream is to seek a position of leadership in order to effect change on society, whether it’s positive or negative, that’s evil and you should be ashamed.

@Lotus Voted, although I’m not sure how much my vote will affect things. I did notice how my suggestion ® was rephrased.

I’ll probably do a Fledgeling Realms suggestion, if my topic ever clears. Paul is running out of letters, and the other topics looks anemic by comparison.


Well if there is at any point in Lords an option to talk about MC’s war experience with his family that would be an interesting experience both for us playing and Character development wise for our MC.

If there isn’t, then consider this - that our MC has several opportunities to pen his memoirs in Guns. If you chose to pen them & subsequently managed to get them published (daunting process i bet) in Lords, well that would certainly let everybody who bothers to read (a hero’s war memoirs? Maybe?) them know what MC experienced in Antar, how he experienced the war there, what he learnt from the war. Basically, the bulk of it. Barring ofcourse few expeirences he wouldn’t want to talk about or won’t be at liberty to disclose. I mean events of Chapter 10A would be off limits (unless MC chooses to talk about that experience in a roundabout way without actually disclosing anything of note) or RTI would like to have some… Words, with our MC.

TL:DR Our MC would have the option of letting the Tierran society in general & our family in particular, his war experience in Antar



You picked up another vote this morning from me. You might want to think about Trade and Commerce or Tierra and it’s Ethnic History in the future.


Because it concerns the family legacy.

He ain’t gonna talk about his feeling but what he did so they know and won’t get surprised.

Plus your telling me nobody is gonna ask a war hero mc to tell tales about the war?


I don’t think getting them published will actually be that hard, if we have a good enough reputation to make us stand out from other officers with the same idea, and we should probably have either high enough intellect to make them insightful, or enough charisma to make them entertaining.

The real problem seems to just be finding enough time to actually write them.


Yeah, I could probably make a better job arguing why that might make sense if I wasn’t at best ambivalent. It’s not a clear message to be sure.


Of course. If you seek social and economic advancement in the accepted avenues, you’re just following the rules the western capitalist system has established as “normal”. If you seek power for the sake of actually changing those rules, then you’re no longer a “player”, you’re a “cheater”.

Generally speaking, people have a very hard time talking to others about their traumatic experiences because talking about them means reliving them. That’s why so many people with conflict-imposed PTSD don’t “talk about the war”, and a lot of the ones who do talk frankly about it are seen as sociopaths because most of us in the civilian world can’t really grasp the thought that people can do the things they say they did to other people and fundamentally be “okay” with it.

That’s why, for example, there’s so little presence in the popular consciousness of “petty” war crimes (a village here, a couple of mouthy prisoners there…) all the way up until the 1960s, when mass media evolved to a point where hiding that sort of thing becomes impossible.


Well i suppose you are right. But I can think of one ‘SIR DANIEL D’AL LEFEBVRE’ who may throw hurdles (depending on your choices of course).

Also one ‘LORD MARCEL D’AL CARRECORT’ may also would have ample time to run interference in the process (unless your choices gets him killed at Blogia)

Furthermore, i don’t know how getting your memoirs pulished works in Tierra. What kind of efforts, resources would one have to put in to make it a reality. Maybe @cataphrak can enlighten us here


I really don’t see how either of them can stop us, though.

They can tell their friends not to buy our book, or claim we fabricated parts of the story, but I think that’s about it. Unless they have strong connections to every major publishing company, I don’t see how they can block us completely.

RTI might be a hurdle if we went on the secret mission, but I honestly don’t see why anyone else would go out of their way to stop us. If we badmouth them, people might not even believe us since they are both of higher birth.


Agreed. They may not be able to stop our MC’s efforts but they can make it a bit hard for him going forward.


I don’t know if that’ll necessarily make it harder to publish, though. It’s more likely to just cut into our profits or maybe reduce our reputation.

Keep in mind that neither Carrecourt’s or Lefebvre’s lives revolve around us. The only reason they might have to stop our memoirs is if we deliberately badmouth them. It’s also worth noting that they’ll only find out about our memoirs after we have already published them, because it’s not like they’re spying on us.

We can probably gloss over Lefebvre’s crimes, but for Carrecourt we will either have to leave him out completely (saying something along the lines of “I was on reserve duty for a year, nothing of note happened”), or downplay his incompetence (which will make both our usurpation of his command and his subsequent dismissal from service appear less justified, reflecting poorly on us.)

I don’t know how in-depth Cataphrak will go into our individual customization of the memoirs, but it’s something to think about.


I was thinking along the lines of them grinding thier axe against our MC when such time came. Not necessarily because MC put something bad about them in his memoirs.

Also, does our MC even have control over what goes into his memoirs & what doesn’t?


Our cynicism/idealism stat has an effect on the overall tone.

As for further customization, we don’t know yet. However, I do recall asking Cataphrak if we will have the option to downplay crimes and portray ourselves in a more favorable light, and I think he said yes. This was a long time ago though, so I might be misremembering.


I don’t know about Lefebvre, but I don’t think Carrecort is going to be able to do much unless you have a poor reputation in the areas that listen to him.

He’s not a big war hero, he’s not a major political figure as I recall, and he’s not directly connected to anyone who is either.

Lefebvre, on the other hand…

That’s not to say he’s purely irrelevant, but Carrecort doesn’t seem someone Cataphrak wants to make a major character except to make the life of people who take him too seriously difficult.


Guys, what are the chances do you think that in this series will have a guy like Bob Dylan? Writing songs or spreading messages of anti-war?


Like this dude LOL


If you guys don’t realize it or not. We’re playing a game to get as much “posh” distinction as possible. Or war hero status and military rank is only a temporary boost. We need to gain offices So we gain so,e power to convert into badges of honor and glory. We could possibly become not just the founder but a grandmaster of knightly order goe up in title rank gain more land improve our estate build s Grant Masion form a regiment. If we managed just to do that and keep it together we created a legacy for our family and raise their social status. You’re no longer the war hero upstart we proper member of upper echelon.


I don’t think you’ll find “like Bob Dylan”, but…

You’ll find rather more of this in 613 than pre-Blogia.


Iirc, there were pamphlets being scattered in Aetoria denouncing the war already, even before Blogia.