Guns of Infinity Chapter V Impossible?

Is it impossible for me to breach this holding with my current character? I keep dying. My stats are 79% in Soldiering, 10% in Charisma (not sure why tbh lol), and 41% in intellect. I don’t have the armor, deserted the final campaign in the first game, and I’ve tried it with both 50+ in Discipline and 50+ in Loyalty for my soldiers. I take the safest route, get rid of the baneseal myself, take out the gunners with the runegun, and I’ve tried every option for when they charge you. The only thing that seems to work well is ordering my men to hold their ground but then I immediately die on the very next page. I’d hate to have to replay the first game or restart with different choices since I’m guessing the only thing I’m really missing is the armor.


Getting rid of baneseals gives you reputation, but is very dangerous for your [MC] health (sets health - 40). You could try to lead your men through the safe lanes (sets health - 25), or be a bastard who pretends to fall and lets your people explode in front of you (not dangerous for your HP, but weakens your squad a lot).

I wanna say I tried all of that, maybe with some different choices mixed in as well. I’m assuming the armor is from the Antari camp you get the chance to raid in Part 1? I had my soldiers chase them down instead because I thought it would help my main army and all it really did was get some of my men killed by crossfire lol.

MC gets the armor and the the flaming sword if knighted after battle for Blogia.

So it’s pretty much impossible if you deserted the battle in Part 1 unless you made a near perfect MC it seems

79% soldiering pretty much renders the armor useless during the Forlorn Hope, so you don’t need to worry about it. The main thing that looks to be holding you back is your low charisma, which results in fewer volunteers.

Are you leaving men behind to carry the wounded? Sometimes that’s enough to put you below the threshold you need to survive. Other than that, the main thing I’d suggest is boosting your morale to get more volunteers.

Also fall back to a more defensible position after disabling the cannon.

It also helps to get Cazarosta to join you.


Soldiering is too high, charisma is way way too low, intellect is ok. In my experience, soldiering is easily the least useful stat, and soldiering stat checks can usually be compensated for by other choices, I think you can get through the first game and earn a knighthood with only 30 soldiering iirc, which gives you bane armor, which helps a make up for your lower soldiering

Soldiering is also quite easy to build up, and if you befriend Caz he’ll basically negate it being your weakest stat if you choose that in the beginning

I disagree with you on it being useless, but you have a valid point. Any time high soldiering would have helped I could easily get through it with intelligence.

Could just not do Forlorn Hope? I believe its an option to just sit it out if your character isn’t capable enough of doing it. Having Caz with you also helps.

It’s not useless, it’s just the least useful out of the 3 stats

I’m fairly certain you can’t do Forlorn Hope with the character you have right now, it requires a more balanced PC stat wise so you might have to just live without it this time around.


In most situations, though not always better outcomes (though 7/10) the best outcome is from anything but soldiering to be honest)

It’s not possible for this character to survive the forlorn hope (unless you’re friendly with Cazarosta, in which case you can ask Havenport to do the forlorn hope with him). With low charisma and mediocre intellect, the only way to get enough volunteers to survive is either to have Cazarosta with you or to have morale and loyalty be higher than it’s possible for a disgraced character to reach (both at least 60; it’s possible to have either reach this, but not both). A low-charisma, high-soldiering disgraced character can survive without Cazarosta by minimizing casualties (such as disarming the banetrap: by focusing enemy fire on you, your men take fewer casualties) and then falling back if he has high enough intellect (45) to think of disabling the cannon.

Since you have to replay Sabres anyway, if you go for a similar character you could try to boost soldiering a bit. If you weren’t from the Eastern plains, maybe choose that this time. There are a couple of cool options near the end of Guns where a really high soldiering character (85) can take on Church Hussars without using a baneruned weapon or armour, and get some hefty reputation boosts. Just make sure you’re close enough to Cazarosta that you can visit him the night before Blogia, so that you can get his help during the forlorn hope.

I just created a character who, right before Blogia, has 85 Soldiering, 7 Charisma, and 56 Intellect, with all three decorations. He could finish Guns with very high reputation, even if he started as a disgrace. Not the best character, but reasonably effective.