Guns of Infinity: Bug Reports and Feedback


Well, it’s finally here. After nearly two years of work, Guns of Infinity is finally out for iOS and Android devices. Releases for PC platforms (Steam and Chrome Webstore) should be following closely.

This thread is to consolidate all bug reports and player feedback in a single thread.

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EDIT: and before anyone asks, I’ve already submitted a hotfix which should deal with the three (only three!) bugs to come up so far: the “Sergeant None” bug, and the two which have resulted from either Cazarosta, or Elson’s hidden relationship stat being over 100.

Guns of Infinity

Just pushed a hotfix to iOS, GPS, AAA, and CWS.


I’ve just imported a character and got a message saying I’ve imported a character with low personal stats. So I was looking through them and noticed my MC has taken a hit to the squad stats.

Discipline dropped by 10%
Morale by 47%
Loyalty by 20%

Is this a bug?


That is your character transitioning from the remnants of a crack troop with a nominal full strength of forty to a mostly-green and partially conscripted squadron of two hundred.

Needless to say, your units stats suffer in the transition.


Okay thanks for clearing that up.

Edit: is the hit the stats take the same regardless or are their ways to minimise the damage?


It’s more of a scaling down than a flat reduction. If your troop had 85 Discipline at the end of Sabres, your new squadron will have 40. If you only had 40, you’ll start with 25.


Anyone know how to get past chapter 5 when you volunteer to go first?ps I’m stuck at the part where they throw a fireing squad at you


Aside from “Don’t volunteer for the Forlorn Hope”?
They’re not kidding when they say it’s a suicide mission.


I was starting to question whether it was possible or not


It is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the recommended course of action.


Luckily I’ll be played through Sabres again. The game told me I didn’t report Lebavre (sp?) which I thought I did. I must have done that in a previous playthrough.


do your reputation and regiment stats play a role?


They do, but not so much as they would if you went the other route.


thanks I’m going to keep experimenting with everything till I find the right stats and choices


Looking forward to its steam release.


How do I increase Charisma?


In Guns? You really don’t. Your best choice is to make it your main stat in Sabres.


First tab of chapter 3:
You shake your head. “Very little, sir,” you reply. "I have nothing, save that they had begun a siege of the city of

Should the bolded part be “I have heard nothing”?


This is more of a continuity thing than a bug as such, but what actually happened to mess up Cazarosta’s face? When I played Sabres of Infinity it mentioned banefire had raked his face and that they were able to restore his eye but the skin would remain all black and crackly from it. When I start Guns of Infinity, it says that he has a red expanse of scar tissue from where he got smacked by an Antari warhammer.

Or was this one of the cases where the weapon was wreathed in flames?


It’s possible that, in the two years of time that passed between the games, Caz has been injured in combat.

Or, during the chaos of Blogia, we simply didn’t notice the scar.