Guenevere (WIP)


Umm…what’s so bad about that? If I thought I ever really thought was no different or better than the average person, I’d have nothing to live for. :persevere:

Why write if I had nothing to write more worthwhile than what any idiot on the street could write? It would be pointless. Why write if, like most people, you have nothing to say?

I’m not joking.

You know, maybe I should say I am, before someone decides it’s time to talk about MY superiority complex. :smile:


Hey, @jeantown, realise I’m late to the party (or missed it entirely!) but on MBTI or something for characters, I recently found this not virus

EDIT: Just realised when about to add the link Buggygirl beat me by 21 days. Oh well :sweat_smile:

To still contribute something important, here’s a link to some random Lore site! It’s actually interesting, if not entirely what you were going for.

(nah, I’m serious, it’s a link to an ‘alternate’ MBTI site) which may be useful (for you) when creating the ‘hardened’ version of Arthur, betrayed version of Morgana, jealous version of Lancelot, etc.

And perhaps a good scene would be to add, if the player focused on the fight-y stat, could be where Morgana uses (or at least attempts) to heal an injured player, so

Can be seen! And used. Off tangent, anyone remember having to add like 1 or 2 word quotes in English classes? God that was annoying.

Back to normal stuff, I’m betting I can find at least 2 bugs/ errors tonight!
…Even though I have an exam tomorrow…

Okay, maybe one stretching error,

Bold is what should be added.
I think.

Although going through word by word, I find I really admire your writing! Perhaps I’ve been reading for fun wrong my entire life!


@jeantown Who do consider to be the role models of Arthur, Lancelot and Morgana growing up?


I agree that Arthur deserves a plan B.Lancelot is a lady’s man,but poor Arthur…


Simply because I’ve always loved and found this funny, and since it might fit into the game at some humorous moment, could there be a sort of super lucky random diplomacy, for example similar to the Fragglerock thing in uh… that other game I used to play?


I love this project so much.


I haven’t posted anything about my Guens in so long…buut I plan to make up for it soon, with full-length writeups on each (well, links to the full-length writeups…this forum has a character limit, after all)! :grin:

But before I got started, I decided I wanted to nail down every Guen’s sexual orientation…or at least what it would be termed if the Guens were living in 2017. And I must say, I think we have a rather diverse group. :slightly_smiling_face:

Action Guen: Bisexual

Action Guen actually IS bisexual…not that it will affect the game until the final game build with additional female ROs such as Bretta and Tilda. Morgana is just not Action Guen’s type, and neither are the girly-girl ladies in waiting she’s been surrounded with all her life. So Action Guen actually has no idea she’s also attracted to women…or won’t until Bretta and Tilda come along to show her.

As of now, Action Guen’s romantic adventure is with Lancelot and eventually a more mature Arthur, and her bisexuality probably won’t come up for a long LONG LONG time.

Antisocial Guen: Basically Lesbian

The reason for Antisocial Guen’s misery all comes down to her being forcibly separated from Augusta, the Roman serving girl she loves, because of elitism not allowing a noble girl to be with a servant and social norms (and of course Leodegrance-she refuses to call him her father) dictating that heirs MUST marry opposite-sex partners. Antisocial Guen has QUITE a bit of resentment for being forcibly separated from Augusta and forcibly married to a man.

After he ignored every hint that she wasn’t interested, Antisocial Guen is quite willing to string Lancelot along to gain some little bit of power in a life where she’s utterly powerless. But it’s just manipulation, and has nothing to do with her sexuality.

Morgana now…after 3 years, and when she inevitably fails at killing Arthur at Michaelsmount so she can leave and be with the girl she’s loved for so long, even Antisocial Guen may finally give up hope of ever seeing Augusta again in her lifetime. Augusta’s gone, and probably dead…but Morgana’s here, and she’s so beautiful and intelligent and fascinating…and Antisocial Guen will finally allow herself to give in to her ow feelings for her by the end of Book II.

And while every person she’s ever MET and found attractive has been a woman…Antisocial Guen did feel a strange and powerful attraction towards the man in the dream that changed her whole approach to her situation. Too bad he’s only a dream…for now.

Canon Guen: Heterosexual

Canon Guen’s lack of attraction to Arthur has nothing to do with her sexual orientation, and everything to do with a total lack of romantic chemistry. She’s passionately in love with Lancelot, and though she still feels guilty and conflicted about what she’s doing…the affair has begun.

Confused Guen: Biromantic Lesbian

The reason for poor Confused Guen’s confusion is that while she IS genuinely in romantic love with Arthur…the sex does NOTHING for her. What’s worse in her mind, she feels no sexual desire for Arthur at all, and never has for any man. She enjoys kissing and cuddling…but that’s as far as it can ever go. Morgana, on the other hand…the sexual and the emotional connection combine to make her utterly irresistible…though Confused Guen’s morals and love for Arthur make her try to resist anyway.

YES, this is actually a thing that exists! Most people’s sexual and romantic orientation “match up,” but for a few they don’t. Confused Guen can be romantically attracted to and fall in love with either gender, but only desires and enjoys sex with women. And since she does have sexual needs and is married to a man…grande mucho problemo.

(Oh, my. If ever there is an honest conversation about her feelings, I feel sorry for everyone involved. :persevere: “I love you Arthur, and I want to spend our lives together…except when it’s time to have sex. For that, I’ve only ever wanted your sister…who I’m also kind of falling in love with. …NO, it’s not that you’re just bad in bed, really!”)

Disney Princess Guen: Heteroromantic Asexual

The thing about classic Disney princesses is…they are hopeless romantics, but they don’t seem to even know sex exists. The height of physical affection for them is “True Love’s Kiss.” In the real world, they’d all be considered heteroromantic asexuals. This is the case for Disney Princess Guen.

Besides Arthur being puppy-sweet but completely failing at romancing and seducing and sweeping girls off their feet…Disney Princess Guen feels constantly pressured by Arthur to have sex, which she honestly doesn’t want to do, but feels terrible for NOT wanting. Even looking at Arthur makes her feel guilty…and it’s hard to love someone who makes you hate yourself for being you.

Lancelot, on the other hand…Lancelot is the kind of charming, sweeping you off your feet guy DP Guen always dreamed of. And best of all, he seems to actually PREFER their relationship being one of non-sexual courtly love. Lancelot has to be her soulmate…or he would be, if he wasn’t definitely NOT her husband.

Ditzy Guen: Grey-Aromantic Hypersexual Heterosexual

Ditzy Guen’s only ever been attracted to men…and by attracted I mean in constant dire lust for them. Hypersexual means that whatever sexuality you are (straight, gay, bi, etc.) you have an insanely high libido and want to have sex seemingly constantly. These characters are often portrayed as bisexual, but they can be of any sexuality besides asexual, and Ditzy Guen is straight.

She had about a dozen boyfriends back home before she married Arthur, and is currently struggling to get her sexual needs met when Arthur is (a) kind of bad at sex (b) gone half the time and © lacks her sexual stamina. Her affair with Lancelot, who’s pretty much a sex god and Olympian, is helping release at least a few of her forcibly repressed urges (because the queen is never alone-Ditzy Guen hasn’t even been able to boink one of those sexy young knights she always pretends to “practice” with).

Grey-aromantic is because, while Ditzy Guen revels in all the traditional romantic ideals and traditions and thinks they’re the most entertaining things in the world, she doesn’t have an genuine attachment to her partners. She’ll praise Arthur and Lancelot to the skies, but she’d drop either like a hot tamale without hesitating if she had to, just like she did with those dozen ex-boyfriends back home.

Good Girl Guen: Heteroromantic Demisexual

Good Girl Guen won’t feel any sexual desire at all until she’s fallen in love and has been with her partner for years. Poor Arthur had to wait 3 years for them to have sex for the first time…though I think his patience paid off, and the scene was incredibly sweet.

Ice Queen Guen: Homoromantic Demiromantic Demisexual

Ice Queen Guen, despite wanting to her duty as a good queen, has a couple of things that make performing her traditional function painful for her. First of all, Ice Queen Guen is only interested in women, and married to a man. Then to top it off, she is not interested in sex or romance at all until she’s formed a deep emotional connection in a relationship that has lasted years. So “doing her duty” for her, is pure hell…that she nevertheless selflessly endures. Ice Queen Guen endures it despite her ever-growing depression…a depression which, in addition to her introversion, pragmatism, and lack of natural charm, makes her come across as rather frigid and cold.

Honestly, her developing relationship with Morgana is the only thing that has prevented her from jumping out of the highest window in the castle.

Jerk Guen: Lesbian

Poor, poor Jerk Guen…she repeatedly told her father how she’s repulsed by the very thought of romance or sex with a man, and he arranged her marriage to Arthur anyway. She refused to even say the wedding vow, but it made no difference. So her resentment at her identity and will being ignored and erased are what make Jerk Guen be so…churlish to Arthur. As for Lancelot, they were friends until the jerk decided to kiss her against her will…even after she told him she wasn’t interested in men. (Then she attacked him with the sword, and would have literally killed him if the sword didn’t break.)

Jerk Guen’s like a totally different, nicer person around Morgana.

Magical Guen: Aromantic Asexual

Magical Guen is completely uninterested in romantic or sexual relationships…or in other, non-magical humans in general. Morgana, being a dark magic goddess, and Lancelot, with their magical connection, are the exceptions to Magical Guen’s utter indifference to other people. But she still isn’t interested in anything more than friendship with either.

…however, despite not being interested in sex AS sex, Magical Guen is fascinated by the magical touchy-feelies she has with Lancelot, and had sex with him as a proto-scientific experiment; to figure out what would happen. She wouldn’t do it again, now that her curiosity has been satiated, but she has zero regrets about doing it in the first place. Actually, Magical Guen is thrilled about unique insight and knowledge she gained into the spell.

Ruthless Guen: Grey-Aromantic Bisexual

Ruthless Guen is bisexual and can be attracted to men or women…not that she’d allow herself to act on any of it and risk her position as queen. Definitely not on her suppressed attraction to Morgana. In another life, sure…but in THIS one, Morgana can only ever be her sister in-law and ally…and the closest thing she’s ever had to a genuine friend. Not that the “friendship” stops Ruthless Guen from manipulating Morgana or allows her to even close to let down her guard or drop her act…but Ruthless Guen does like Morgana for real and enjoy her company, and is not trying to screw her over.

Ruthless Guen despises Arthur with every fiber of her being…though she pretends to love him and has sex with him both for that end and to produce an heir. Though underneath her award-winning performance…it’s pure torture, and Arthur is stunningly bad in bed.

As for Lancelot…he’s PHYSICALLY attractive, sure, but his insufferably stupid personality would render him unromanceable even if it wasn’t Treason. So Ruthless Guen just takes delight in stringing him along without doing anything physical, and using his pathetic attraction to wrap him around her little finger.

So for another few…decades, probably in both Guenverse AND RL time (when Mordred comes along), Ruthless Guen will be our resident extremely sexually frustrated queen.

As for grey-aromantic, well…if Ruthless Guen were born today, force-fed truth serum (and this step is VERY IMPORTANT), and psychoanalyzed, she’d be considered a sociopath. So the whole ambiguous “Can they or can’t they love?” renders her grey-aromantic.

Skanky Guen: Aromantic Hypersexual Bisexual

Like I had to tell you someone named Skanky Guen is hypersexual! That girl’s libido is an 11 on the scale of 0-10. She’s incapable of monogamy because no single partner could satisfy her sexually. Skanky Guen also loves sex in all it’s forms, and would never discriminate according to gender. Come one, come all!

She’s also aromantic and not interested in a romantic relationship with any of her partners-it’s just about the sex and the passion her body feels for theirs. Skanky Guen doesn’t actually CARE for anyone she sleeps with…or at least not until Morgana came along. It’s not a conventional romantic love…but Skanky Guen would have loved to have an honest friends with benefits relationship with her. Unfortunately, due to her being a rather extremely selfish person, Skanky Guen said she’d never get involved with Lancelot…then did not 24 hours later. Skanky Guen honestly won’t understand why what she did was so bad…but her relationship with Morgana is living on borrowed time.


Aww this one…
Well, it’s emotionally exhausting to read, you know hahaha ha ;_;
Thanks for keeping a balance between drama and action otherwise my heart wouldn’t survive the experience.
Just a few thoughts:
Lance is a bro so I hope there would be a chance to hook him up with a nice girl in the future.
Morgana = smart, sensible and beautiful, clearly the best girl. She and her kids deserve to live happily ever after.
(Correct me if I wrong I read T. H. White’s books a long time ago back in my school days)
King Arthur didn’t pay much attention to Guinevere while Lancelot was happy to provide it. That’s where things got complicated. /There goes the joke about the biggest cuckold of all times/ Right now I don’t see any reason for her to be unfaithful cuz Arthur clearly cares. Cheating on him feels like kicking a puppy.
Oh, and if it’s still a thing… the first song that comes to mind when I think about Guen is “Lady D’Arbanville”by Cat Stevens


I meant specifically the “not like other girls” part. As far as reasons for living and/or creating art go, I think it’s possible to do both very well without needing to be better than other people? Neither one needs to be a competition, and it’s probably more fulfilling for everyone if they’re not.

@fairlyfairfighter Definitely useful for developing “dark” versions of the characters! And I do hope we’ll have the option to see all of their darker sides eventually… as far as I can make that work, anyway. :slight_smile:

Morgana’s light magic may serve an even more important purpose, as one possible solution to a possible problem (depending on what Guen wants), in part 3. So yes, I do have a specific plan for it to come up in the game, though everything is always subject to change.

It’s “we” because both Guen and Morgana have moved away from the camp, and Morgana is suggesting that they both ought to get back before people wonder what they’re doing.

Thank you! :slight_smile: It’s not always the most artistic, but I try to keep it clear and simple.

Now that is a fun question.

For Arthur, it would be both Sir Ector and Merlin – Ector tends to bullrush everything with vehement optimism and little regard for consequences (much to Kay’s chagrin), and Arthur has definitely absorbed some of that attitude. BUT Merlin provided a balancing force and helped Arthur learn to value looking at things from different perspectives (even if Arthur doesn’t always succeed at that – he tries, in his way). Arthur is a better strategist than Ector because he takes the time to try to see things from the soldiers’ point of view, and from his adversaries’ point of view, which gives him a certain amount of creativity or openness to creative ideas. (Lancelot is more clever than Arthur and often comes up with really crazy-sounding plans which other people would dismiss, but Arthur has that relentless optimism, largely inherited from Ector, which makes him eager to believe in crazy plans.)

As for Lancelot, his childhood role models are his mothers, particularly because they have a really healthy romantic relationship with each other. When Lancelot was younger, all he wanted out of life was a perfect lifelong romantic partnership, like his mothers’. He’s a little closer to his mum Vathac, who taught him to fight. He was her squire and they traveled together when he was 13-15, so she taught him a lot about taking care of oneself and others. A little later, he met his Gaulish cousins Evaline, Lionel, and Bors (the Younger) who are about the same age as he is, and they also had a certain amount of influence on him – more as friends than role models, but they were there for him after he had a bad experience when he was 17, and their influence is partly responsible for the personality he has at the beginning of the game.

Morgana’s biggest role model was Lancelot’s other mother, Vivien. In many ways, Vivien was more of a mother to Morgana than Morgana’s own mother (Ygraine) was. Ygraine was suffering from depression and other issues when Morgana was young, and there were a lot of things about motherhood that Ygraine just didn’t like. Vivien often stepped in to support Morgana emotionally and intellectually. Because Vivien is ethnically Roman but raised as a Briton, she experienced a certain amount of being treated as an outsider, but she found her place in the world and a meaningful leadership role. Morgana was also always something of an outsider who didn’t quite fit – as Uther’s stepdaughter, her role was unclear; some people thought of her as a princess and others didn’t – so she looked up to Vivien as evidence that you can find your place even if other people don’t know what to make of you.

Noted :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’m familiar with that? Though Merlin’s carrot can be used on the Frankmarch branch to boost one’s diplomacy, in a way.

@VelvetDivine Well thank you! :slight_smile:

@buggygirl11 I always love hearing about your different Guens, and it really is useful for me. After I finish the big conversation with Lancelot I should go through and try to imagine which options all your different Guens would take, and if I can add anything for any of them.

@leo-leo Very glad you enjoyed it! :grin: I loved reading your comments!


Interesting interpretations, all of them.


LANCE WAS HER SQUIRE OMG I love a mothet-son fighting team, that is the sweetest thing.

Also, TFW it’s the end of the month and you’re excited to see the progress report to see how much closer weare to the end. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Every time the fae pet saves Guen now, that’s gonna be in the back of my head. :sweat_smile:


Is there a reason (other than plot) that even if Guen and Arthur have an enthusiastically consummate marriage, they haven’t conceived a child in three years? Will that be a plot option later?


I think it’s explained briefly that they don’t really have the chance to do the deed to much because they’re so busy. But I also know @jeantown said that if Guen chooses to have a kid, it will take place at Avalon in the beginning of book 4, almost a decade into their marriage I’m pretty sure. Maybe they have trouble conceiving and the priestesses some how help?


There is a reason, and it will be addressed in part 3. (Obviously plot constraints are behind the reason, but Guinevere traditionally – though not always – has difficulty conceiving, so it’s also in keeping with some of the conventions of the legend.)


I’m excited to see what you have in store for us!


Hey, all! May I start by saying that I love Guenevere? It’s the first CoG I’ve ever played, and while I’ve played through a few others (the free content available for them, anyway), Guenevere is indisputably my favorite, and not just because I’m an Arthurian nerd. :slightly_smiling_face: I really enjoy the roleplaying aspect (I’ve played through Book I and the first half of Book II three times with three different Guens, though I consider my third Guen to be my “canon” Guen), and I quite like the other main characters. Especially Arthur–he’s so sweet and adorable that I can’t bring myself to be mean to him, even though my second Guen is a manipulator who doesn’t love him at all.

A question I have for @jeantown: At any point during the second half of Book II, will it be possible for Guenevere to tell Lancelot something like, “Look, I won’t apologize for being angry about that kiss, but some of the things I said were too harsh, and I’m sorry about that. I would actually like us to be friends, but you’re going to have to get over your crush on me before that can happen”? To put it briefly, my third Guen, who is in love with Arthur, is NOT happy with Lancelot after the kiss, and she let him know it. She said she wanted him to leave her alone and demanded that he never kiss or even touch her again. However, I like to think that my third Guen, after she’s had time to calm down, would decide that, at the very least, practically telling Lancelot that she didn’t even want him as a friend was too mean-spirited. She would tell Arthur about the kiss, though (assuming that’ll be an option), since she thinks it’s something he needs to know.


@jeantown said you would be able to tell Arthur about Lancelot, whether you just kissed or had sex. She’s actually admitted that the first time Arthur could potentially get truly mad at you would be if you tactlessly tell him you had sex with Lancelot.:smiling_imp:


Yikes. I’ll play through to see what happens but like. I don’t want to hurt the sweet cinnamon roll :frowning:


I don’t think I could play through it but I’ll definitely read the code.