Guenevere (WIP)


@Allie Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm! I’m delighted that you’re enjoying it! Don’t worry, I have every intention of finishing; it’s just going to take a very long time. But my desire to finish has not waned in six years, and I keep working on it whenever I can.

Yes, yes, that will definitely happen! There should be many possible endings and several different circumstances in which Guen can live happily ever after with her LI(s) of choice. I feel no obligation to force the reader into the traditional Arthurian tragic ending (though tragic endings will be among the possibilities).

Oh, I don’t think the suggestion was ever that we’d find out later that any of the characters were trans or otherwise presenting as something other than their actual gender. By “gender switching” or “gender swapping,” people usually mean letting the reader set the gender of a character, so theoretically you’d have an option at the beginning of the game to decide if Lancelot was male or female or nonbinary etc (and presumably presenting as such). I decided not to do that for this game, because gender and gender roles are such a big theme of the story, and I was worried I’d never finish it if I added more complexity. But I am also planning a Robin Hood game in which the player can set the gender of all the main characters – MC Robin, all of their outlaw band, and probably even the villains, too.

No worries. :slight_smile: Fae pet will always be okay. I don’t think I’d have the heart to seriously hurt or kill the fae pet; it probably stands a better chance of surviving to the end than any human character in the story.

You could just copy-paste them into a post here? I am still collecting them.

“Dabbling” stats are good for me to see, though; I need to know all possible variations! I definitely don’t want to write a game in which you have to min/max or powergame to get a good story or a good ending; there are certain things you have to have a high stat to get, but that doesn’t mean the story won’t be just as interesting if you don’t get those things.

As for various personal qualities being traditionally associated with binary gender… well, I guess I’m going to avoid making any pronouncements because I like to leave things to reader interpretation, but it’s certainly something I think about a lot when writing these characters. I had a few things to say about gender in the Guenverse back in this post.


“Guen and Lancelot have found out what’s causing that thing that happens when they touch each other, so I’m now starting on the many, many variations of the conversation they can have about that, depending on their feelings toward one another and what has or hasn’t already transpired.”

I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS. :hugs: I really want them to work it out because my Guen genuinely appreciates him even tho they can’t be together, thanks to a certain brunette magical goddess.


This makes me happy.

Stuff Morgana, Lance and Art.

Gimme back my Lord Fluffikins!


@jeantown, I know it’s been said a thousand times before, but thank you for putting this wonderful story and game in our lives, the parts out now and the future stuff. Beyond the wonderful complex story, game play, and characters, thank you for creating such a wonderful community where a lot great discussions, light hearted to serious, can take place. Went back to read your post on the gender culture in Guenvere and it made me appreciate the story and you that much more.


@jeantown I just want to thank you for the wonderful venture into a glorious union into your imagination and Arthurian legend! I can say without reservation that this is one of my favorite games to date! Keep up the excellent work and know you have EARNED yet another dedicated fan!


I can’t remember how it started but I always keep the same name for my Fae Cat every time I play the game, his name is always Seth.


Sorry everyone; another rough week…

@darkwolf76 Many thanks for saying so! I’m continually amazed that anyone still wants to talk about the game at all when it’s been so long since the last update. I can’t wait until I’m finally able to post the next update, and we will (I hope) all have lots more to talk about! :slight_smile:

@Rav3nsblad3 Very very happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and for posting! :slight_smile:

@Scrivener I feel like someone should write the story of Seth, the same cat who experiences multiple different lives with different Guens. Maybe it would be a little bit like the Groundhog Day movie.


This is merely a wild stab in the dark of a five man tent inside a barn in a bunker at midnight during the winter at the north pole while blindfolded under a sack hood, but… you may not be completely alone in that attitude towards the next update. :thinking:

Call me crazy, if you will. I’ll answer to it. :crazy_face:


Aww… now I have a bunch of sad mental images! TT_TT

Heh… would it get to the point where the fae pet would memorize everything that would happen over Guen’s lifetime and try to circumvent certain events?


@jeantown I feel like this is a challenge, I smell a challenge, challenge accepted. :smiley:


I know this game already has a few fics written for it on AO3. More Guenevere fanfic anyone? Maybe featuring a fae pet?:smirk:


Omg same! When I first got to know Morgana I knew she was meant to be with my Guen


I imagine this being a ruthless/manipulative/power-hungry Guen’s anthem :grin:


I wonder if Arthur could have another love interest if Guen isn’t interested in him romantically. Specifically I mean if Guen was romancing Lance or Morgana instead of Arthur, would there be a possibility for another love interest for him? Or would he put his sole focus on being king? (Along with terrorizing the castle of course.)


Doubt he ever would, he is an idealist and loyal to a fault. Divorce would happen before adultery for him, and I doubt the former would, except, possibly, during really dire circumstances.


Heh. I personally ship Arthur with Radagund even though JT’s stated that won’t be possible since they never meet, and even if they did it’s unlikely they’d be romantically inclined. :cry:


I was planning to make Guen a vengeful manipulative queen.But the fireworks scene is too sweet.So I decided to befriend all 3 of them :thinking:


@jeantown I was wandering what is Morgana’s opinion on users of light magic and light magic in general? I get the impression that while she thinks it can be useful, it’s still inferior to dark magic and that she also doesn’t hold most of light magic users in high regard


I have gone back and forth on this, and the answer is still “maybe.” As @Taylor_Enean says, it seems unlikely for Arthur as we know him now. But maybe for a less optimistic, more “hardened” Arthur, eventually? Not ruling it out, just not sure exactly what form it would take.

They haven’t met yet, and they don’t meet in part 2, but there’s a chance they might meet at the tournament in part 5, depending on how things go. I hope they do!

It’s complicated. :slight_smile: Morgana actually has some limited light magic ability which she never uses. (She’s no good at healing but can cast some other kinds of light magic spells, just not very well.) Her prequel story – which I WILL finish someday! – involves some of her adolescent struggles to figure out how magic fits with her identity. Eventually she makes a decision to focus on what she’s good at instead of what other people think is good.

Morgana isn’t perfect, and she has a tiny subconscious streak of “not like all those other girls.” There is a little part of her – her worst self – that needs to feel like she’s somehow special. If you asked her, of course she’d say that light magic is wonderful and so are the people who practice it (other than maybe Merlin, whom she holds in contempt for other reasons) – and I think she wants to believe that. But very deep down, she probably does think she’s superior to the average light magic user, and certainly more powerful. That doesn’t mean she feels that way about LM!Guen; she has other reasons to respect Guen and find her interesting. It also doesn’t mean she isn’t sincerely devoted to the Goddess and Avalon, which she considers her home. But she would probably look at your run-of-the-mill LM priestess as someone who hasn’t been challenged the way she’s been challenged, or had to work as hard for her own sense of identity and power.


I love my powerful girlfriend with a slight superiority complex. :hugs: