Guenevere (WIP)


I’m so scared for my baby Guen and Arthur because she wants to have his babies and they are like in love with each other. I’m really really hoping that they both make it out alive and Arthur has both of his legs.


Arthur going to be legless? Well, I have no clues on that.


There’s a possibility that he could lose his legs :scream:


Hopefully my Guen’s plan will work.

Send Lance to negotiate peace, find Morgana, send Morgana to prepare Camelot for the invasion, and then go herself to Michaels mount to save Arthur and get her new sword.

Maybe a witch Guen can build him magical prosthetics, like Nuada of the silver hand.


Cant wait for the next half of book 2


Found this little gem of a song - A Little Wicked by Valerie Broussard - that resonated with a power hungry Guen for me.
Also, Imperfection by Evanscence could suit a Guen who is mutual with Mordred?
What’s sad is that I don’t play my Guen in either of those ways most of the time ^-^’ Anybody think of any songs to suit a Guen who is just done (r u bloody srs, Arthur? SHEEP? That’s the first thing that comes to mind?!!? Get a brain, you twonk) with Arthur but still wants him to succeed?

Or just song recommendations for your Guens? Seeing how others play is really interesting :sweat_smile:


I can’t remember but has the ring of dispel ever bee theorized about? The ring Vivian tends to give lancelot in stories to break enchantments. It probably has and I forgot in which case I’m sorry. But I was just thinking that’d be an interesting theory for how the spell could get broken (or not broken).


@Ross5896 me either! :slight_smile:

@awkward_viking Thanks for sharing the songs; they’re fantastic! I’m kind of musically clueless, so I really ought to make a list of songs that people have connected with Guenevere – song suggestions often help me think of the characters and events in different ways.

@sirgalahad Yet again you know so much more about arthuriana than I do. :slight_smile: Where does that ring show up? I don’t remember it in Malory, but it’s been a very long time since I read all of Malory…

Sorry in general for being so absent. The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster and I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed. The good news is that PWLI just got a wonderful job offer! But I’m doing more work than ever at my own job, and finding it more and more difficult to find time for anything else. There does seem to be a chance that things will ease off after this spring, and next year might be better, so I still live in hope.


Post-vulgate cycle, I think? I’m positive I’ve seen it more than once

I’m sorry to hear that and I hope things improve soon!!! Best wishes.


That explains it… I’ve never been able to get my hands on a full copy of the post-vulgate cycle (and at this point even if I did, I don’t know where I’d find time to read it – that thing is like 5 volumes, right? – but hey, if PWLI’s job works out, maybe I can at least afford to buy it just in case I ever get time).

And thank you! :slight_smile:


Yeah, they sell copies here and there on Amazon or Barnes and noble but there are too many of them and they’re all $40 a piece. :frowning: I wonder if there is a collected version anywhere.


@jeantown Because the MBTI has been mentioned here before, and because the official profiles are so complimentary it’s difficult to relate them to villainous characters, I thought I’d share this cool thing I found.

The Dark Side version of every personality type! :smile:

And because Mordred, from his description, always sounded like an ENTJ to me…

“Destructive ENTJs are dominating, aggressive, and quick-tempered. They have a clear vision for the future and will force everyone to follow their vision, caring little for other people’s perspectives and views. They have fiery tempers and can be intimidating bullies, using their quick wits and cold hard logic as a weapon to humiliate and silence their opponents. They will consider themselves above emotions and subjective feelings, but will become temperamental and wallow in self-pity when things don’t go their way. They consider the feelings and values of others stupid or silly and they are exceedingly proud of their logical superiority. They like to control other people, and enjoy using their intuitive perceptions as a way to play mean tricks on others. Domination is a game to them, and they are increasingly power hungry as they become more and more unhealthy.”

Since you’re, after all, his writer…does the proverbial shoe fit? :slightly_smiling_face:

And I have no idea if this one would fit or not, since Morgana’s possible alignment shift is so far in the future, but here’s what it says about Darkside ISFJs.

“Destructive ISFJs believe everyone must instantly conform to the traditions and values they’ve accepted as their own. They may seem friendly at first, but underneath their soft-spoken demeanor they are manipulative and passive aggressive. If you rebel against tradition or interrupt their practiced routine, they will shut you out of their life without a second thought or find underhanded ways to get you demoted or punished. They do nice things for people simply for validation and praise, and are hateful when they don’t receive the praise they were expecting. When people question them, they will retreat into self-pity and impose guilt trips. They are hard workers, relentless in their sense of duty, even if that duty is to a corrupt power structure or societal construct.”

(Um, unless you’re still mad at me and want me to go away. I can leave if unwelcome.)


What are the mbti personalities for each character?


@buggygirl11 That is fascinating, and the ENTJ description does fit Mordred pretty perfectly, except maybe the quick-tempered part. He is patient and manipulative, capable of getting what he wants by making someone else think it was their idea. (And as is tradition, Agravain will be one of his favorite manipulatees.)

As for Morgana… the thing about adhering to tradition is interesting. There are so many way in which Morgana is an original thinker and doesn’t care about societal expectations, and yet, she did choose a traditional political marriage with children when she had the power to do something else. She does have a very strong sense of duty, and that will probably be the main source of her deciding to go against Arthur if she does take the “evil” path. She’s not going to be cackling for vengeance against him; she’ll be unhappily taking what she believes to be the moral stand in spite of how much she cares about him and Lancelot. So in that sense, yes, duty (according to her interpretation) above all else.

@darkwolf76 They’re buried toward the end of this long post. Not that I really mean them as canon per se; my thoughts might change as the characters develop.


I LOVE this story more than any other story, published or otherwise on Choice of Games. Please, please finish it when you can! I love your character development; it makes the story so much more believable to me. I love stories with Romance, so this is obviously a great plus to me also. I also really like how you have a lot of choices for your responses. It makes me feel like I can actually decide how I would really react in the situation. (I love Lancelot and Guenevere together so much in this story that it hurts, I don’t think I could play it through and have her happy with anyone else.) I didn’t have Merlin’s carrot to help me on the boat passage because I was so upset with the Duchess flirting with Lancelot that I made Guen give it to the Duchess after she said something about admiring it. (I had to be a little evil, I couldn’t help it. I also LOVED that it was an option. I actually was laughing out loud when I read it.)

Requests for going forward:

  1. If at all possible, please let the book end where it is possible that we can end up with our romantic interest of choice. Reading this I’m too in love with Lancelot for me to be happy with Guen ending up permanently with anyone else.

  2. I’ve seen people make suggestions about gender swapping…not sure if you’re going to do that or not, but if you are can we choose whether Lancelot is male or not? I don’t have anything against other people’s sexual preferences but I’m straight and just prefer to play my characters that way, and I don’t want to give up Lancelot as a love interest.

  3. Please can I get my fae dog back? I forget how to spell the evil wizard’s name already but I already want him dead just for what he was going to do to the dog.

I’m also trying to figure out how I can show you a snapshot of my stats since you requested that, but I’m not sure how to yet. I probably should try to focus more on like two things though, I’ve kinda dabbled in everything.

Thank you so much for writing this story also! It really is so amazing. :slight_smile:


Please no! That plan would completely ruin the story for me. If there is a way for people to have that option to gender switch I don’t have any issues with it, but I really don’t want Lancelot to really turn out to be a woman secretly. My interpretation of it is that Lancelot is the most masculine character out of all the love interests available, and that’s a main reason why I love the character so much. Maybe if there is a choice for Lancelot to be a woman for people that want to choose the gay/bi option? But please don’t make Lancelot in the story secretly a woman the whole time. I like him the way he is.


There isn’t going to be any gender swapping of characters because that’d be too difficult to write.

I gotta disagree with you on Lancelot being the most ‘masculine’ at least in terms of traditional/sexist interpretation of it. He’s sensitive, love-focused, senses and recognizes others emotions more quickly and knows how to deal with them. In the traditional/sexist interpretation of masculine/feminine is actually think that’d lead to him being considered more ‘feminine’.

Though tbh I don’t think of any quality as being feminine or masculine tbh.


That’s what I feel like is so great about interactive fiction stories though is that I feel like everyone still gets their own idea of how the characters are and they can be differing unique interpretations of it.

I see your points for how Lancelot in your opinion might be considered more feminine. The reason that I viewed him as more masculine was for different reasons. I feel like he was stronger, a better fighter, more willing to go the gray route to protect people he loves (Telling Guen to kill that one guy-forget name, for her own safety over keeping him alive like how Arthur wanted), going alone essentially to find Guen, and in my opinion would make a better leader. Arthur is very good-hearted but seems too naive and idealistic. That’s just my interpretation of the characters though obviously.

And yes, I guess I am viewing them in a more traditional sense, but I feel like I generally view relationships that way. I don’t think it has to be innately sexist…it’s really only sexist if traditional ideas are forced onto people that don’t view the world that way. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own views on the world. :slight_smile:


Oh, I wasn’t calling you sexist, I mean the idea of characteristics or traits being innately feminine or masculine is in itself sexist.

Same with Arthur- by those ideals, is consider him more ‘masculine’ as he fits those stereotypes more- he’s got the ideal ‘boyish’ personality, loves and is eager for fighting, likes talking about battles, is more oblivious to feelings as well as a woman’s pov etc.

But he also has ‘feminine’ stereotypes- his want for peace, his optimism, his trust and belief in that others are innately good, his naivety in some areas- because the three lis are well-rounded characters and aren’t boxed in by what they stereotypical should be more like as male or female characters.


I think the whole discussion of the binary gender concept and which category each character leans towards is interesting. I will say that as a health professional, sex is a real thing. It’s the hormones and physical anatomical structures that your body has. It’s very concrete fact.

But gender is a more complicated, socially constructed and fluid concept. The masculine/feminine framework comes a very long used but antiquated line of thought. I don’t think it’s bad to use the words and concepts as a frame of reference, it’s so ingrained in the human psyche that it’s impossible not to use them. It’s just the connotations often placed on genders, constructed gender “roles”, and the rigid social expectations associated with them that makes them seem bad.

I think as long as people appreciate and view both the masculine and feminine equally, don’t limit a individual to one or the other, and recognize the fluid nature of gender, it’s not a bad lens to view things through, if someone should wish to. I think @jeantown wrote the game so all the characters had some of the feminine and masculine in them, just like every real person does. The thing I really appreciate about her work is the amount of effort she puts in to give readers the freedom to make Guen as masculine/feminine as they want.

@Allie, I 100% agree with you, the Guen/Lance relationship is amazing. It is so hard for me to do a play through where I have her not in a relationship with Lance. I tried to do one where she was really mean to him, and could only manage to do it twice in the hundreds of times I’ve played. It just seemed wrong. I believe Jean has stated before that it is possible to carry on a relationship with whichever RO you choose, throughout at least a good deal of the series. Just perhaps not publicly, in the case Morgana or Lance. Guen’s child, if she chooses to have one in book IV, can even be fathered by Lancelot. Jean said it would be based on relationship stats, I think.