Guenevere (WIP)


ohhhhh… uh… I mean, yes, it’s tricky and congratulations on making it happen… but… you might want to stand back when Morgana finds out… :boom:

@Rina That’s great to hear! I feel like I did something right if people are playing again after a long time, and if they feel different about the characters after time has passed. :slight_smile: The game will cover a long span of time, and I hope that some of my readers will enjoy watching the characters mature and change as they themselves get older. Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling more jaded, but I take it as a good sign (for your own well-being) that that makes you like Arthur more rather than less? That’s certainly a lot of how Lancelot feels toward Arthur. As for the OT3, it’s coming… someday…


Poor Arthur, finding out his wife is cheating on him with both his best friend and sister, I imagine that’ll be pretty brutal.

Not that I have any room to judge, I play a Guen who shares Lance’s eyes for the ladies.

“I might be in love with you and not your sister if you had been born the right gender” is another brutal conversation.


Guen: Uh… Morgana? Sweetie? Y-you can stop charging that sphere of dark magic any time now. S-someone could get hurt if you were t-to accidentally launch it…


Jean said that the first time Guen can make Arthur truly angryis if she sleeps with Lance and then admits it without any tact. So very brutal.:grimacing:

@jeantown, any hints about how Arthur would react to Guen admitting to an affair with Morgana, or even worse both?


Definitely a drama he would never have expected. :slight_smile:

For Morgana, he’ll take it much better if Guen already told him she preferred women. Maybe not so well if she’s been acting lovey-dovey toward him for three years. For both? You assume Guen will survive Morgana’s wrath long enough to tell him… :grin:


So there’s an option to tell Arthur? I’ve never seen it.

Then again thanks to actually liking Arthur, seeing it as part of her duties she agreed to with "I do,"and having the attitude that just because she isn’t attracted to him doesn’t mean he can’t get the job done, my Guen is hardly kicking him out of the marital bed.

So maybe an option to add “FYI, I prefer women” somehow getting worked into polite conversation even if one is sleeping with Arthur.

It’s not like my Guen is keeping it a secret, she’s pretty much told everyone else.

Actually, now that I think about it, there ought to be conversations about that.

Morgana is his sister,Lance is his best friend, neither has an opinion on how to tell him, if she tells him, or wondering if she’s inclined to tell him? That seems unrealistic.


It’s going to be in the second part of Book 2.


I believe there is an option to tell him Guen prefers women while still sleeping with him as part of her queenly duties to produce an heir.

I think it’s only if you’ve avoided sleeping with him to begin with though, but I can’t remember for certain. He brings up Guens reluctance as politely as he can and Guen can inform him it’s because she prefers women. Then he asks if she’ll still be willing to try and produce an heir which she can agree to or not.

I’m not sure if there’s an option to tell him if Guen has slept with him right from the off however. I’ll have to play again and find out!


@stsword As @justme says, it’s going to happen at the end of Book 2. I hope to give Guen a range of ways of breaking the news (or not).

BUT it’s true that I don’t think Guen can currently tell Arthur she’s a lesbian or asexual, or just that she doesn’t want kids, or that she simply doesn’t want to have sex with him ever, unless she doesn’t have sex with him at first. That’s on my list of edits for Book 1.

Lancelot just assumes she won’t, because of course we protect Arthur by not telling him things like that. Morgana will actually bring it up in most cases (if she’s not enraged at the time, which can happen for more than one reason) once things have settled down at Camelot toward the end of Book 2 – I’ve already written that part.


So I just managed to stumble upon this from some idle TVTropes browsing, and gave it a read. All in all, not too bad. I’m a bit of a sucker for Arthurian legends anyway. Interested to see how this’ll all end up going, though from a look at the FAQ, that’s going to be a while…

I will admit, I have a hard time imagining Arthur, Lancelot or Morgana as anything but their Nasuverse incarnations anymore hahaha. I guess that’s mostly an issue for Arthur in this case…


DAMN IT. It’s not my fault that you’re so annoyingly adorable that makes me want to keep up with your crap even tho I’m actually in love with your sister, Arthur. :roll_eyes:


Arthur: Hello, my lo-
Guen: [peeks out from behind a chair] Close the door! Close the door!
Arthur: OK… [closes the door]
Guen: Don’t just stand there! Help me barricade it!
Arthur: Barricade it? Why?
Morgana: GUENEVERE, YOU *****!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!
Arthur: Morgana…? Guen, what did you do?
Guen: I have no id-
Morgana: I thought you loved me, but you slept with that pompous lech Lancelot?! HOW DARE YOU!!!
Arthur: …
Guen: [nervous laugh] I don’t know what she’s- Hey, what are you doing? Don’t open the door! Don’t open the-
Arthur: [emotionless] Morgana, she’s over here.
Guen: Noooooooo!!!


That my friend is what art is :ok_hand:


I figure my Guen is reluctant to tell Arthur for two reasons.

One, it would probably hurt his feelings, and that’s like kicking a puppy.

My Guen can just see Arthur martyring himself and never touching Guen again even with her telling him she honestly doesn’t mind.

Which I know isn’t true, but while my Guen truly cares for Arthur, she just doesn’t trust him to be practical.


I can’t help but wonder how a romanced Morgana will respond to a genuinely loyal Guen. I mean, she’s used to her usual unhappy and lonely life. I imagine the relationship she could have with a loyal Guen will be a completely new and (possibly) wonderful experience for her.

@jeantown and by the way, I’m not sure if anyone asked this question before but I think I read somewhere here that there’s a possibility of Morgana going down a villainous path. If Morgana does take an evil route, is it possible for Guen to join her along that path?


A Guen who is romancing Morgana, right?


Yeah, exactly. I just realized I didn’t specify, I’m gonna change it real quick.


@krisslanza Glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

Basically, yes. “Evil” Morgana (or maybe just a Morgana who has turned against Arthur) will side with Mordred in the final conflict, and Guen will also have the option of siding with Mordred, for a range of possible reasons.


@jeantown Argh, I’m so curious as to what Mordred’s going to be doing with those powers of his that I think you called Capital E Evil. Especially because it would answer my age-old question of “What does Jean consider Capital E Evil?” :smile: Because evil means something different to everyone, because I enjoy psychoanalyzing, and because you kind of play your cards close to the vest. :grin:


You have this chance already in book one at the camp scene the day before you go into battle.