Guenevere (WIP)


@cookiemonsta Ah, I see – not Sean Connery himself, but rather the way Arthur is written in First Knight. (I have seen it, but it’s been a long time and I don’t remember much.) Guen can potentially have a lot of influence on Arthur and his choices, so I imagine he will be able to become somewhat like what you’re describing?


Random introduction to sentence I can’t remember the last time I even commented on this and I’m slacking in my duties. Actual thing I lovingly yet insistently showed your game to my friend who’s a huge King Arthur fan and I’m proud to say: she likes it :wink:


Well, I can’t remember the last time I updated the game, so I guess we’re even. :slight_smile:

(I am still working on it, I promise!)

Anyway, thank you for sharing it, and I’m delighted to have the approval of any Arthur fan! Please tell her thanks for playing!


Jean your work is like a fine wine or scotch, it must age properly in order to achieve its quality. But the product, the product is magnificent.

Said product must be enjoyed like a fine wine or scotch as well. The first drink must be downed like a Jell-O shot, then a second glass must be poured and drank slowly, to contemplate the subtleties.

And when the final cask has properly aged, the chugging begins.


We were watching one of the many King Arthur movies (wasn’t that good) and she mentioned how she was a King Arthur buff so I found the link to the game sent it to her and demanded she play it too.

If I can wait three years for my enlistment contract to end I can faithfully wait however long it takes for this :yum:


You’re in the military?


Found this today and was overwhelmed by its awesomeness. I foresee myself obsessively checking for the next update.

Love all the characters and especially the freedom we’re given to shape Guen’s personality, both as a queen and as a person.
Got to the three way fork and am a little torn between getting the decoder and going to Michaelsmount. Why couldn’t we just send a messenger to tell someone not to kill the giant?

As you have already been told a million times before, great work and thanks for giving this to us!


Can’t you send Lancelot?


I went with sending Lancelot to get Arthur, told the lady about the decoder and sent my guen back to warn her kingdom. Her priority is always to her people! :blush:


Yes, but I was thinking about an actual messenger, instead of one’s (potentially) only ally.


I guess it’s because Guen is in a foreign country with, as you said, one ally. There probably isn’t anybody she can entrust with the information about Arthur’s whereabouts, especially considering the fact that their countries are at war.


I just found this game by chance today and I have to say… this might just be the best one I’ve played. There are a lot of great CoG’s and other WIP’s out there and some of them have an option to “not be attracted to anyone”, but this is the first one I’ve seen that has legitimate and accurate portrayals of specifically being asexual while still having romantic interests. It’s never bothered me in other games (aside from the occasional eye roll of certain moments), but having that inclusion in this is really something amazing to me. I usually have to just sit through the sexual stuff so it’s great to finally have some more control over it. There’s the pressure there sure (people want there to be an heir after all), however it’s clear that you don’t have to have sex to continue a relationship. The responses from the other characters about it are realistic and very on-point too.

That alone would not make this the best game I’ve ever played, but it’s certainly a great bonus that I never knew I wanted so much. I love how much diversity in personality there is and I’m enjoying the story a lot. I can see the appeal of Arthur (love his idealistic nature), but I’m mostly a huge fan of Morgana. Lancelot is great too, but I didn’t feel the want to romance him until he figured out a certain something in Book 2. Out of the three, Arthur is kinda at an unfair disadvantage in that, but there’s certainly something romantic in knowing who your real love is. All in all, the characters each have their flaws and their strengths which makes them equally appealing; in whatever context that may be. I’m curious as to how the relationships will progress.

Anyway, I’m certainly looking forward to playing more of Guenevere! Keep up the fantastic work :smiley:


@Jacob_Tebbe My goodness… I think I’m honestly speechless… :blush: :blush: :blush:

@Scrivener Wow, I remember when you left! Has it been three years yet? Are you back now?

@Anni_Zhang Oh, thank you!! :smile: I’m so glad you like the game. I wish I could say the next update will be soon, but I still have a lot to do. That said, I have also done an awful lot! You can follow my progress at

As for sending a messenger, @justme is correct that Guen isn’t in the best circumstance to do that – I suppose Duchess Tilda could send someone, but walking blindly into Michaelsmount and trying to find Arthur would be super-dangerous, and I don’t think Tilda’s ready to risk one of her valued agents right now, no matter how much she might want to align herself with Guen. But more importantly, it’s supposed to be a really agonizing choice!! Because I am evil. :smiling_imp: It will actually be possible for Guen to achieve her desired outcome on multiple branches at once, but it may take a few playthroughs to figure out how.

@ShadedGamer Thank you so much for your post! It’s been important to me to show that asexual and aromantic are not the same thing, so I’m always happy to know it’s appreciated. :slight_smile: I do still have some small details I want to iron out, especially in the transition from Book I to Book II (nuances like if Guen wants to have sex only for the sake of children and some other stuff like that), and I’ll probably keep refining the options for as long as I work on the game, which is looking to be a loooong time. But no matter what, Guen will be able to have a lifelong romantic relationship with any of the three main NPCs without ever having sex with them if she doesn’t want to. (The pressure to have an heir will get a little worse before it gets better, culminating in Book III, and then it will subside whether Guen has a child or not, nor is having a child necessary for a happy ending.) Anyway, I’m very glad you’re enjoying the characters, and I hope you’ll like their development as the story progresses! Thanks again for playing and for posting! :slight_smile:


Yeah just did close to four years and I’m done, back to civilian life for me.

@jeantown Aww I didn’t think anybody here noticed when I left :blush: I’m back to the normal(ish) people life, few new scrapes and owies to add to my collection but I can taste the freedom

Now I’m off to fall asleep to/watch Star Wars for the third night in a row, I have a thing for Poe Dameron and he’s the best to fall asleep to no shame


@jeantown I was just wondering…is there a specific reason that Lancelot is so willing to lie to Arthur to “protect” him? Like, did Lancelot once tell Arthur the truth about something and he couldn’t handle it? Or was it something in Lancelot’s backstory that made him believe that people in general don’t want and/or can’t handle the truth?

Because for a best friend, Lancelot does lie to Arthur and/or omit the truth an awful lot. He’d rather avoid Arthur for YEARS with NO explanation than admit the truth about the lust spell. Obviously there’s the possible affair with Guen. And during the Hrothulf debacle, he strongly recommends that Guen go behind Arthur’s back and execute Hrothulf and just lie about it.

This line says it all: “I look out for Arthur. He’s my best friend, and I love him. Sometimes that means not telling him everything.”

But why does Lancelot think friendship means that?


Glad to hear it! I hope you continue to enjoy it, and I hope ep VIII will give you all the Poe Dameron you could want.

Lancelot was much more idealistic when he was younger, but something happened (you’ll find out what in part 3) that kinda wrecked his innocence. He sees elements of his younger self in Arthur, and he very much wants to protect that – maybe he can’t be that idealistic anymore, but as long as someone else is, he has hope and purpose. So it’s specifically Arthur that he hides the truth from, not just anyone, and he does it out of protectiveness. Open for interpretation whether that’s more selfish or selfless.


It’s shipping fuel, that’s what that is.


@jeantown Ep VIII You have no idea how much I hope he’s got more screen time :wink: One of my future tattoos is going to be Poe Damerons X-Wing. I’m also reading the novelization of Ep VII atm.

I think by now I’ve got my route for Guenevere down pat, at least for the different versions of her I play. It’s a delicate balance to get with both Lance and Morgana in Book II but I made it happen. I think I might have done a few too many playthroughs at this point… :smiley:


It’d suck for him if Arthur found out the truth from someone Lance hadn’t lied to.


I recently came back and replayed the game for fun (I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve commented!), and was actually surprised how much my choices changed since then. Last year I was perfectly fine with treating Arthur cordially & romancing Morgana/Lancelot on the side, and don’t get me wrong, I still really love them! But now that the second chapter’s drawing to a close, the consequences of falling in love with other people are dawning on me lol. I can’t really see a great way to break it to Arthur that even though you’ve been acting nice to him, you’re pursuing someone else. Which means I’ve somehow ended up liking Arthur just a smidge bit more than the others - how this has happened I have no idea haha - I know I definitely have a more softer view towards Arthur now - I find his optimism & attitude more refreshing this time round. I know many find his behaviour thoughtless, but I find it endearing, especially after becoming slightly more jaded with life myself. :sweat_smile:

I’ve said all that but I’m still gunning for the Lancelot/Arthur/Guen OT3, I’m just going to be playing the long, long slow burn game. :laughing: