Guenevere (WIP)


I believe @jeantown said that is one of the things she is going to add in when she gets the chance to revise book one.


Oh I miss Morgana. I need me some Morgana!! :sob:


I’ve avoided romancing Morgana and/or Lance just because I suspect it would break Arthur’s heart, and that’s absolutely unthinkable for my Guen.
I’ll probably do those romances in the full version so that I get a chance to see the content, but they’ll never be “canon” for me.


Weeell, I suppose romancing Lancelot is actually kinda canon. :neutral_face:


Whaaaa… you mean she didn’t have a secret lesbian relationship with Morgana in the “canon” lore?! :scream:


That’s the only canon I know :grin:


Lizzy, I don’t mention this enough, but you are one of my absolute favorite people.


Can I turn Arthur into Sean Connery in First Knight? I love that movie way too much even thought I watched it (along with Excalibur) recently thanks to this wip x3


My guen is sitting anxiously at home, waiting for Morgana to come back after her escape from the ship :smile:


Speaking of her, what exactly are Morgana’s stats?


The stats of the major characters aren’t defined. Morgana is better at dark magic than Guen can be at this point in the game, though, so she’s probably at least over a 40 in Dark Magic.


I know but we were doing this with characters in Guns of Infinity, so I thought it might be fun here.


This has probably been asked before but if someone chooses to go the poly route with Lance and Arthur, will it be like a triangular relationship where all of the focus is on Guenevere? I assume so because, with the exception of Guen if the player makes her so, Arthur is the only one in the group who is heterosexual. Or at least it seems that he is, despite his fanboying over Lancelot.


So I’ve been reading some of Malory’s Arthur and out of curiosity is the Dame Savage (aka Lyonette) going to appear? Because it seems that Gareth’s story is a Malory invention and not oft repeated and I’m cackling at the nickname Lady Savage.


The only adaptation of Lynette and Lyonesse I recall is [shudders] Quest for Camelot.


My Guen is a lebesian who is into Morgana. She is a sorceress and doesn’t hide it.


Asking around the campus English department it seems the opinion is that the tale is a Sir Mallory invention for his book: Le Morte d’Arthur

Has its rough spots but I adore these lines: "So at the last there came the damosel Lyonet, that some men call the Damosel Savage, and she came riding upon an ambling mule; and there she cried all in high, ‘Sir Gawain, leave thy fighting with thy brother Sir Gareth!’ (164)

Note: savage as in a savage tongue. Adjective not a noun.


Hey all! Sorry I haven’t answered stuff in awhile; my life has been the usual disaster.

As @darkwolf76 says, I do hope to add something… probably not as much as some people would like, since Guen’s relationship with her father isn’t immediately relevant to the plot, but I was thinking at least I could put in a goodbye scene when she leaves with the army for Badon Hill, and the reader could set some variables regarding their relationship there. Leodegrance also shows up at the end of part 2, so there might be something I could sneak in at that point? maybe?

Depends how you break it to him. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: You can imagine Arthur however you want. Though I guess for parts 1-2 it would have to be a very young Sean Connery?

Since I’m not sure yet how high Guen’s stats will be able to go, I’m not going to speculate yet on the NPC’s stats (though you’re welcome to if you want!) As @OtherGrimm says, their primary stats are all higher than Guen’s in parts 1-2. She will be able to surpass them by part 5.

Uhhh… according to the current plan, it won’t have to be, though idk how people will feel about the options as they’re planned right now. I’m kinda gonna have to wait and see how it plays out and how people respond,

Lynette actually has a small cameo in the Camelot branch! Most people will probably miss it, so it’s almost an Easter egg, but you can interact with her (she’s still a child) depending on how Guen chooses to spend the time before the battle. I’ve given Lynette a drastically different origin story, but I intend to keep her personality true to the spirit of Malory. So yes, she will be appearing in later chapters (at least as currently planned).


Oh no no my friend not like that xD I meant turning him into a ruler who is still optimistic and kind but is also ready to defend his people even if it means war, can be intimidating when needed and less childish (not sure if that’s the right word but it’s understandable since he is only 17 when the story starts poor baby). Have you seen the movie btw :3


Well… i don’t see a problem with that :blush: