Guenevere (WIP)


Uh huh, right. Go play Dragon Age Inquisition and let a hardened Leliana become Divine.

No, he wasn’t a better person. He just wasn’t an idealistic idiot anymore.

This is true. A hardened Alistair is definitely a better king than an unhardened one.


The contrast between a hardened Divine Leliana and an unhardened Divine Leliana were equal parts awful and amazing. I really hope I can keep Arthur from becoming someone like that but I can’t deny the possibility greatly intrigues me…


Both still worse than Anora though…

And Murderpope is best pope. Those Chantry bastards deserve what they get.


Na I prefer unhardened Leliana as Divine, I mean if we really need any nobbles or chantry officials killed just get Sera to do it, she did offer. Best to have a peaceful divine that can’t be hated and have someone off to the side do the dirty work when necessary.
I’ll play this same way Arthur stays all idealistic and my Guen agrees but makes sure he doesn’t do anything too stupid and does any necessary pragmatic moves.


Thanks for explaining all that, I’m currently debating how to set out my own project on Twine and how complex it might end up being in terms of the season, episodes and chapters of episodes I have in mind, so I might well try things your way! Nice to know you get great ideas whilst out walking too. :slight_smile:


gasp No! She has to stay with her love, the Queen of Ferelden :heart: My favorite part of Inquisition is still when they announce her titles including “Mistress to the Queen of Ferelden” I swear my jaw his the desk :laughing:


There are a couple of similarities I caught too, although the Arthur in this story is more gentle hearted than the BBC Arthur.


I love your game

I can’t wait for the next books, but Undtil then can you answer why Gwen is attracted to lance, is it magic


Sorry it’s just I don’t want to read the whole tread to see if people have asked similar questions, I already know to much of what. Is going to happen, like children, Morgane, lance and so on, but it keep nagging me that I can’t figu if it is a natural connection, soulmate kind of thing or just some magic some on a have cast for no reason…
Because we must conclude that if magic someone had a weary long plan


Yes, it’s magic. :slight_smile: That’s not really a secret or a spoiler; I’ve been saying so all along. It doesn’t mean that Guen and Lancelot can’t have a great romantic relationship and truly be in love; it just makes things more confusing and complicated earlier in the series. It will be possible to remove the magic later (your choice) whether Guen is romancing Lancelot or not, and removing it will not necessarily end the romance.


I just love your game, the way you take a classic story and turn it around


Thank you! :smile: I love thinking of ways to adapt old stories.


Do you have other games out there? Gwen is a big game but is it your first? If it is it’s really god


Glad to know. First thing my version of Lance will be getting when the magic is finally broken is a warm friendly hug from my Guen… she might not love him like she does Arthur but she still cares for his wellbeing, same with Morgana.


@Lilith It’s my first game! About six years ago I discovered the early classic CoG games (Dragon, Broadsides, Vampire, Affairs of the Court) and loved the concept. When I found out you could download the code and write your own games, I thought I’d give it a try and see what it was like. I’d never written any code before, but ChoiceScript is designed for people who don’t code. I got everything set up, read through the how-to’s, and then stared at the blank text file and wondered what I could write a game about. And then I just typed “I was eighteen when I married King Arthur.” Not really sure why; I do have an academic background in medieval languages and literature, but Arthurian lit was never a huge obsession. (I’m more of a Chaucer person, honestly.) That was just what came to me in the moment, and then it kept going. I do have a lot of ideas for other games I’d like to write, but I want to get more of Guen finished before I start those, so I just make lots and lots of notes for later. :slight_smile:

@derekmetaltron Lance will most likely be very comforted by that (assuming he and Guen are friends). Regardless of his relationship with Guen, getting rid of the spell will be a relief for him.


My Guen would hope that he’d feel comforted that they have finally learnt the truth about and broken the magic so they can be good friends again… who now can touch each other! She trusts him a lot because of how Arthur sees him, so she knows she can count on him in a crisis, even if Lance’s occasional attraction to her (whatever much of it is the spell and much his real feelings) unnerves her slightly. Not that she wouldn’t deny as a person that Lance is a pretty attractive man and that in another lifetime things might have been different, but she is happy being there for him as a friend. And she will be very distraught at any accusations about her having an affair with him (or anyone for that matter).

EDIT: And I am happy to know you’re still keeping all those other awesome ideas of yours in an secure place. The dream of Robin Hood with an all female Merry Women will become a reality! :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I the only one that has Guens that consistently romance Lance? I know Morgana is the overwhelmingly popular RO for the people here on the forum, and why wouldn’t she be, she’s amazing!:kissing_heart: But I don’t know, I really like Lance too, and the pain that he feels is a real big draw to my Guens. I guess I’m a sadist because I like to see those tragic romances, and boring for having Guens that vear towards the more “traditional” Arthurian narrative, but most versions I do of her, she can’t help having feelings for Lance, regardless of the spell. She does seem to be in love with Morgana or Arthur too, and doesn’t always reveal her feelings to Lance, but he’s REALLY well suited to my Guens, more so then puppy dog cute Arthur.

Also, question: Has anyone attempted a play through where they romance all three characters? How did it go and how did you do it? @jeantown, is it possible to successfully pull off all of them at some point?


@darkwolf76 Here you go :~) (sorry abt the double post! I hate mobile)


Thanks, @gia, for finding that! Still true. It’s possible to have sex with all three in the parts that are currently available, but that won’t end well with Morgana.


May I ask a question? Are there going to be more scenes between Gwen and her father to develop their relationship ( how she generally feels about him, the marriahe, his presence during her childhood etc.) and about her mother?