Guenevere (WIP)


@jeantown What offends Lancelot so much about telling him to call Guen (who is, after all, his queen) “your majesty” that he can’t trust her AT ALL anymore?

I’m just curious because it seems like kind of an overreaction. :slightly_smiling_face: Especially considering he handles being attacked with a sword and punched without losing a single trust point-so I figure he’s generally a pretty mellow guy. :laughing:


I can definitely see the appeal of Arthur and Guen together. His lightheartedness despite the political troubles Camelot always faces is very refreshing. But at the same time he does need to mature a bit more, (considering his title) his lightheartedness is also a big weakness too unfortunately. I like him a lot though, same with Lance.


I attempted to manipulate her once, just out of curiosity. I almost did it, I was really close. But after having a certain conversation with her for the hundredth time I just couldn’t do it :disappointed_relieved:


Umm… do you mean ethically, or in terms of magic (or other) powers? Well, we know he can appear in Guen’s dreams when he hasn’t even been born yet, so that would suggest some ability to transcend time, and to get into people’s heads. Traditionally, he’s capable of killing Arthur and destroying the kingdom.

Yeah, his reaction is pretty extreme. :slight_smile: He’s not a big fan of formality or the concept of noble/royal bloodlines. Remember, he’s adopted. As more of his backstory is revealed, his reasons will become more clear. One of the reasons Arthur likes Lancelot so much is that Lancelot has always treated Arthur as a person and a friend rather than a king – but not everyone thinks that’s appropriate, of course.

That, he felt like he deserved. :slight_smile: Not so much mellowness (though he is pretty laid-back, in some ways) as guilt.


Wow, he capable in magic, combat, and politic?! He certainly going to be tricky enemy… Unless guen somehow can make him turn to her side


Guen: HOW DARE YOU KISS ME! [pulls out her sword] LANCELOOOOOOOT! [starts wailing on him and manages to impale him through the chest] … oh, Goddess, what have I done?!

Lancelot: Don’t… don’t mourn me… I deserved it… [coughs blood] Tell Arthur… I love him… [dies]


No, you are right. The institution of higher education opened later: University of Oxford


The Guenverse is a fantasy world; not based on history (just very loosely inspired).


Aha, okay! What will you do after the finishing game? Will you make a new game?


Oh my goodness, I have SO many other ideas for games I want to write… like, files and files of stuff. There’s a standalone Robin Hood game, for starters, and a whole science-fantasy series of nine games that I’ve already done a ton of worldbuilding and overplot for, and several other standalones (one with a possible trilogy of non-interactive novels to go with it)… also I want to write several more Guenevere prequel novellas, in addition to the three I’m already working on, and a big backstory novel about the previous generation (Ygraine, Uther, Vivien, etc)… unfortunately I’m a really slow writer with a demanding day job. If only I were independently wealthy and could just devote all my time to writing… sigh. :slight_smile:

Fortunately, I am the type of person to stick to something once I start it, and other than the prequel stories (which often help refocus me for working on Guenevere), I don’t intend to start actually writing any other games/stories until I finish at least Guen part 3. I just make lots and lots of notes.


Just caught up with the forum, replayed the game again for kicks and… am I really the only one who likes Lance the best? :joy_cat: I mean, I like everyone else too, but c’mon, he’s great! Clever, empathetic, practical, and just shitty enough to stay interesting (No, Lance, pretending it didn’t happen doesn’t make kissing your bff’s wife suddenly ok).

“On a related note, I’d like to propose that from now on we stop having the priestesses wear hoods at public ceremonies. Whose idea was that, anyway?”

Also, he gets the best lines.

@jeantown You’ve been teasing me with mentions of Robin Hood for years. Years. I patiently await the day it happens.


You are not the only one that adores his charatcrer. He’s hilarious!:laughing:


Honestly as the guy playing the game I think Lance is my favorite character. He is humorous, clever, and knows what he stands for, even if he sometimes fails (cough best friends wife cough.) However most of my Guenevere’s find him somewhat asinine and melodramatic. Naturally I have a pro Lancelot Guen, but she is probably my least favorite to role play. It’s interesting how these Guen’s really take on their own personalities.


I’ve been surprised by how invested I get in some Guens too. I’ll go in thinking “LOLZ what a silly ridiculous Guen I am creating I shall play for the laughs only and never have the feels for her” and then about 3 pages in I’m all like “Guen you can do this you are strong and beautiful and so much more than anybody knows I love you!”

My All-for-Arthur Guen was particularly surprising, not only that I enjoyed her and Arthur’s relationship more than I expected, and that the amount of optimistic idealism between her and Arthur made my head neither implode nor explode, but also that she was probably doing an objectively better job than a lot of my other Guens…


Replayed and I’m trying to think how Morgan’s will get on each route in book 2- she can end up in Camelot, michaelsmount or franckmarch depending, I believe?

Camelot: if you end up in the water and let Morgana swim to freedom, she says she’ll get help, which makes me think Camelot- that’s the closest position she’d be towards Camelot, too.

frankmarch: I think she’ll end up there if she gets in the carriage with guenevere’s clone/if guenevere swims to safety instead.

michaelsmount: I think she’ll end up here if she stays on the ship while guenevere leaves with morgana’s clone.


Lancelot is my weakness. When the dude is hitting Guenevere with lines comparing her to the Goddess herself and saying that loving her has made him a better person and he’d rather keep being that person then go back to who he was before…how the hell am I supposed to resist that? Like, I only have ONE Guen who hasn’t ended up falling into the Arthur/Lancelot pit and she is with Morgana. I feel bad now. Now I totally have an excuse to replay the game so I can make a Guen who is over the moon about Arthur and only Arthur xD.

Romance aside, the whole fae thing that surrounds Lancelot intrigues me and as Jean has said we’ll have the opportunity to learn more about that and potentially visit Avalon and I am so excited about that!


It’s rather difficult to consider those statements as sincere considering he is currently under the effects of a mysterious love spell, and it would be best to see what he is like towards Guen when all of that is cleared up.


Don’t…must you crush my happiness like this?

In all seriousness, I personally think that the spell just makes them desire each other.That it makes them drawn to each other, but it is more physical than anything else (Lust spell, real emotions). Lancelot and Guenevere don’t know that the spell is even a thing until they physically touch each other but Lance starts falling for Guen the moment he sees her in that tent. But you are right, whether the spell is emotionally compromising Lancelot and/or Guen or whether they are both just projecting romantic feelings onto what is nothing more than lust…it has to be addressed before they can move forward with their relationship. Or alternatively, decide if they want to continue one at all. Sincere or not, the lines are still smooth af though. If it does turn out the spell is the reason for everything I’ll be disappointed as I ship Guencelot, but it would open so many interesting doors for the narrative.


I…don’t think I ever saw those statements in my playthroughs. So, Lancelot really doesn’t have much appeal to my Guen. I didn’t even realize that Lancelot started having feelings that early, since my Guen was too nervous about the arranged marriage to have much patience with the best man barging into her tent uninvited.


As do I. :slight_smile:

Spoilers incoming: Morgana actually can’t get to Michaelsmount. If she escaped first, she’ll end up in Camelot (as you say, it’s closer and makes more sense for her to go there). If Guen escaped first, then Morgana will end up in Frankmarch (no longer in need of rescue – she’ll make her own way home if necessary) for reasons that will be explained in the game. tbh having Morgana with you at Mmount would probably make the whole branch pretty boring, since she’d just be walking through counterspelling everything!

You’ll get a bit more explanation of his fae qualities in the prequel stories, if I can ever get those finished. And yes, Avalon for sure in part 4! :slight_smile:

The spell is a real thing and will be explained (sort of) at the end of part 2, but its discovery won’t necessarily prevent or negate a romantic relationship between Guen and Lance – just complicate it, which, as you say, should only make it more interesting in the long run (I hope). It is indeed more of a lust spell than a love spell.